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Ornamental fencing has been around for centuries and will continue for generations to come. Renowned for its beauty as much as its practicality, wrought iron and other styles of ornamental fencing can add some ‘wow’ factor to your house, boosting curb appeal and providing security.

While they aren’t the best solution for every household, for many it will be a clear choice, often because of their luxurious and regal aesthetic. Being used extensively on the most famous buildings in the world including Buckingham Palace and The White House, wrought iron style fencing is elegant and tasteful.

What are Ornamental Steel Fences?

Ornamental fences are very rarely only ornamental; they also serve a purpose of keeping people out and protecting those within. The word ornamental is changeable with decorative because they are traditionally used because of their appearance.

For many years they were made exclusively out of wrought iron, which has become somewhat of an industry adopted category, despite many forgoing the wrought iron. Instead, we use galvanized steel which is far stronger, less brittle and has a greater resistance to the weather.

Our galvanized steel has a near indistinguishable appearance, giving you the wrought iron style with greater durability and at a fraction of the cost. The galvanized ornamental steel that we use is powder-coated to prevent water from coming into contact with the metal, preventing rusting, rot and chipping.

Who is an Ornamental Fence Right For?

An ornamental fence is ideal for the homeowner that makes their home as presentable and elegant as possible. While it offers other benefits, the main reason to choose this material and style is that of its aesthetic.

Ornamental fencing can be more than just ornamental; it can keep your family safer from intruders by acting as a deterrent while preventing animals from escaping from the yard.

What Makes Ornamental Fences so Great?

We believe the key difference maker between ornamental fencing and other styles is the thickness and quality of the material which gives it its unique appearance. Other styles try to replicate this aesthetic using inferior materials, but the outcome is never quite the same.

Superior Toughness

By using the highest quality galvanized steel in thick sections this style of fencing is the toughest type of residential fencing on the market. Impossible to breakthrough without power tools, it will keep your family safe.

Typically metal performs relatively poorly in bad weather, but the galvanization process and powder-coating cover the steel to prevent any rusting or rotting. This covering means that even after many years of harsh Minnesota winters the metal will still look gorgeous.

Beautifully Ornamental

The name gives it away, but ornamental steel can be crafted to look beautiful. We offer both flat tops and spear tops, depending on what look and safety features you prefer. Both can look fantastic given the right circumstances and can be customized to your needs.

Create Safe Areas

The thickness and strength of the bars coupled with proper placing can create a safe area for you and your family to enjoy. Picket or barred fencing has traditionally been ineffective at keeping children and pets in, but by keeping the rods very close together, we can make it impossible for them to sneak through.

Our Ornamental Fences

We believe that our ornamental fences are some of the best in the entire of Minnesota, which is why we offer a 15-years on our materials and a 10-year warranty on labor. Unlike our competitors who use wrought iron and inferior materials, we only use galvanized ornamental steel which is far sturdier and more durable. Get a quote today!

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