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A Rundown of the 4 Most Popular Fence Types in 2019

Fencing trends are branching out in 2019! From modern takes on the wooden fence to stylish new wood alternatives, today’s fencing options are as unique as they are practical. Whether you’re looking for privacy and security or a modern update to a timeless design, a modern fencing trend can be tailored to flatter your home’s […]

The Best Fence Options for Your Oddly Shaped Property

Having a difficult time choosing a fencing option for your irregularly shaped yard? Fear not! Many homeowners believe that fencing an uneven, sloped, or curved yard is impossible to correctly achieve. While fencing an oddly shaped yard can be a challenge, specific and proven strategies are available to address this commonly faced problem. Finding the strategy […]

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Which Fence Types are Easiest to Maintain

Your fence is more than just a privacy barrier. It provides you with security and aesthetics. But if you want your fence to do its job, then you need to maintain it. Learn about the fencing materials that are the easiest to maintain. What Makes for an Easy-to-Maintain Fence? Before you choose which fence is […]


Which Fences Work Best for Owners with a Green Thumb

If you plan to plant a garden or other growing plants, a fence is necessary to cordon off the area you plan to till and keep nosey animals away. Different fences can have different benefits for owners with a green thumb, such as the open-air benefits of a chain link fence, the better enclosure created […]

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How New Technology Has Improved Fence Durability and Appearance

New technology has made fencing more durable and more practical than ever before. The addition of powder coatings had increased the longevity of metal fences while allowing an easy way to apply coloration. Vinyl offers a long-lived alternative to even the most well-kept wooden fences. And a combination of lightweight chain link fencing with coverings […]


Fence Regulations in Your Area and Why They Are Important

Before you start work on building a new fence, you must meet the regulations of your local area and acquire a building permit. Meeting your local regulations allows both you and the city to avoid damaging underground utility lines near you. It also ensures your fence doesn’t obstruct public walkways or overhead cables, and that […]