5 Benefits of Choosing Chain Link Fencing


Take a look around your area, and you’re likely to find that chainlink fencing is the most common type of chain fencing. For a good reason, it’s the obvious choice for many because of its simplicity and affordability.

For us, chainlink fencing is one of our three go-to options, the other two being vinyl and wrought iron. Vinyl is great for privacy while the wrought iron is perfect for security. But neither are as affordable as chainlink fencing while providing great strength and durability. For this reason, chainlink fencing is likely the best option for most families.

Provides Security

The main reason why families choose to install any form of fencing around their home is for security. Often not to prevent people from coming in, but to stop people leaving. If you have young children or pets, you’ll understand the concern.

They love playing outside in the backyard, and you want them to learn to enjoy freedom by themselves and to solve their problems, but you worry about their safety. So, you decide that installing a fence around the backyard to provide them a safe area to play in is a smart idea, and you’re right.

But if security is your primary concern you probably don’t need a wrought iron fence which smaller animals could sneak through or vinyl which is too large and expensive. Chainlink fencing is a great middle point, providing a substantial barrier to prevent exit while being cheap and simple.

Incredibly Affordable

Speaking of price, chainlink fencing is very affordable, especially when you compare it to the cost of other types of fencing. Rather than having huge amounts of material a chainlink fence uses thin wires, crossed over each other to form a strong unit without excessive metal.

By cutting down on material costs, we can sell fences that are much more affordable so that you can get one installed for far less than you might imagine. Vinyl, wood and wrought iron are considerably pricier, another tick in the chainlink fence column.

Quick and Simple to Install

You might wonder why it matters how quick and simple the fence is to install, after all, you’re not the one who will be doing it. Well, we have to charge for our time and build that into the cost of our fences.

Chainlink fences can be installed far quicker than wrought iron or even vinyl fencing, meaning that we can charge fewer labor fees, driving down the cost for you. Plus, it’s less time that we need to spend in your backyard so that you and your family can enjoy it instead.

Should you need to replace your fence decades down the line, you’ll also be happy to know that it is quick and simple, often taking just a few minutes to replace individual chainlink sections.

Low Maintenance

Traditional fencing made out of wood needs a significant amount of maintenance because it’s a natural material that it’s particularly weather resistant. In heavy rain or snow, the wood will eventually rot, the paint will peel, and it requires you to maintain it each year.

Chainlink fencing is made out of metal, but more importantly, it’s coated with a powder to keep water out and thereby prevent rusting. This barrier means that your chainlink fence acts more like a manmade material than a natural metal, requiring practically no maintenance of any kind.

Plus, because the fencing is a chainlink rather than a solid vinyl or wood, you don’t need to worry about dusting off the snow. Chainlink is practically maintenance free, just apply a protective coat if any is gone.

Lasts for Years

Chainlink can last for years to come because it’s incredibly sturdy and resistant to both damage and harsh weather conditions. While natural fences made out of wood or bamboo tend to degrade as they age, a metal fence that is protected using a powder or paint layer should be the same years from now.

When you consider the long lifespan of a chainlink fence, the cost per year is driven down considerably, making it an even more affordable investment in your home.

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