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Northland Fence takes pleasure in offering high-quality fences at affordable costs. We’ve been in business since 2004 and are a family-owned company. Northland Fence has a proven track record of happy clients in Big Lake and the greater Minneapolis area.

We can build just about any fence you want, regardless of budget or design.

Our Fencing Solutions

Vinyl Fence Installation Company Golden Valley, MN


Vinyl lasts longer than traditional wood and is lower maintenance. It is cheaper than wood in the long run.

Ornamental Fence Installation in Little Canada, MN

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fences are the best option for those who value appearance. It’s a sure-fire way to boost curb appeal.

Chain Link Fence Installation Contractors near Maple Grove mn

Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link fences are the best budget-friendly option. They will keep your kids and pets safely in your yard.

Big Lake Fence Installers

Fence Installation Big Lake

Big Lake Vinyl Fence Installation

Northland Fence provides professional vinyl fencing services to property owners in Big Lake and the neighboring locations. Since 2004, our welcoming and experienced contractors have actually worked in the community with prompt and trusted fencing installations to boost curb appeal and secure homes. Contact our vinyl fence installers now to discover our wide variety of fencing options.

The white vinyl fence system is a staple. We commonly perform Big Lake vinyl fence installation services where property owners choose the traditional and clean look of white to elevate their residential or commercial property and boost curb appeal.

For a smooth and contemporary look, tan vinyl fence installation brings your home into the contemporary era of style. Made to last and fantastic for updating the look and feel of your house, tan vinyl fencing is a superb option for Big Lake property owners.

While other fence styles offer lots of advantages, vinyl privacy fences offer the perfect enclosure for your home. Keep onlookers at bay and safeguard family pets or children with complete personal privacy today.

Big Lake Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Are you trying to find wrought iron fence installation in Big Lake, MN? Look no more than Northland Fence. As a recognized professional in Minnesota, we offer premium ornamental steel fencing at an economical price for your house. Discover more about our ornamental fence installation services today.

Our traditional steel flat-top fencing will assist you define your home, improve curb appeal, and offer a reputable security barrier. With a range of sizes available, they can be customized to your aesthetic preference. And they’re versatile enough to fit any local code requirements.

Offering an included touch of beauty to traditional styles, spear-top ornamental fencing is a perfect safety choice for any property. Northland Fence can offer you with multiple height options to supply your property with the exact appearance and protection you need. Contact us today for your Big Lake wrought iron fencing needs.

Big Lake Chain Link Fence Installation

Searching for the very best Big Lake chain link fence installation services? Your search ends here! Here At Northland Fence, we have a group of competent and accomplished fence installation experts who have been providing services in Big Lake for years. Our prompt and top quality solutions are offered at competitive rates.

If you’re thinking about a black chain link fence, we’ve got you covered. Our vinyl-coated black chain link fences are a sought-after choice among property owners because they’re extremely low upkeep and can keep their brand-new appearance for many years in the future. At Northland Fence, we offer a range of designs and colors to guarantee that your fence is personalized to your preference.

At Northland Fence, we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and top-notch fence installation services. Contact us today for more information about our Big Lake chain link fence installation services and to arrange your installation with our expert group.

Big Lake Fencing Supplies

When it comes to Big Lake fencing supplies, Northland Fence stands out. We offer a wide range of vinyl, chain-link, and wrought iron materials to cater to every fencing need. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we are committed to providing the Big Lake community with top-quality products and the best customer service.

Fence Planning Tool

Do you want to draft your new fence from the comfort of your own home? Feel free to use our free fence planning tool anytime.

Finance Your Fence Project

Here at Northland Fence, we believe everyone should have the security that a fence offers, regardless of their financial status. No matter the situation, we can make a custom financing plan for just about anyone.

Benefits of Working With Northland Fence


We only use the best materials to make long-lasting fences.

Visual Appeal

Our vinyl and ornamental fences will make any home more beautiful.


We can help find the perfect fence solution for your lifestyle.


The installers at Northland Fence are dependable, knowledgeable, and punctual.


We can make any fence for you, regardless of the design.


Keep your property and family safe with a new fence.

Are You Up to Code?

Big Lake has some of the strictest fence codes in Minnesota. Lucky for you, our team is up-to-date on all pertinent rules and regulations. You can avoid costly fines and confusing codes by hiring the pros at Northland Fence.


Property owners are solely responsible for understanding their property lines. Fences may only be built within said property lines. All fence construction in Big Lake must include a certificate of survey. Fences are not allowed to obstruct a public right of ways, such as sidewalks and alleyways, utility easements, or traffic visibility.

At Northland Fence, we can help plot your new fence boundary based on your specific property. You are more than welcome to use our fence planning tool at any time.


In Big Lake, neighbors only need to be alerted if you plan to enter their property while the construction is ongoing. Otherwise, there is no legal requirement to inform your neighbors about any new fence construction. However, it’s still the neighborly thing to do to inform them of a new fence construction. Nobody enjoys being startled by the sound of construction. This is especially true if they have small children or pets.


Any new fence in Big Lake requires either a building permit or an administrative permit. Additionally, fence permit applications must include a certificate survey, location of the fence, and if it is being used as a sound barrier or retaining wall. Big Lake has three lot designations that each have their own rules: lake shore lot, interior lot, and corner lot. Big Lake rarely grants permission to build fences that are outside the code of conformity.


Prior to any construction project, Gopher State One must be contacted first. This includes fence installation. Gopher State One is in charge of marking all below-ground utility lines such as gas, plumbing, electricity, and data. Northland Fence will work with Gopher State One for you; nothing is required on your end. If you plan on building your fence on your own, Gopher State One must be contacted first. Accidentally damaging a utility line can be dangerous and expensive.


All fences, regardless of lot or location, must be under six feet. On lake shore lots, front and rear fences must be under four feet. These shorter fences must have at least 75% of open-air passage to allow light and wind to flow through. On interior and corner lots, front fences must also be 4 feet or under and have 75% opacity; side and rear fences may be up to 6 feet tall. Corner lots must provide a clear view triangle area for traffic, which can restrict fence heights in order to provide visibility.


Under no circumstances are new fences allowed to restrict access to easements. Any new fence must provide access to sidewalks, fire hydrants, utility poles, alleyways, etc.


Big Lake mandates that all fences are constructed from material that is “residential in nature.” Permitted materials include chain link, wrought iron, vinyl, and board & picket. Mixing and matching different fencing materials is prohibited. Barbed wire fences are strictly prohibited unless a conditional use permit is obtained.

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