Fence Damage

What Ruined My Fence?

Fences are an integral part of a well-functioning property. New homeowners have to install a fence to help keep children and household pets inside while deterring unwanted pests and intruders from entering the property. Fences live out their lifetime outside, undergoing constant strain from external forces. Unsurprisingly, your home’s fence will take quite a beating […]

Green Isn’t Always Good When it Comes to Fencing

Installing a fence on your property is an excellent way to improve your curb appeal and increase your home’s overall property value. These barriers look beautiful and provide various functionalities, but without the proper maintenance, fences can quickly become faulty. There are several ways fence damage occurs, and homeowners should look out for the signs […]

Fencing Tips for Large Properties

Most city dwellers and suburbanites are used to yards and homes being contained within the boundaries of fences. Homeowners need family-friendly fencing options for protection from bustling urban and suburban settings. You can probably spot some type of fencing on a small urban or suburban property, whether they’re in front yards, dividing property lines, or […]

The History of Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron is a durable material that has been used for thousands of years, first for tools and weaponry, then for fences, gates, balconies, and more. The material was discovered by ancient civilizations and has made a significant impact on world history. While the use of iron began as early as 1500 BCE, primarily for […]

Fence Installation Price

The Average Cost of Fence Installation

Installing a fence on your property is no easy undertaking for one person. To complete the task correctly and at minimal cost, it requires extensive planning and construction knowledge. While many homeowners attempt to install their fence independently, it’s a challenging home improvement project that typically calls for an experienced contractor’s assistance. When building your […]

New Homeowners Guide To Fencing

There are few things more exciting than buying and moving into your first home. After all, your first home is the foundation for the beginning of your adult life. Although a turnkey property is ideal, most new homeowners find themselves with a few things that need fixing. Honestly, buying a new house can come with […]

How Pets Can Take Down Your Fence

One of the first layers of protection for your home is your fence. Fences are a fantastic way to keep bothersome pests and other guests out of your yard while keeping kids and household pets safe inside. You’re probably inclined to believe that fences are a perfect barrier to contain your roaming pets. However, there […]

Fence Quiz

Quiz: Which Type of Fence Best Fits Your Personality?

Picking out a fence style to perfectly fit your home can be a challenging task. There are tons of things to take into consideration, from functionality to color and aesthetics. These days, fence materials and durable and functional, but still offer tons of curb appeal and beauty. There are a few typical fence styles to […]

Family-Friendly Fencing for New Homeowners

Buying the first house for your family to transform into a home is incredibly exciting. You’ve got plenty of things on your plate to worry about, from interior design aspects to exterior improvements. Although it might seem like something you can put towards the bottom of your new homeowner checklist, fences are an integral part […]