Circle Pines Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Circle Pines Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Northland Fence is a family-run business that has been helping the Circle Pines, Minnesota community affordably enclose their yards or grounds for more than 15 years. We specialize in installing all different types of fences, including chain link, ornamental wrought iron, and retired cedar. Circle Pines vinyl fence installation is one of our most popular services.

There are many options to choose from when you have us handle your vinyl fence installation services, and we’ll highlight some benefits of vinyl fence panels installation over other options. We offer free estimates for the cost of a vinyl fence, and affordable financing options to meet your vinyl fence installation needs. Contact us today to get started.

Durable Vinyl Fencing for Circle Pines Homes

Vinyl fences are a low-maintenance fencing option that’s durable enough to withstand the harsh Minnesota weather. There are many options for vinyl fence panels you can have installed surrounding your home. A few options offered at Northland Fence include:

White Vinyl Fences

If you’re considering installing white vinyl fence panels, you’re likely looking for a clean and low-maintenance enclosure option. The white vinyl fences we install are durable, which is ideal given how Circle Pines experiences bitterly cold winters and warm summers.

If you’re worried about hardware showing through on white vinyl fences, don’t. All hardware, such as screws, are hidden at attachment points, meaning none of the inner workings holding your fence together show through.

Black Vinyl Fences

White vinyl fences don’t always align with a home’s or business’s appeal; however, black vinyl fences might help you achieve that elegant and modern look you’re going for. These vinyl fences provide a high-end look at an affordable cost.

Aesthetics aside, black vinyl fences also serve some functional benefits. Technological advancements make it where black vinyl fences can deflect the sun’s rays and associated heat by as much as 200 degrees. This feature helps the fencing withstand extreme temperatures, hot or cold, which means they’ll last longer than other fencing options on the market.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

One of the best ways to enclose your backyard or your company’s grounds is to install vinyl privacy fences. These vinyl fence panels can protect your family, and your property from unwanted guests and create your personal backyard oasis.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about drab or sterile fencing because our vinyl fence panels come in various colors and styles to fit your home’s aesthetic. If you’re not sure how a vinyl privacy fence could work for your space, our team of professionals can help you design the ideal blend of style and privacy.

Finance Your Circle Pines Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fence cost of installation doesn’t have to drain your bank account. We know that pricing for a vinyl fence matters, and remember that your home is an investment. The more you improve, the higher your home’s value is likely to climb, and that’s where vinyl fence financing comes into play.

We would be more than happy to discuss vinyl fence financing options and vinyl fence cost with you to ensure you can have the fence of your dreams installed. Some of our financing options include 12-month-same as cash and low monthly payment plans for your Circle Pines vinyl fence installation.

The Benefits of a New Northland Fence for Your Circle Pines Home

We want to share with you some of the high points associated with having our team at Northland Fence install a vinyl fence at your Circle Pines home. Those benefits include:


We use the highest quality fencing materials made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), meaning our fences are durable enough to withstand the Minnesota elements. You don’t have to worry about fading, chipping, cracking, peeling, or rotting.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with our attractive vinyl fencing solutions. They’re built to withstand harsh temperatures like Minnesota’s long winters, unlike wood fences that deteriorate when exposed to the elements.


A vinyl fence doesn’t just enclose your property. You can add elements like functional gates to your privacy fence, turning it into an active yard. If you’re looking for a gate or another unique feature, we have many options available.


We not only pride ourselves on being a family-run business but also on having our in-house employees tackle all our work. Having a full-time staff of vinyl fence contractors means you get optimal service for your Circle Pines vinyl fence installation project.

Custom Designed Fences

At Northland Fence, we offer you the flexibility to customize your dream fence. Plus, our vinyl fence solutions are customizable with nearly endless style choices and heights available.


Circle Pines residents install fences for various reasons. Whether you’re looking to keep individuals from trespassing onto your property, keep your kids or pets safe, or control access to your property, a durable new vinyl fence can help you with all that.

The Best Vinyl Fence Contractors in Circle Pines

If you’re in the market for a new fence, you don’t need to look any further. Our family-run company’s longevity in the fencing market makes a statement. It means that we must be doing something right.

Here at Northland Fence, our vinyl fence contractors pride ourselves on being honest and reliable, using high-quality materials, treating our customers respectfully, and doing an overall good job. Our stellar reviews say it all.

We’re confident that we’re the best choice for Circle Pines vinyl fence installation and want to prove that to you. Reach out for a free quote and learn about vinyl fence financing options. You’ll be happy you did.

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