Fence Security Risks For Your Dog

Fence Security Risks For Your Dog

You want your dog to play and enjoy your yard — but you also want them to be safe. Dogs love to play outdoors. They love to run around, explore, and get rid of pent up energy that may build up after being couped up in the house. That being said, you can’t just let […]

Fence Maintenance Guide

The All-Encompassing Guide To Fence Maintenance

We talk a lot about fence maintenance here at Northland Fence. There’s a pretty simple reason for that — we love fences. We want our clients or readers to have all of the knowledge and tools needed to keep their fences in the best condition possible so that there is no need to replace them […]

Prevent Barking After Installing A New Fence

How To Prevent Barking After Installing A New Fence

We all love our dogs, there’s no question in that. However, most dogs have a hard time with change. Moving, a new neighbor, possibly even some renovation work on your property can have a serious effect on your dog. Sometimes the changes can create some pretty unfortunate behaviors. One of the more common side effects […]

Wrought Iron Fence Pros Cons

The Ups and Downs of A Wrought Iron Fence (And How To Maintain It)

Wrought iron fencing has long been a favorite amongst homeowners and property owners alike. The classic feel and beautiful aesthetics are just a few of the reasons why so many people decide to go with this timeless look. That being said, there are certainly some pros and cons associated with this fence material. Traditional wrought […]

Annual Fence Checklist

Annual Fence Maintenance Checklist

Luckily, fences don’t require a ton of maintenance but that doesn’t mean they are maintenance free. Depending on the type of fence materials you’re working with, you may be dealing with various levels of work to keep your fence standing tall.  Regardless, most fence types and materials don’t require any sort of weekly or monthly […]

Dog Friendly Privacy Fences

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs A Privacy Fence

We all love our precious pups. There’s nothing better than a furry, cheerful companion to hang around with day and night. But, just like you need to hit the gym or get some precious Vitamin D, so do our canine friends. Unfortunately, the outdoors isn’t as forgiving or as safe as the comforts of our […]

Fences That Are Easy To Maintain

Get Yourself A Fence That Is Easy To Maintain

Deciding what fence to go with for your property can be a pretty big deal. There are a lot of options to choose from, from styles and materials to colors and different dimensions. Sifting through all of this information can be tough. We get it, believe us. Installing a fence is also a chore. It’s […]

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fences

Of the different styles that we offer, vinyl is for many the most beautiful and practical type. Not only does it offer you great privacy, but it’s also relatively affordable and has a stunning aesthetic that replaces inferior wood paneling that is susceptible to rot and the harsh Minnesota weather. For the majority of homeowners, […]