Nowthen Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Nowthen Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Rated Minnesota’s top fence installation company since 2004, Northland Fence is a locally-owned company dedicated to creating the best fences for Minnesotans. To guarantee the best for our customers, our vinyl fence contractors use quality products and innovative strategies to ensure our vinyl fence installation for Nowthen homes will last for years. Contact Northland Fence today to get started on your Nowthen vinyl fence installation project.

Durable Vinyl Fence Installation for Nowthen Homes

Vinyl fence installation has distinct advantages over wood fences. Vinyl fence panels do not need paint or staining and still come in many colors and patterns. Vinyl withstands the tests of life by not chipping, fading, or warping throughout the year despite the changing seasons. It is an insect-resistant and fireproof material, and our vinyl fence panels come with a limited lifetime material warranty.

White Vinyl Fences

Our fence contractors use long-lasting vinyl material that contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for every Nowthen vinyl fence installation. The PVC is the color you choose, so there is no need to paint or stain the vinyl fence panels and rods. This also keeps the fences from fading and chipping.

White vinyl fences are also very easy to clean and are great for those with busy schedules. You can easily spray debris off the fence using a power washer or hose. For harder stains, a mild detergent like dish soap should scrub them right off.

Black Vinyl Fences

Similar to the white vinyl fences, our black vinyl fences come in many styles like paneled fences, and chain link fences. Some homeowners prefer black vinyl fences to white vinyl fences because black can blend in with your landscaping, while white adds a pop of color. There’s no right or wrong color for a fence–the choice is up to you.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Built to give you the maximum amount of privacy, our vinyl privacy fences range from the allotted 6 to 8-foot range. These fences have a solid panel of vinyl enclosed in two vinyl rods that are driven posts rather than cemented posts. For better sound insulation, we recommend thicker fences.

To maintain vinyl privacy fences, ensure that you do not lean or store things against the fence to prevent warping and regularly clean off debris. As with all our fences, the fence warranty covers post heaving, gate and panel adjustments, and accidental damage.

Finance Your Nowthen Vinyl Fence Installation

Since the cost of a vinyl fence is always a factor in home renovation, Northland Fence offers many different vinyl fence financing options to ensure our customers get a quality vinyl fence for the best price.

Our vinyl fence financing options are available in payment plans and loans for those needing a vinyl fence at an affordable cost. We also have a free monthly price estimator, so there are no surprises when payment time comes.

The Benefits of a Vinyl Fence Installation for Your Nowthen Home

As the best vinyl fence contractor in Nowthen, our company provides distinct benefits for installing white vinyl fences or black vinyl fences.


Due to the high quality of our materials, we make fences built to last. Not only are our materials made to last for years, but our labor also comes with a full ten-year warranty.

Enhance Curb Appeal

The range of fence options, colors, and materials we offer ensures that your fence will be a unique one you are happy to have around your home for years to come.


We give customers multiple options and ensure our work for an entire decade, and we strive to ensure our fences make you feel safe and secure at home.


Our fences are hand-crafted by well-trained staff. We believe that customer service is vital to a business, so we will not only give you a great fence but do so efficiently.

Custom Designed Fences

We know that not every house needs the same fence, and we can accommodate you. Our online fence builder tool allows customers to create the fence of their dreams.


Our durable, reliable fences give you extra security for your home. We also use driven posts rather than cement ones, allowing your fence to stand stronger for longer.

The Best Vinyl Fence Installation in Nowthen

Northland Fence has been rated the best fencing company in Minnesota for years, with hundreds of great reviews posted to various sites since our inception in 2004. As proponents of customer service, we are always happy to provide a free estimate for vinyl fence financing. See how we can assist you today with Nowthen vinyl fence installation.

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Get your free fence estimate scheduled today. All of our fences come with a 10-year worry free warranty through Northland Fence.

*We also offer financing options with payment plans as low as $100 a month.

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