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Do you need an affordable, functional, and durable fencing option for your residential or commercial property? Then Brooklyn Center chain link fence installation professionals are the perfect solution for your needs.  

The experts at Northland Fence can help you choose the best chain link fencing option to suit your property, requirements, and budget.

Why Choose Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fence InstallationDayton, MN


Galvanized or black chain link fencing is highly durable, and is virtually a maintenance-free choice. No more painting each season or fixing broken pieces.

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Chain link materials are affordable and have less expensive installation needs. Our lower labor costs provide a cost-efficient choice for many property owners.

Dayton Chain Link Fence Installation Company


These fences combine functionality with versatility for a practical fencing solution. They will keep kids and pets safe while looking great.

Black Chain Link Fences

Chain link fence options include black vinyl coating for a terrific alternative to traditional galvanized chain link fences. This coating helps extend the life of the fence and prevent rusting. 

Some property owners prefer the curb appeal of having an affordable black chain link fence around their perimeter.

Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Galvanized chain link fences are functional, simple to install, and affordable to suit many budgets. You can spend less time with maintenance and upkeep with galvanized fencing materials. 

Brooklyn Center chain link fence installation companies like Northland Fence can help you design a practical solution to suit your fencing needs.

Partner With Northland Fence for Superb Benefits

The experts at Northland Fence have the expertise you want and need in a professional Brooklyn Center chain link fence installation company. Design the perfect chain link fence for your area and see what available options we have.  

Our affordable fencing options can provide property owners with many immediate benefits. So don’t wait; talk to someone today about how Northland Fence can help get your property looking great.


The durable materials we use ensure your fence lasts for years.

Visual Appeal

Customize your fence with flat-top or spear-top designs for more curb appeal.


Chain link fences can use functional elements, including gates and pneumatic-driven posts.


Our experts are courteous, prompt, and reliable for a stress-free installation process.


Use our free design tool to create the fence of your dreams.


A high-quality chain link fence will keep your family and pets safe.

Fence Planning Tool

Property owners can use our free fence planning tool to map out their dream galvanized or black chain link fence before starting the installation. It is simple to use by just entering your address to begin designing their project. 

This way, you can envision various colors, heights, and other customizations before making a final decision.

Finance Your Fence Installation

Northland Fence understands the budget needs of our Brooklyn Center customers. Therefore, we offer short and long-term financing options with high approval rates. 

You do not have to let your budget restrictions get in the way of having a nice fence on your property. Talk to us today about payment plans.

Is Your Fence Up to Code?

In Brooklyn Center, MN, galvanized or black chain link fences should be no higher than 4 feet tall and remain inside your perimeter line between 6 and 12 inches. 

Permits are only necessary for property owners wanting a fence 7 feet or higher or retainer walls less than 4 feet high or taller.


Northland Fence is your Brooklyn Center chain link fence installation company. We combine high-quality products, exceptional service, and flexible financing to suit all of your fencing needs.

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Get your free fence estimate scheduled today. All of our fences come with a 10-year worry free warranty through Northland Fence.

*We also offer financing options with payment plans as low as $100 a month.

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