Apple Valley Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Apple Valley Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Northland Fence is the go-to Apple Valley vinyl fence company for all your vinyl fence installation services. Our expert vinyl fence installation services provide stylish privacy fencing with long-lasting weatherproof protection.

Our premium vinyl-fence color selections don’t compromise or pale in vibrancy. Instead, they reward you with bold color that doesn’t need to be repainted, stained, or re-stained against weather and sunlight—zero peel and fade.

Alternatively, shop traditional and privacy collections for a maintenance-free vinyl fence: no pressure or chemical treatments, sealants, or pest infestation.

Need a recommendation? Give your home a new look and call Northland Fence today to request a free inspection with Apple Valley’s favorite vinyl fence contractors.

Durable Vinyl Fencing for Apple Valley Homes

Let’s face it, wood fences are classic, beautiful, with a rustic touch, but can rot away or warp with moisture exposure, decay, fungus, and pest infestation. Iron and chain-link fences corrode and rust under ice, rain, and snow conditions. In addition, aluminum fences cannot withstand severe weather conditions.

Yet, vinyl fences prove worth the investment with their durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance material that instantly adds value to any home. Our contractors install premium vinyl fencing outfitted with appealing accessories and guarantee attractive curb appeal for your Apple Valley home.

White Vinyl Fences

Are you tired of noticing green and brown mold forming on your fence? Are wood shavings and fine powder trailing around your fence? Avoid moisture and pests with white vinyl fences. Your fence won’t ever rot or decay, and you can say goodbye to insect infestation with a white vinyl fence.

If you have moisture or pest damage on your fence, call our crew today and book a free inspection with Northland Fence, Apple Valley’s top-rated vinyl fence contractor.

Black Vinyl Fences

Keep your kids safe outdoors with a premium eco-friendly black vinyl fence. Vinyl fences are woven with recycled vinyl and feature long-lasting durability, and timeless style with proper low maintenance. You can expect to replace your fence every 30-year generation.

Unlike traditional chain link diamond patterned fences, vinyl fences are the safest to protect kids from loose dogs and intruders. Children can play outdoors splinter-free.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Gain true privacy with close-spaced vinyl fence panels that can be customized to height preference and color for added security to keep your home comfortable and safe from nosy neighbors and intruders. You can also choose textured vinyl fence panels to create a rustic, peaceful at-home getaway in your backyard.

Finance Your Apple Valley Fence Installation

Remodeling your home is exciting with Northland Fence competitive vinyl fence financing offers. Our economical financing options are transparent and tailored to your budget. You won’t ever have to worry about securing a loan, even with a fair credit score.

Don’t let the vinyl fence cost stop you from investing in your property. Your dream fence is just a few clicks away from personalized financial offers and affordable peace of mind.

Have a vinyl fence idea in mind? Call our team today to get the best financing options for home improvement, home remodel, and building, and we will match you with the best vinyl cost in Apple Valley.

The Benefits of a New Northland Fence for Your Apple Valley Home

Northland Fence isn’t just any Apple Valley vinyl fence company. We’re Apple Valley’s most-trusted licensed vinyl fence contractors. We pride ourselves on serving Apple Valley with the best vinyl fence contractors and professional installation.

That’s why we only source high-quality materials for your fence installation with upfront pricing, so we won’t ever rob you of your hard-earned money. We practice honesty and bend backward to our client’s fencing visions with our expert in-class installation systems.


Our high-quality fencing materials last for years and save you money. Vinyl fences retain their elegant appearance with less work—no need to freshen faded paint. Vinyl fences look nearly as new as the first installation.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Get the most out of selling your home by instantly boosting your home’s curb appeal with our top-rated fencing solutions without harmful or toxic chemicals. Our vinyl fences can even be customized to mimic the look of natural wood.


Your new vinyl fence doesn’t just have to look good. It should also serve a purpose. Are you ready for a new fence but unsure where to start? Find the layout you need with choice gates and industry-approved high-quality vinyl fences.


Cheap vinyl fences are thin and easy to damage. Luckily, you can skip the risky DIY fence installations. Our premium vinyl-fence installation contractors provide timely, respected services on every fencing project, including yours.

Custom Designed Fences

Our professional vinyl fence contractors can dress up any garden that needs more tender love and care. While securely keeping out unwanted animals from your yard. Customize your dream fence with unique colors, styles, and heights.


Our high-quality fence installation protects your family and property from trespassers and intruders. Yet offers the right amount of privacy that creates the perfect escape right in your backyard. So you don’t have to stress about keeping an eye on your backyard.

The Best Vinyl Fence Contractors in Apple Valley

With Northland Fence, you can build your dream fence in Apple Valley, Minnesota worry-free. Ready to build a fence without the hefty labor? Call our team to get an estimate today at no cost. Our reviews from past customers agree dreams do come true.

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Get your free fence estimate scheduled today. All of our fences come with a 10-year worry free warranty through Northland Fence.

*We also offer financing options with payment plans as low as $100 a month.

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