Monticello Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Monticello Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Northland Fence, the go-to Monticello vinyl fence company, is a locally-owned, family-run fencing company that serves Minnesota communities. Our valued customers are like family, so when you choose Northland Fence, you are getting the best service, from our family to yours.

When you hire Northland Fence to install your new project, Northland Fence does the work, not a subcontractor. Your fencing is in the safe hands of our in-house vinyl fence contractors.

With 15 years of fencing experience, we provide the best service backed by years of learning. If you’re trying to decide between fence types, need a price quote, or want to determine what your yard needs, know that Northland Fence will get you the best solution.

Durable Vinyl Fencing for Monticello Homes

What makes vinyl fencing different from other types? Vinyl fencing provides a beautiful fence for a fraction of the price of wood. In addition, it requires little to no maintenance, as it’s durable, hard plastic. Whether it’s the day after a vinyl fence installation or 20 years later, your fence will be looking and working its best.

White Vinyl Fences

The same plastic that makes up PVC is where white vinyl fences come from That means it’s extremely durable and cost-effective. White vinyl fencing gives a classic look with the bonus of durability and cost savings.

Black Vinyl Fences

Black vinyl fences are designed with the same PVC-like material, but with a different look. Black vinyl fences still carry the same durability that other colors of vinyl, but will give your yard a dramatic twist that is sure to catch the eye of anyone driving past on the street.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

When it comes to having a private yard, vinyl privacy fences are a great option to give your yard the security and peace you want. Privacy fences have tall vertical vinyl fence panels that fit together perfectly so that no space in between exists.

Privacy fences are perfect if you have a pet or child that tends to escape the yard, or if you can see your neighbors from your backyard and want to keep any prying eyes out. Our tall fences may not look sturdy, but these vinyl fence panels will stay in place, no matter how hard the wind blows.

Finance Your Fence Installation

As your Monticello vinyl fence company, we believe everyone should have access to the fence of their dreams regardless of the cost of a vinyl fence. That’s why we offer easy vinyl fence financing solutions to every one of our customers. If you don’t have the funds to fully pay for your fence right away, don’t worry. We have payment plans that can fit any budget. Whether it’s our 12-month Same As Cash option or 3 to 12 years of low-interest monthly payments, we can help you get what you need. Our team is ready to help you discover a way to start your vinyl fence project today – no matter the cost.

The Benefits of a New Northland Fence for Your Monticello Home

A new fence from the industry-leading Monticello vinyl fence company, Northland Fence, offers plenty of benefits for your home. Our fences and professional services can improve the quality of your property in just one vinyl fence installation.


After a vinyl fence installation by our professionals, you can expect your new fence to be around for years to come. Vinyl fences don’t just last a long time; they last a long time with little to no maintenance on your part. Able to stand up to weather and wear, a professionally-installed vinyl fence will last you years.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to improve your home’s look, a new fence from Northland Fence will get the job done. Be the best-looking house on the block with a new fence. The best part? A fence serves both fashion and function—the best of both worlds!


Need privacy? Want to keep your pets safe? Or are you looking for a smooth gate to push through on your way to your yard? Northland Fence offers the best fences and fence-related parts for the job.


We don’t subcontract. When you hire Northland Fence to install your new fence, you can expect employees of Northland Fence to get the job done. With years of experience, our in-house vinyl fence contractors are the best around. We also ensure that your property is left clean and taken care of when we leave. You’ll never even know we were there.

Custom Designed Fences

Your dream fence is just around the corner—or are you the one designing those corners? Customize your fence’s look with color, height, style, and functionality. If you want privacy or you want to enhance curb appeal, you can pick the perfect fence to suit you and your family.


The first line of defense in your home is the fence. Keep your family and home safe with a new Northland Fence. The durability of our materials and our professional vinyl fence installation methods meet to create solid security in all of our fences.

The Best Vinyl Fence Contractors in Monticello

If you’ve been looking for a reliable vinyl fence contractor in Ramsey, Minnesota, Northland Fence is here for you. Whether you need questions answered by a fencing contractor or you’re ready to get your project off the ground, our team is ready. We encourage you to take a look at our assortment of reviews left by previous customers, and call for a free fencing estimate today!

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Get your free fence estimate scheduled today. All of our fences come with a 10-year worry free warranty through Northland Fence.

*We also offer financing options with payment plans as low as $100 a month.

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