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At Northland, our quality and customer service are second-to-none. However, it’s no secret that many still choose to purchase their fences from a local big box store. Those who do are in search of cheap materials, and in the long run, will probably pay for their choice as the harsh winters of Minnesota take their toll. Today, we will explore why selecting fence material from Northland will get you higher quality, and save you money in the long run.

Northland Quality

Better Materials

The most commonly used material in fence construction is cedar. And while it is a classic look that evokes images of dad manning the grill while the kids run through the sprinkler, it is simply not the best material to use when building a fence. While many contractors turn to cedar due to its affordability, the reality is that it rots in Minnesota soils, resulting in frequently expensive repairs and replacements. Your clients will not appreciate the added expense, resulting in a poorer long-term relationship with those that can best vouch for you with their neighbors.

At Northland, we prefer three different fence materials. The first is chain link. The chain link option is both durable and affordable. The chain link fencing material we use is made of steel that is either galvanized or coated in black vinyl. These two methods protect our chain link fences from rust and normal wear and tear, making them solid investments that will keep your client’s family safe and add value to their home. We stand by our chain link fences with a 15-year warranty on materials.

Second is our wrought iron style ornamental fence. Don’t let the name and amazing appearance fool you. Our fences are constructed from high-quality galvanized steel, making them much more than ornamental. These fences will stand up to the harsh winter weather we often get here in Minnesota and the normal wear and tear any fence experiences. The strength of these fences is accompanied by beauty, with attractive flat top and spear top options. Our ornamental fences come with a 15-year warranty on materials.

Finally, our vinyl privacy fences offer a look similar to the cedar fences that you picture in classic backyard summertime scenes but with increased durability and no maintenance. Vinyl is an easily customizable hardened plastic. It is designed to withstand both the harshest elements and the wear and tear that comes with having children and pets. These fences come in various styles and colors that your clients will be happy to look at every day. Also, they provide privacy, keeping your client’s family secure and eager to sell your services to their neighbors. Our vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty on materials, letting you know that we believe it is the last fence you will ever need to install.

Customer Service: Why We Can’t Be Beat!

You might be thinking, “I can get all these fencing materials from my local big box store.” Sometimes our competitors carry similar products, along with fencing materials made from cedar and other woods. However, do their staff care about your fence material as much as we do? Many employees at big box retail stores are poorly compensated and are not truly passionate about their work. Often they are simply punching a clock until they find something more fulfilling.

Is this the kind of person you trust with an investment you want to last? Northland’s staff is passionate about providing quality fencing that will stand the test of time. We want to provide you with quality fencing because we know it will improve your quality of life, making your clients feel safe and secure in their backyards. We treat our employees well because we know that, when they feel like they matter to us, they will be just as passionate about your fencing needs as you are. They are proud to help you serve your customers by providing the best services, fencing materials, and guarantees at affordable prices.

At Northland, just like most Midwesterners, we believe in knowing our values and being true to them in business and in everything else we do. We value knowledgeable, friendly, and honest customer service. Our highly trained staff is excited to work with you to help you realize your client’s backyard fencing dreams, not to sell you something they don’t need or fool you into making a hasty purchase. We know that a fence is a long-term investment, and we want it to be the right investment for you.

Northland Quality Is The Economical Choice

At Northland Fence, we know that our quality service and our commitment to our values make us the more economical choice, even if our competitors can offer a decreased upfront investment (though, most of the time, we beat them on price, too!) Choosing one of our fences, made with superior materials, means your clients will not be shopping for a new fence in just a few years. Do your customers want to be spending excessive time and money on maintenance in the years following your fence installation or would they rather be inviting their friends over for a barbecue, enjoying the privacy and security provided by one of our fences for years to come?

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