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Are you looking for the best fence installation in Elk River, MN? You need dependable service, prices that meet your budget, and experts that know what they’re doing. The installation team at Northland Fence has all of those characteristics.

We’ve earned the trust of hundreds of satisfied customers since we opened our doors in 2004. Find out why our decades of experience as Minnesota’s premier fence installation team make us an excellent choice to complete your fencing project.

Our Fencing Solutions

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Vinyl fencing is appealing, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain, making it an ideal fencing solution.

Ornamental Fence Contractor Little Canada MN

Ornamental Fencing

Our ornamental fencing is durable, modern, and comes with a variety of flat top or spear top designs to suit your tastes.

Contractors for Chain Link Fence Installation Nowthen

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is the ideal family-friendly and budget-friendly solution that meets your needs without emptying your wallet.

Fence Planning Tool

A preliminary design layout and rough cost estimate are the first steps toward getting your project started. You can take advantage of our fence planning tool by typing your address into the application. Once the app locates your property, an aerial view rendering of your yard will pop up, allowing you to draw in the ideal fencing outline for your property.

Financing for Your Fencing Project

Need a little help getting the cash together for your project? Northland Fence can help you with that as well. We believe all of our clients, regardless of the size of their project, deserve access to flexible financing options and easy payment plans. Learn more about the financial services we have available.

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We guarantee that the fencing materials used by our team are going to last.

Visual Appealing

Both our ornamental steel and vinyl fencing solutions produce the curb appeal of your property needs.


Our team will guide you toward fencing options that suit your lifestyle and the role your fence needs to play.


When you work with the professional fencing installers from Northland Fence, you can expect your team to be dependable, proficient and punctual while working on your project.


You can customize your fence to suit your own tastes using the available styles, colors, and sizes we make available.


A fence is meant to keep your family and property secure, so we use sturdy materials and installation techniques to ensure you remain safe.

Is Your Fence Up to Code?

Every city in Minnesota, including Elk River, has unique codes and regulations related to fencing. These codes address fence heights, setbacks and property lines, utility access, and other issues. Failure to meet local codes leads to costly fines, which can be avoided when working with Northland Fence, because we understand local city codes, and we’ll help you navigate through them before installation.

Are there any height restrictions for fences in Elk River, MN?

8 feet is the maximum fence height in Elk River. Any fences above 7 feet require a building permit, but fences 7 feet or less only require a zoning permit. You must apply for a variance in addition to a building permit if your fence exceeds the 8 feet height limit. Fence installations adjacent to the front setback of your property must be no more than 4 feet tall.

Can my fence be installed on an easement?

Because access by the city might be necessary at any time, you’re better off avoiding the installation of your new fence on an easement. Request permission from the Elk River Planning Department if installing your fence on an easement is unavoidable.

What design or material restrictions should I know about?

The state of Minnesota has banned the use of both electric and barbed wire fences.

Can I place my fence anywhere I choose?

As the property owner, defining the boundaries of your property and making sure that construction is within those limits rests on your shoulders. Before installing a fence on your property, make sure to check on whether it blocks access to utility easements, like fire hydrants and power poles, obstructs driver visibility, or prevents access to alleyways and sidewalks.

The fencing experts at Northland Fence provide a fence planning tool as well as advice and guidance to help ensure your installation meets your needs and property layout.

When is it necessary for me to notify my neighbors about my project?

You are under no legal obligation to inform your neighbors about your project if the installation is limited to your land. When fencing is installed on a shared property line, you must sign an ownership agreement. However, we recommend communicating with your neighbors before and during installation as a common courtesy.

Are there any special permits I must have?

Only a zoning permit is required in Elk River, MN as long as your fence is 7 feet or less. An additional building permit is necessary for fences taller than 7 feet. Building a fence above 8 feet will require applying for a variance in order to get approval for your installation. You’ll need to submit your permit application along with an accurate site plan depicting all aspects of your property for a variance.

Should I contact the utility companies before installing a fence?

Your installation team should call Gopher State One Call in order to locate utility lines that might be damaged during construction. The team from Northland Fence will find and mark all utility lines before installation. If you choose to install your fence by yourself, just be sure to call the local utilities before you dig!

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