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Of the different styles that we offer, vinyl is for many the most beautiful and practical type. Not only does it offer you great privacy, but it’s also relatively affordable and has a stunning aesthetic that replaces inferior wood paneling that is susceptible to rot and the harsh Minnesota weather.

For the majority of homeowners, vinyl will fit the bill. It can keep in pets and children, offer your privacy, add some ‘wow’ factor and keep your family safe.

What are Vinyl Fences?

Vinyl is a type of plastic fence that is made using polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. This PVC resin is combined with a few other ingredients to create a strong, durable and weather resistant material that is perfect for fencing and other outdoor projects.

In the past we offered wood, but because it’s susceptible to rot, fading and aging we decided to remove it from our selection and prioritize vinyl instead. Vinyl can give you a very similar aesthetic with none of the maintenance, hassle, and downsides that wood brings. While slightly more expensive upfront, vinyl lasts much longer and is often better value in the long run.

Why are Vinyl Fences so Great?

We only offer the best products, which is why we removed wood from our selection despite many customers wanting it. Vinyl is the ideal replacement and for most, a far superior option that will last for longer and offer greater value to you and your family.

Tremendously Durable

Plastic often gets a bad reputation for being weak, but many industrial machines use hardened plastics because they are durable and relatively affordable. Vinyl fencing is tremendously durable and resistant to direct impact, making it a safety feature for your home.

As a manmade material, it’s also resistant to the weather, not suffering from the same allergy to rain and snow that other materials do. For Minnesota vinyl is ideal because the winter snow can often ruin wooden fences which don’t deal well with sitting in puddles of snow for weeks on end.

Low to No Maintenance

This durability and resistance to weather mean that there is practically no maintenance. You don’t need to paint it like metal or wood, it doesn’t rot, and a decade from today it will still look as fabulous.

Given how fast and busy most of our lives are, it’s worth investing in vinyl to save yourself from having to scrub paint off with a wire brush each year. Vinyl is upkeep free, and because the material is so durable, we give a lifetime non-prorated warranty on all of our vinyl products, as well as a 10-year warranty on labor.

Relatively Affordable

While not quite as cheap as chain link, compared to other materials vinyl is very affordable. It can be made in large quantities quickly in factories across the country and is easy to transport, driving down the cost so that you aren’t out of pocket.

The total cost of even a long vinyl fence is surprisingly affordable. Why not get a quote today or give us a call to find out more.

Incredibly Beautiful

Homeowners like yourself value beauty. You’re the one who gets to enjoy your yard each day and therefore it’s worth choosing a style that is beautiful. Vinyl replaces wood in this department, providing a solid opaque walling that comes in both picket and solid options and a variety of different colors.

Provide Privacy

If you are looking for privacy vinyl is the clear winner. Unlike chain link or wrought iron, this style is entirely opaque, and even the picketed fences give you superior privacy by preventing nosy neighbors from looking into your yard, giving you and your family the freedom to enjoy yourselves.

Our Vinyl Fence Installation Service

Vinyl privacy and picket fences are quickly becoming one of the more popular styles in Minnesota. We offer a variety of different styles and colors, all of which are practically maintenance-free and designed using high-quality materials.

Unlike inferior materials, vinyl doesn’t rot, chip, fade, crack or peel. We offer a lifetime non-prorated warranty on the material and a full 10 years on our labor, making this the last fence that you’ll ever need to purchase.

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