How to Weatherproof Your Wood Fence and Keep it Looking New

Fences are investments for homeowners. Often costing thousands of dollars to build, wooden fences make for eye-pleasing property borders that not only help cut sound intrusion but add value to a home as well. But, unlike steel fences, wood fences require a fair bit amount more TLC to keep them in tip-top shape. One preventative […]

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How to Use Fencing as a Way to Maximize Your Property Privacy

Most people don’t like being watched by their neighbors. You undoubtedly bought your home so you could enjoy your yard without curious eyes watching your every move. If your nosy neighbors are driving you crazy, it’s probably time to build a privacy fence. A well planned, designed, and constructed privacy fence will enhance the enjoyment […]

4 Custom Ornamental Wrought Iron Walk Gate On Sloped Yard

Top Fence Ideas for a Property with Hills and Curves

Perhaps you’ve been putting off your fencing project because your property is sloped or curved and you know it’s going to be a challenging venture. If you look at your backyard and dream of seeing a beautifully constructed fence but aren’t sure how to tackle the tough issues it’s time to get professional help. These […]

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3 Ways that Fences Can Be Reinforced for Maximum Durability

All good fences need regular maintenance to keep them functioning. With the effects of traffic, harsh weather, and time taking their toll, even the best-made fence will eventually need attention. The most common cause of fence repairs is rotten or decaying wood. Often, wooden fences deteriorate much more quickly than most realize. Since the structure […]

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Top 3 Fence Ideas for People Who Want Privacy

Perhaps the most common reason why our customers want to install fencing, especially in their backyards, is for extra privacy from their neighbors and those passing past on the street. It’s difficult for you and your family to fully enjoy your backyard if you always feel as if people are watching you. But what is […]


How to Choose a Fence that Will Survive Tough Winters

Minnesota gets a brutal winter, not quite as bad as cities across the border, but bad enough to entitle us to complain. Winters here are characterized by snow, rain and then more snow, all with a bitter wind. Not much fun for us and not great for our fences either. Fortunately, if you are careful […]


Everything You Need to Know About Fence Regulations

You want a fence, right now, we get it. But don’t go ahead and start planning and building without first knowing what you’re allowed to do it. Breaking the state regulations can have severe penalties and will require you to tear down your brand-new fencing. Unfortunately, the state regulations in Minnesota are pretty complicated, and […]


5 Benefits of Choosing Chain Link Fencing

Take a look around your area, and you’re likely to find that chainlink fencing is the most common type of fencing. For a good reason, it’s the obvious choice for many because of its simplicity and affordability. For us, chainlink fencing is one of our three go-to options, the other two being vinyl and wrought […]


Which Types of Fencing Will Last the Longest?

The longevity of your fence is a vital component of making a purchasing decision. Arguably it’s even more important than the price that you pay. After all, a three-thousand-dollar fence that lasts two years is a terrible investment while the same fence that lasts decades would be a worthwhile purchase. Knowing how long your fence […]