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    Running a community of houses comes with a lot of decisions. Many times, you want your subdivision or community to look appealing. One of the ways you can do that is by ensuring the fencing you chose for your properties is high quality and appealing. When you’re showing off model homes to potential future residents, you want to ensure that everything you showcase is the best of what you have to offer. So how should you pick your fencing for model homes?Learn more

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    One of the key components when building a fence is making sure the posts that hold it together are secure. To make sure it’s not going to topple over, you have to find a way to make sure it stays in the ground. Many people turn to concrete for the answer, but how much concrete do you need per fence post? We’ve been in the fencing industry for over 15 years at Northland Fence. We’re proud to say we were founded right here in Minnesota. Because of this, we have a repertoire of information regarding the best fencing techniques to make sure your project stands the test of time. We’re happy to share this information, too. Let’s talk more about fence posts and the best way we’ve found to install them. Learn more

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    If you are a residential home builder or a residential property developer working in the Minneapolis area, you will need a reliable, highly rated, enterprise-level fence contractor. Whether you have a small development of five homes or several hundred new residential properties in the pipeline, Northland Fence can be your dependable fencing partner. At Northland Fence, we offer three types of fencing options: chain link, ornamental steel, and vinyl. While wood fencing is usually a common option, we’ve found it does not live up to our quality and longevity standards. Minnesota has two strong wet seasons, winter and spring. This leaves wooden fences vulnerable to rotting and algae growth. Learn more

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    Woodbury fencing supplies should be made to withstand the harsh Minnesota seasons. At Northland Fence, we provide everything from chain link fences to wrought iron fences to vinyl fences. Our customers can feel confident they’ll be satisfied with the finished product.



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