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We get it, your clients want options. They may look at their neighbor’s fence down the street and want the same thing. They may look at that fence and want something completely different. As a contractor, you must give your clients a massive selection of choices. At Northland Fence, we provide a large selection of chain link fences, vinyl privacy, and wrought iron steel ornamental fences that will last a lifetime. Even if a big box stores beats our prices, they do not offer the quality materials or excellent customer service that define Northland. We strive to have the products you need in stock so that you can finish your projects on time and build a reputation for quality work.

Northland Availability

Finding The Right Fit The First Time

We have heard the story many times. Your client wants a product that is not typically kept in a big box store’s inventory. Now you have to spend extra money on a special order. You have to wait for shipping. Now you are behind schedule. Your client is upset and calling you constantly for updates due to a situation you can not control. Finally, the product arrives only for it not to meet your client’s expectations. Frustrated, you attempt to return the product only to realize that they do not take returns on special orders.

At Northland, we know that this is no way to do business. We strive to have the right product for you and your client and to get it right the first time. You want to offer your client quality choices that you know are available, and we can meet that need. To help you make the most accurate estimates, we offer a fence planning tool at no cost.

Our Showroom

When you go to a big box store to look at fencing options, you know your choices are limited. What they have on hand might not suit the project you are working on or your client’s tastes. Why drive from store to store, hoping for a passable option, when you can visit our showroom and see our massive selection of high-quality fencing materials? Don’t sacrifice quality, options, or customer service when you can come to us for your fencing needs! If you are hoping to shop remotely, we carry an extensive list of products. We guarantee that our affordable prices can’t be matched, over the fence’s lifetime, regardless if you shop online or in person.

Our Fences

Chain Link Fence

We offer three types of quality fencing. The first is chain link fencing. Our fabric wire uses 11 gauge galvanized steel, while our big-box competitors typically sell 11.5 gauge or lighter. We can confidently say that our chain link fences are the strongest around. If something happens to one of our chain-length fences, your clients will relax thanks to our warranty on materials and installs.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing materials mimic the classic look of a cedar fence but with increased durability and long-term cost-effectiveness. Vinyl fence posts are made from steel and then covered with a vinyl sleeve. Our vinyl fence sections are 8 feet long or less, giving them maximum stability. The vinyl privacy pickets used by our company are ⅞” by 6’, significantly thicker than the ⅝” used by our competitors. We offer 48-inch or 60-inch gates that can be customized for situations where a gate must go over sloped ground. Our vinyl fences are high quality, but if the unthinkable were to happen and they were to be damaged, they are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Ornamental Steel Fence

Our ornamental fences are not just ornamental! The same commitment to durability goes into our galvanized steel ornamental fences. These fences are able to follow the slope of the property and are better able to withstand wear and tear than our competitor’s aluminum fencing options. While our most common ornamental fences are 48” tall, we also carry options for 60” and 72”. We offer 48” and 60” gates customizable for the slope of the yard. Ornamental steel fences from Northland come with a 10-year warranty.

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If you are ready for abundant options, quality materials, and dedicated service, reach out to us at Northland Fence at 763-325-8211. We can help you complete your client’s high-quality backyard projects at amazing prices without sacrificing quality.


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