Dog Friendly Privacy Fences

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs A Privacy Fence

We all love our precious pups. There’s nothing better than a furry, cheerful companion to hang around with day and night. But, just like you need to hit the gym or get some precious Vitamin D, so do our canine friends. Unfortunately, the outdoors isn’t as forgiving or as safe as the comforts of our […]

Fences That Are Easy To Maintain

Get Yourself A Fence That Is Easy To Maintain

Deciding what fence to go with for your property can be a pretty big deal. There are a lot of options to choose from, from styles and materials to colors and different dimensions. Sifting through all of this information can be tough. We get it, believe us. Installing a fence is also a chore. It’s […]

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fences

Of the different styles that we offer, vinyl is for many the most beautiful and practical type. Not only does it offer you great privacy, but it’s also relatively affordable and has a stunning aesthetic that replaces inferior wood paneling that is susceptible to rot and the harsh Minnesota weather. For the majority of homeowners, […]

How The Right Fence Adds Curb Appeal To Your Home

How the Right Fence Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home

Curb appeal is important not least for adding extra value to your home, but also for giving off the right impression to your neighbors. Your home is an extension of yourself, and if it’s shabby and rundown, people are going to assume the same about you. First impressions matter, science tells us that, and once […]

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Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fencing has been around for centuries and will continue for generations to come. Renowned for its beauty as much as its practicality, wrought iron and other styles of ornamental fencing can add some ‘wow’ factor to your house, boosting curb appeal and providing security. While they aren’t the best solution for every household, for […]

5 Fence Ideas For Your Petite Property

5 Fence Ideas For Your Petite Property

When you have a large property and plenty of land, it’s much easier to install a fence and make it look great. But when your space is limited, you need to be a little more creative to make it work without making your family feel cramped or trapped. Fencing tends to reduce space, both physically […]

Wood Grain Vinyl Privacy Fence MN

Maintaining a Vinyl Fence

All of the Ways You Should Clean Your Vinyl Fence More and more homeowners are beginning to see the benefits of going vinyl for their fencing solution. This rise in popularity is mostly due to the rugged and long-lasting appeal that a tough vinyl material provides. Unlike surfaces like wood, vinyl doesn’t rot, splinter, get […]

Wood Grain Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Fencing Mistakes to Avoid

Owning a home or property gives you an opportunity to make it special. From beautiful arbors and patios for gatherings to gardens and decor for a finishing touch — your options are nearly limitless. Having a space to call your home is a fulfilling achievement. Defining that space with a beautiful fence is a great […]