Best Ways to Decorate Fences for the Holidays

Decorate Fence Holidays

Ironing Out Your Holiday Decorating Plans

‘Tis the season to dust off those old holiday decorations. Or maybe you’re ready to try something new this year.

Let’s face it. You probably have a friendly competition with your neighbors every year to see just how full of the holiday spirit each of you really are.

Just because Sally down the street has a light show that dances around to the tune of “Jingle Bells” doesn’t mean you’re not in the holiday spirit. And that giant, inflatable pumpkin on your next-door neighbor’s front lawn? You can make do without it if you so choose. A simple, classic approach to holiday decorating can be just as appealing.

Whether it’s the spooky season or the holiday season, spicing up your wrought iron fence with festive arrangements can certainly make your property the toast of the neighborhood.

When it comes to any form of holiday decorating, make sure you’re doing it safely and responsibly. You can find safety tips here.

A Quick Look at Spooky Season Decorating

When Walt Disney conjured up the idea for the famous “Haunted Mansion,” he envisioned a ghastly spectacle. The old mansion looks the part — even as you walk through the wrought iron gates separating the 999 happy haunts and the foolish mortals who dare to enter.

That’s right. The most famous haunted mansion in the world is surrounded by a wrought iron fence. So, you’re off to a pretty chilling start. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spook-ify it a little more.

One of the easiest, and most popular, Halloween decorations are cobwebs. These can be found at pretty much any store that sells Halloween decorations. You can also find some spiders (fake, of course) to complete the look. This is a truly classic, timeless Halloween decoration that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Just behind your wrought iron fence, you can place black cat silhouettes to give onlookers the illusion there’s something truly eerie afoot. If you’re looking to incorporate some form of color into the mix, you can add some purple and/or orange weather-proof lights for that ultimate Halloween vibe. Of course, you can also find a way to add some pumpkins to the mix.

There are many routes you can take when it comes to decorating for Halloween. Since there are little ones roaming around, it’s recommended you keep the decor family-friendly. Halloween is an entertainment holiday, so make sure it’s fun for everyone.

Be creative. Be unique. Have fun.

Lights, Camera, Attraction

There’s nothing quite like beautiful Christmas lights to brighten the holiday season. Christmas lights bring joy to people of all ages

Your wrought iron fence is perfect for displaying a full spectrum of lights for onlookers to gaze upon. Weather-proof Christmas lights make for a simple yet beautiful way to decorate and spread holiday cheer.

Important reminder: Never use staples or nails to hang Christmas lights. And always check for product warnings before displaying lights just as a safety precaution.

You can also find weather-proof Christmas lanterns that can add more festive glow. Before you know it, spectators will be snapping photos of your Christmas palace as they bask in its illuminating glory.

The Classic Christmas Wreath and Garland

Other than the Christmas tree, nothing is more symbolic of the holiday than the classic Christmas wreath. While wreaths are known for hanging on doors, placing them on your wrought iron fence can be just as festive. Wreaths come in various sizes and colors, so you’ll have options.

You can let your creativity shine. You can place one or two large wreaths on your fence gate, or you can drape smaller ones around its perimeter. At the end of the day, during the holidays, nothing is more welcoming than a Christmas wreath.

You also can’t forget about garland. Garland can help fill the gaps between other decorations in a tasteful way. Garland can be found in a variety of colors and styles. Simply choose which looks best to you.

Other Christmas Decorating Ideas

Your creativity is what will make your property stand out.

In addition to the decorations we’ve already mentioned, you can always find bows, flowers, and mistletoe. All of these decorations are relatively easy to find at any store that sells holiday decorations.

There are two important rules of thumb: make sure you’re decorating safely, and follow your cheerful, holiday heart. Your decorations are a reflection of your creativity and what the season means to you.

Happy decorating!

Some Christmas Decorating Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

According to the American Red Cross, all holiday lights should be turned off before you go to sleep. Furthermore, all holiday light cords should be checked to make sure they aren’t frayed or broken. Also, never run too many strands of lights together. That means no more than three per extension cord. And only use lights that have been tested for safety.

For your indoor Christmas tree, keep the tree away from things like fireplaces, candles, and other heat sources. While candles can be a beautiful form of decoration, make sure you’re keeping them away from any flammable objects, and keep them in a place where they cannot be knocked over or where children or pets can reach them.

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