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If you are a residential home builder or a residential property developer working in the Minneapolis area, you will need a reliable, highly rated, enterprise-level fence contractor. Whether you have a small development of five homes or several hundred new residential properties in the pipeline, Northland Fence can be your dependable fencing partner. 

Northland Fence has been in the industry for over 15 years. Our founder, Patrick, was raised amongst other fence installers. Both his father and brothers, as well as himself, had been working with fence installation for years. 

In addition, Northland Fence has over 800 reviews on Google with a 4.9-star rating. We have a history of customer satisfaction and delivering a high-quality product with industry leading labor and material warranties. These are important factors when considering a general contractor for your large-scale fencing needs. There are plenty more reasons why going with Northland Fence is the right choice.

Northland Fence Has Extensive Large Project Experience

Our company is local to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, and we have been here as Northland Fence since 2004.

Parts of our installation process are unique as well. At Northland Fence we use a driven post system so that we can install strong, long-lasting fences that we stand behind through our minimum ten-year labor and material warranties. This unique driven post-installation method also allows us to do year-round fence installation with our full-time employed crews (no subcontractors here!). 

We stand behind our methods and materials, and since we have been doing fence installation in Minnesota for decades, we understand the climate and customers in our area. Our installation processes and materials stand up to the harsh Minnesota climate. 

Northland fence always has large amounts of fence material in stock! For vinyl, chain link, or ornamental/steel fencing we have MILES of fencing in our climate-controlled, indoor warehouses. We can take on any project, large and small, and you can have the confidence that material shortages or supply chain wait times will not affect your deadlines. Also, since we have so much stock, we got it at very low prices, so we can help your company make more money per project by offering rock-bottom deals on QUALITY material. Additionally, since the material is already in stock, you never have to worry about unexpected material price increases down the road.

We Focus on Popular Fencing Types and Always Keep Plenty of Material on Hand

At Northland Fence, we offer three types of fencing options: chain link, ornamental steel, and vinyl. While wood fencing is usually a common option, we’ve found it does not live up to our quality and longevity standards. Minnesota has two strong wet seasons, winter and spring. This leaves wooden fences vulnerable to rotting and algae growth. 

All of our fences have a material warranty because we are confident in the quality of our products. This is why we don’t offer wooden fencing as an option – we want to offer our customers only the best options that are built to last. Our chain link and ornamental steel options both boast a 15-year material warranty, while our vinyl fencing offers a lifetime material warranty. Let’s dive more into each of our options and their strengths.

Our Driven Post System Is Perfect for Large Subdivisions That Need To Be Completed On-Time and On-Budget

One of the other ways that Northland Fence stands out from its competitors is in how we install our fence posts. We don’t use concrete bases, we only drive our fence posts, and there are many reasons for that.

Here in Minnesota, the weather can get brutal. Concrete posts are susceptible to heaving and erosion, which can easily be caused by the wet seasons here. In addition, the installation of concrete bases is messier and more time-consuming overall. You have to dig a wider base for the concrete and wait for the drying period before messing with it.

Driven fence posts have a cleaner installation. Once they’re installed, you don’t have to worry about waiting for it to be set or dry, it’s good to go. We drive our fence posts at least 4 feet into the ground. Driving them negates issues of heaving or erosion that can compromise the integrity of a fence. 

Part of our legendary warranty is the fact that we cover 100% of the materials and labor for post-heaving. That is how confident we are in our process and our employees’ skill in installation.

Northland Fence Residential Installation

Our Warranty Is the Same for One or One Thousand Installs

We offer warranties for both our labor and our materials. We’re so confident in the quality of our product and installation that we offer a 10-year labor warranty on all of our fences. In addition, we chose only the best material options for our customers and their needs. This is why we offer 15-year material warranties for chain link and ornamental fencing, and a lifetime warranty on our vinyl options.

Our warranty is no hassle. The builder or customer just has to reach out to us and describe the problem and we will come to fix it. Check out our many Google, Angi, Facebook, and other reviews for how we handle the occasional mistake or material issue. There is a reason why we have consistently rated 4.9 stars over hundreds and hundreds of reviews.

Partner With a Company That Has a Reputation for Treating Our Employees Right

This is another differentiator between us and our competitors. All of our employees, including our installation crew, are totally in-house. We pay for our employees year-round, even during the off-season. We train them to uphold the same standards as we do, and just like our customers, we treat them like family. 

Our employees have experience, loyalty, and the same dedication to our customers. We want to ensure that every part of our business is treated right.

Having year-round full-time employees that are paid well and offered full-time benefits has its advantages. If there is ever an issue with a fence install you will likely work with the same person, even years later to resolve it. Since we don’t have as much turnover as other fence companies, our employees know our products and processes inside and out. This ensures your jobs are completed on time and on budget.

If you would like to discuss large-scale residential fence projects with Northland, contact us today! We can take a meeting with you and answer any questions or offer some quotes. Just give us a call today at 763-316-4881 and our helpful staff will be happy to help. 

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