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Getting a Fence in Eagan, MN

Local zoning laws and regulations vary depending on where you live and Eagan, MN has its own specifications. Planning a fence installation and picking the perfect design to match your home can be fun, but you may run into unexpected roadblocks when dealing with property lines or height restrictions in the process. Familiarizing yourself with the rules will help you avoid these obstacles.


Look through these commonly asked questions to learn from other’s experiences. Restricted materials and design choices can set you back time and money, so plan ahead.

Know What's Permitted

Eagan, Minnesota has specific guidelines on construction. The city’s zoning authorities put these rules in place for safety and to avoid unnecessary conflicts between neighbors. Local homeowners associations may have their own restrictions as well. You can be fined or forced to remove your fence if you do not follow the proper procedures.

Do I need a fence permit?

Eagan does require residents to get a permit for installing the fence in the city, but there is no fee associated with it. There are different types of permits and available variances they may be required to build the exact fence you want.


After applying, a short approval process assures the city your structure will not be dangerous to you or others around it.

Who calls the utilities when installing my fence?

It is important to know the exact location of underground utility lines on your property. If you damage these lines, you could be responsible for repair costs. Find a local fence company in Eagan who offers the type of fence and installation you are after. A reliable company like Northland Fencing will take the responsibility of contacting utilities for safety and legal reasons. In the Eagan area this means calling Gopher State One.

Do I need a survey before installing a fence?

A survey of your property is not required but may be in your best interest. This will give you a good sense of your property lines to know exactly where to build. It is also illegal to block natural water runoff. Natural disparities on your property may allow you to find an easier or cheaper path to build along. If a survey is called for because of special circumstances, Northland Fencing can assure their Certified Surveyor is proficient in doing the evaluation.

What are the Boundaries on where I can install a fence?

Any structure built on your property must be entirely within your property lines. The design cannot allow for it to hang over on to other properties. If your property is within 30 feet of a road intersection you may be subject to additional restrictions.

Can I have a temporary fence put in, if needed (custom gates)?

A temporary fence, such as those put up to defend from snow and erosion, may only stand for 30 days. If you need a temporary fence for a longer period of time, presenting good cause to the Eagan zoning authorities may permit an extension.

Know The Boundaries

You should define your your exact property lines prior to purchasing materials and plotting your fence line. You do not want to be blocking off your own property or interfering with others. Be sure of your exact property lines to avoid additional fines or forced fence relocation.

Do I need my property pins exposed?

If you are going through a fence installation company you will likely need your property pins exposed to guide builders exactly where to build. After the fence is standing you can conceal them once more. Northland Fencing will require all property pins to be fully exposed for them to perform a fence installation in Eagan.

Can I install a boundary fence?

A boundary fence is one that is built precisely on a property line. In order to receive a permit for a boundary fence in Eagan you will need to make an arrangement with the neighboring property owner. Be sure to sort out the details of cost and labor with your neighbor as well.

Can I build my fence on an easement?

Easements are put in place to allow public or private passage, so special restrictions apply to fences built on an easement. Mostly these restrictions are to prevent blockage and promote safety or environmental protection. Often easements are a case by case situation so you will need to contact the Eagan Engineering Department to work out details on your individual property.


I live on a corner lot. How far do I need to be away from the curb when installing a fence?

Your fence only has to remain within your property without interfering with pedestrian or vehicle passage. If your fence is on a corner lot you will have to comply with traffic visibility laws to help prevent accidents.

Where can I place my fence on the property?

Fence installation in Eagan is allowed anywhere on your property as long as you have received a permit for the structure. The best practice is often to place your fence just a few inches in from the property line. Keep in mind there are differences when it comes to building a fence in front or behind your principle structure.

Know The Neighbors

While you neighbor has no say in what you do on your property, it is common courtesy to inform them of your plans before proceeding with construction. A neighbor who has lived there longer may be able to tell you why there isn’t one there now. Some neighbors may even be willing to contribute on costs for a say in design or material, this can also be an opportunity for a boundary fence.

Do I need to notify my neighbors when getting a fence?

You are not legally required to inform your neighbor, but informing them of construction dates should be done to avoid disputes. This way if you fence is near their property line, they have the opportunity to tend to anything that could be interfered with. Also, you will give them a chance to voice an objection that you may be able to resolve and avoid the future dispute.

What is the good neighbor rule, and does it apply for my fence?

It is always important to take your neighbors feelings into consideration. This includes construction as well as maintenance, they have to live with it too and disputes between neighbors can cause a tense living situation.

Is your neighbor required to pay for a sharing fence line?

If the fence lies precisely on the property line, both parties have joint ownership. This means both are required to pay equal costs, unless you have come to another agreement. Additionally, the fence cannot be changed, painted, or removed without permission from both property owners.


If the other property owner refuses to pay and you repair the fence yourself you may be entitled to compensation for costs.

Are there any special requirements in your HOA, Covenants, Subdivision?

Certain subdivisions will have specific rules. While most regulations on fencing installation in Eagan, MN are the same between subdivisions, The City of Eagan does not require covenant standards to be met. Call the Dakota County Government Center at (651) 437-3191 to make sure there are no enforced covenants in your area.

Know the Appearance

One of the most important parts of introducing a fence is finding the perfect design. This can mean finding a reliable fencing company in Eagan that will highlight the best options that fit with your style, but also local regulations.

What is the height restrictions on a fence?

A fence that extends in front of your home may only reach a height of 42 inches. The same is true if your lot is within 30 feet of an intersection, to allow drivers to see. For side and back yard property lines on residential lots, areas away from intersections, and behind your primary structure, the maximum height allowed is 6 feet. Exceptions can be made for commercial properties, allowing up to 8 feet.

Are there any design restrictions?

By law, fences that are subject to traffic laws must be 75% empty space to allow drivers to see. This refers to any fence If you are intentionally blocking off a noisey or busy neighbor, such as a business, certain variances may be able to be applied.


Special restrictions are set on fences that may be dangerous, such as those that use barbed wire, and these are special permits for commercial use only. Most design restrictions that limit wild colors and wacky designs are ruled by your particular homeowners associations.

How do I choose a fence?

Choosing the perfect fence for your property is one of the most exciting parts of the process, but will take care and attention as well. You will need to decide on colors and patterns, but more important is the material. Know exactly what you plan to use the fence for and from there you can understand the type of material you would like it to be consisted of.


Vinyl fencing in Eagan City has become a popular modern choice due to its durable lifespan over the traditional wooden fence. Privacy vinyl fencing can even aid in blocking excessive sound from a noisy neighbor. Ornamental metal fencing offers durability and can be used to create elaborate contemporary and classic designs.

Following the Regulations

The best way to avoid extra fees and delays is to research your local zoning laws and homeowners association regulations before building. Not to mention, zoning laws are for the safety of you and those around you. Find a local fencing installation company in Eagan that can help you be sure to hit all the marks and not unknowingly go against fence installation restrictions.

It's the Law

Understanding how to properly and legally install your fence is the beginning step in the entire process. While it is not as fun as choosing colors or designs, laws must be considered. Follow the specific regulations for the Eagan community and choose a quality fence for a successful installation experience.

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