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If you are a contractor looking to provide quality fence installation, you know that dealing with a big box store can be a headache!. It may be convenient to stop in one place for fence materials and tools, but are you really getting the best deal?

When it really comes down to it, big box stores simply don’t hold up in quality, cost, or customer service compared to specialist fencing companies. Northland Fence has hundreds of 5-star Google reviews that show our commitment to having the best customer service with the best products at the fairest pricing possible. Our return policy, warranties, and guarantee of no hidden fees all contribute to helping you find and afford the best fencing material in Minnesota, so call (763) 316-4881.

Northland Pricing

Northland’s Fencing Expertise

While big box stores may have fencing material and all the parts to go with it, one of the most reported customer complaints is incomplete deliveries. Many times at stores such as Lowes, the trucks are being loaded by employees who have no knowledge or experience with fencing and therefore do not know everything that is needed to be delivered to a home for installation. This problem is spread across the box store industry with their routinely uninformed and inexperienced employees.

At Northland Fence this is absolutely not the case. We are extremely reliable for our contractor customers because we only focus on one thing: fencing. Our employees are fully trained and experienced in everything that is needed for both residential and commercial fencing. They won’t forget the crucial tools and parts needed to successfully install a fence.

Hidden Fees and Policies

With Northland Fence, what you see is exactly what you get. There are no hidden fees in our estimates and quotes or extra budgeting needed for fence installation.

Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry and it’s not due to finding ways of charging our customers extra. Northland Fence knows the fencing industry and that our bulk purchases are what allow us to get the lowest prices for the best products for our customers.

Along with no hidden fees or extra charges, Northland Fence’s warranty policies are some of the best in the industry, ensuring customer satisfaction. On top of that, we offer our 15-year warranty on chain link and ornamental fences and a limited lifetime warranty on vinyl fences. Our warranty includes fixing damage such as post heaving, gate adjustment, storm or wind damage, and accidental damage. This is something that a big box store simply can’t give to their customers at the same level as Northland Fence.

Supply Chain

At Northland, we pride ourselves on our massive showroom. When you visit us looking for materials for your next job, what you see is what you get, and what you get are choices! We order materials in bulk, have them on hand, and pass the savings on to you! At a box store you may be able to order the type of fencing your customer needs for their backyard, but can you guarantee that it will arrive on time? You are getting the best deal at Northland because you know we can deliver quality fencing when we say we will, so you can gain a reputation for timely and quality work. At Northland, we can get you what you need to finish your next job today!

Northland’s Product Guarantee

At big box stores, it can be easy to unknowingly purchase second-rate or imitation products. They do not specialize in fencing, so they do not know how to look for the best deals on the best products. They buy whatever will sell to easy customers. What they lack in integrity can be found in Northland Fence’s product guarantee.

We guarantee that our products are made from professional-grade materials and are built to last in any weather Minnesota might through at them (which we all know can be intense). All of our decisions surrounding product offers and installations stem from Northland’s mission to be the best fence supply store in Minnesota.

Steel is the strongest material in the industry, and its advantages far outweigh those of standard aluminum. It is more durable, secure, won’t rust, bend, or warp, and continues to be customizable.

Our recommendation to use vinyl instead of wood is meant to ensure that we can uphold our product guarantee and dedication to customer satisfaction. Wood can rot, mold, and bend in the wind, especially in Minnesota winters. This creates a big issue with the longevity of the “normal” wooden fence.

Northland Fence installation

Why Choose Northland Fence?

The question is: why choose Northland Fence? We are here for our customers. While fencing may be our industry, the customers are our business. Without our customers, there would be no Northland Fence, and that’s why we strive to have the best customer service and satisfaction in the industry. We guarantee the best products for the lowest prices. We work directly with our customers to find out which fence is best for them and guide them through the process from customizing every detail to seeing it installed successfully.

By choosing Northland Fence there is no stress about making sure you have all the right parts. There will also be no confusion about which type of fence is truly the one you need. We are here every step of the way to answer questions, respond to issues, and help the fencing process be as easy as possible.


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