Dayton Chain Link Fence Installation Company

Dayton Chain Link Fence Installation Company

At Northland Fence, we provide the highest quality chain link fences you can find in Dayton, Minnesota at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of options for installing chain link fences, and if you’re new to fence installation, we can guide you through all the necessary steps to get the perfect fence for your property.

Because everyone has different needs when it comes to fences, we offer free chain link fencing estimates on your fence installation. Contact Northland Fence today to speak with one of our team members about your Dayton, Minnesota chain link fence project.

Durable Chain Link Fencing for Dayton Homes

A chain link fence is one of the best forms of security that you can get for your home. It’s practical and long-lasting, two essential elements in any form of protection you invest your time and money in.

We realize that knowing you can rely on your chain link fence long term is crucial to you, and it’s why we ensure the highest level of quality and reliability in both our galvanized chain link fences and black chain link fences.

Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Galvanized chain link fences get their robustness from zinc powder-coating. It helps them remain strong and sturdy for years while maintaining a clean look. A chain link fence should provide an appealing aesthetic in addition to providing security, and our galvanized chain link fences excel in both areas. The see-through design of these fences adds another layer of security, as you’ll always have a clear vision of the perimeter of your Dayton home.

Black Chain Link Fences

Black chain link fences are among the country’s most popular fences. It rarely matters what neighborhood you drive through. You’ll often always see black chain link fences in bulk because of their high quality and affordability. If you’re new to the world of chain link fences, black chain link fences are an excellent option. Our commercial and residential chain link fencing feature black vinyl metal that leads to a beautiful finish on every installation.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

One of the best ways to enclose your backyard or your company’s grounds is to install vinyl privacy fences. These vinyl fence panels can protect your family, and your property from unwanted guests and create your personal backyard oasis.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about drab or sterile fencing because our vinyl fence panels come in various colors and styles to fit your home’s aesthetic. If you’re not sure how a vinyl privacy fence could work for your space, our team of professionals can help you design the ideal blend of style and privacy.

Professional Local Dayton Chain Link Fence Installation

The process of chain link fence installation starts by providing the tools you need to envision the ideal fence for your home. You can use our free online fence builder to craft a rough draft of what your chain link fence will look like and receive a chain link fencing estimate. From there, you can call us directly or submit a request to receive an estimate for the complete installation process.

Our chain link fence installers will work with you every step and answer any questions you may have about the installation process and things to know about your new chain link fence going forward.

Finance Your Dayton Fence Installation

At Northland Fence, we aim to make the financing portion of our business as simple as possible for you. After receiving a chain link fencing estimate, you can review our financing options for our 12 Month-Same As Cash and Low Monthly Payment options and determine which works best for you. Also, use our payment estimator to calculate your estimated monthly payment ahead of time.

The Benefits of a New Northland Fence for Your Dayton Home

Chain link fence installation comes with many benefits for your home. When you choose Northland Fence to install your chain link fence, you choose reliability, flexibility, and unbeatable customer service. Reach out to our professional chain link fence installers for your chain link fencing estimate.


While wood fences need frequent maintenance and replacement, chain link fences are low-maintenance and rarely need repairs. If you treat our expertly-crafted chain link fences with proper care and maintenance, you can have them last you for up to 20 years before replacing them.

Enhance Curb Appeal

We believe there’s no reason fences can’t be functional and visually appealing. You can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with our attractive fencing solutions and make your home stand out from the crowd.


To get the most out of your chain link fence, finding the layout you need with functional gates and privacy fences is best. The design of our fences features much more intricate than just the placement of the fences themselves.


Our chain link fence installers always provide timely, efficient service on every project. We provide you with a stress-free and satisfying experience throughout the entire installation process.

Custom Designed Fences

You can always go for a classic look with our black chain link or galvanized chain link fences, or you can tap into your creative side. Customize your dream fence with unique colors, styles, and heights, and explore various looks to find the best one.


Security is the most critical aspect we strive for, and you can trust that we will keep your family and property safe with a durable new fence. We’ve provided people with a sense of safety since 2004 and will continue to do so with our higher-quality chain link fences.

Your Dayton Chain Link Fence Company

Regardless of what type of chain link fence installation you want for your Dayton property, Northland Fence will bring you the fence you need as efficiently as possible. We’re proud to offer a one-of-a-kind experience prioritizing honest, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service and professional chain link fence installers.

If you’re trying to decide what type of chain link fence you want and have questions about the design and cost, contact Northland Fence today to get your chain link fencing estimate, and we’ll help you get started.

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