North Branch Chain Link Fence Installation Company

North Branch Chain Link Fence Installation Company

Are you looking for a North Branch chain link fence installation company to install high-quality fencing on your property that will stand the test of time? At Northland Fence, we offer homeowners in North Branch, Minnesota professional local installation services and accurate chain link fencing estimates.

We also offer financing options since we know a North Branch chain link fence installation project is an investment. Our low-maintenance, budget-friendly galvanized steel and black chain link fences offer the maximum protection for your home.

As professional chain link fence installers, we take our time and ensure that we complete your chain link fence installation with the utmost care at your North Branch property. Our cutting-edge installation process at Northland Fence allows us to install fences any time of the year with methods that are efficient and minimally disruptive to your property. Contact Northland Fence today to get started on your North Branch chain link fence installation project.

Durable Chain Link Fencing for North Branch Homes

Chain link fencing is not only a practical choice but is also affordable. Our products are known for durability and strength, but there are additional benefits to this style of fencing that may not be immediately obvious. They are virtually maintenance-free due to their corrosion-resistant coating. Most chain link fences only require an occasional power wash.

Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Galvanized chain link fences are steel structures with a hot-dipped galvanized coating that protects them from rust and corrosion. Galvanized chain link fences are the most popular type of fencing because they’re more affordable than other types and are more practical. This fencing choice is the best middle ground between price and quality.

This chain link fence installation is quick and easy, and we offer a wide range of customization options to ensure your fence is perfect for you. Unlike traditional installations that use concrete footers, we utilize the newest technology and drive fence posts deep into the ground using pneumatic drivers.

Black Chain Link Fences

Black chain link fences have a black vinyl polymer coating, which gives the fence a sleek, modern look. This aesthetic is perfect for North Branch homeowners who want something decorative. We install black chain link fences with our pneumatic drivers, making the installation quick and easy.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

One of the best ways to enclose your backyard or your company’s grounds is to install vinyl privacy fences. These vinyl fence panels can protect your family, and your property from unwanted guests and create your personal backyard oasis.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about drab or sterile fencing because our vinyl fence panels come in various colors and styles to fit your home’s aesthetic. If you’re not sure how a vinyl privacy fence could work for your space, our team of professionals can help you design the ideal blend of style and privacy.

Professional Local North Branch Chain Link Fence Installation

We offer professional installation of chain link fences from our experienced, licensed chain link fence installers. Here’s how you can expect the process to unfold:

  • Call Northland Fence to schedule an appointment to allow our staff to assess your needs.
  • We forward the information from your appointment to the sales team, and they will send a chain link fencing estimate to you within hours.
  • We schedule a date for post installation and then a return date for us to finish your fence.
  • During installation day, we’ll review your city’s regulations, mark utilities, and survey property lines. We will then finalize and install the post locations.
  • A week later, our crew will return to finish your fence after ensuring that the posts are stable. After the job is done, we will clean up the property before we leave.

Finance Your North Branch Fence Installation

We offer plenty of financing options for North Branch homeowners. We say “yes” when others say “no.” We understand that not everyone has the cash on hand to pay for a fencing project like this upfront, which is why we offer flexible options and free chain link fencing estimates to make your chain link fence installation more affordable for you.

The Benefits of a New Northland Fence for Your North Branch Home

We feel it’s important to share some of the benefits you may derive by having our team at Northland Fence install a chain link fence at your North Branch home.


With Northland Fence, you’re getting a product built to last. Our local fencing company offers a warranty on all our products, so you can be confident that your North Branch chain link fence installation will last for years. Our chain link fences include a 15-year warranty on materials and a 10-year labor warranty.

Enhance Curb Appeal

A fence from Northland Fence can enhance the curb appeal of your North Branch home. Whether you’re looking for galvanized or black vinyl chain link fencing, we have options to suit your taste. A well-maintained chain link fence can add to your home’s curb appeal and, consequently, its resale value.


Northland Fence chain link fences are built from high-quality materials and will withstand bitterly cold and snowy Minnesota winters. Northland Fence also offers a variety of chain link fence accessories so that you can customize your North Branch fence. Northland Fence has a solution whether you need chain link fencing for your security, privacy, or pets.


Our team is reliable, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Northland Fence has been in business for over 15 years, and we’re committed to providing the best possible service to our North Branch customers. Our crews are in-house and diversely experienced, and we never use subcontractors.

Custom Designed Fences

No two North Branch homes are the same, and thus, no two fences from Northland Fence will be either. Northland Fence takes the time to understand your specific needs so that we can build a fence that suits your property. We want to provide our clients with function, beauty, and peace of mind all in one package.


A chain link fence will stop people from trespassing onto your property. If it is tall enough, it will make it impossible for someone to climb over and break into your home. We make our Northland Fence chain link fences out of high-quality materials that are difficult to cut through, making your North Branch home more secure.

Your North Branch Chain Link Fence Company

Northland Fence has served North Branch residents with high-quality fencing products and services for over 15 years. We are committed to our craft and strive to provide every customer with a functional and beautiful fence.

We are the best North Branch chain link fence installation company because we are reliable, operate with integrity, use high-quality materials, and offer various customization options. Northland Fence is perfect for North Branch homes because we have knowledgeable and experienced chain link fence installers who focus on results.

Reach out to us to schedule an assessment and receive a free chain link fencing estimate. Northland Fence is the first step to making your fencing dreams a reality.

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