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Getting a Fence in Forest Lake, MN

Depending on your location fencing regulations may differ slightly. Forest Lake has its own requirements to promote a safe and appealing neighborhood. Zoning regulations are strictly enforced and those that do not follow them can be subject to fines or forced to relocate their structure. By reviewing common issues and questions from property owners in the past will allow you to learn from their mistakes and avoid unwanted setbacks. You may even learn something you didn’t think to consider.

Know What’s Permitted

Preparation will be key to a successful project. Research the laws put in place by the city of Forest Lake before beginning construction. The restrictions on zoning and fencing are for the safety of installers as well as members of your community.

Do I need a fence permit?

Fences in Forest Lake require a permit from the Zoning Division at the City Center. Construction cannot start until after a $50 permit fee is paid, a city inspector physical surveys your property, and a short review process. At this point you will receive a Certificate of Compliance which gives the go ahead on construction.

Who calls the utilities when installing my fence?

The installer of the fence is responsible for prevent damage to underground utility lines on your property. If you are installing the fence yourself, you will have to contact Gopher State One. Professional installation companies take that responsibility upon themselves since they would be liable for these damages.

Do I need a survey before installing a fence?

Forest Lake requires a city surveyor to come to your property before a permit can be approved. If you prefer a private surveyor a site plan, that includes the prospective fence, can be submitted with the application. This ensures property owners are fully aware of their properties individual limits.

What should I do if I live on a corner lot?

Corner lots must allow vision for drivers and pedestrians using the nearby intersection. Fences on this portion of your property may not exceed 4 feet. The vision clearance triangle of a corner lot is vital to traffic safety.

Know The Limits

Finding the best location for your fence is imperative to knowing the exact property lines of your land. This can prevent you from building on another’s land unknowingly. There are even particular public areas that should not be touched by your construction.

Do I need my property pins exposed?

Property pins are important in finding those precise lines to build the fence on. Most fencing companies, like Northland Fence, will find it necessary for all pins to be fully exposed prior to fence installation in Forest Lake. Even when the city surveyor comes to approve the fencing permit, the pins will need to be visible, and they will not find them for you. A metal detector can be the best approach in finding them.

Can I install a boundary fence?

A boundary fence is one built precisely on a property line. Normally a fence must remain on your property but if an agreement is made between property owners a boundary fence can be installed. Property owners will have joint ownership and share responsibility to maintain the fence.

Can I build my fence on an easement?

An easement is a particular area that allows for public, or sometimes private, access. It is not allowed to build fences on easements in Forest Lake, if the structure blocks the access. If your fence is even slightly on an easement and a pedestrian damages it inadvertently, they are lawfully not liable to repair it.

Know Your Neighbor

Neighborhoods are composed of different personalities, and any opportunity to show common courtesy can deflect any unwanted tension. Read through these common questions asked about boundary rules and how to be a ‘good neighbor.’

What are the requirements of installing a fence around a swimming pool (above ground and in ground)?

Swimming pools can be dangerous to other people and children in the neighborhood if not properly enclosed. It is required to have a fence that surrounds it with a height of, at least, 4 feet. There must be a gate with a lock installed which is always locked and closed when not in use. Any other gate can only be used for maintenance and storage.

Do not build the fence less than four feet from the brim of the water. Swimming pools can be a lot of fun, but know the regulations associated with them being fenced in to protect the safe environment of your neighborhood.

Where can I place my fence on the property?

Your fence must remain within your property without presenting any interference to neighboring property. Consider maintenance when placing your fence, this responsibility will not give you the right to enter your neighbor’s property without permission.

Know The Neighbors

To avoid any conflicts in your neighborhood, it is always vital to understand the regulations about how to notify neighbors of construction, and even if your neighbor is responsible to pay for joint repairs. Situations can always be handled respectfully and kindness will get you better results than declaring ultimatums about boundary fences.

Do I need to notify my neighbors when getting a fence?

If a fence is fully on your property, it is not required by Farmington law to tell any nearby neighbors. It is, however, a smart idea to convey your plans to your neighbors to prevent issues occurring after you have already installed it. By approaching the owners or bordering properties, you can also propose a boundary fence that will save on your costs and amount of maintenance performed.

What is the good neighbor rule and does it apply for my fence?

A community thrives when all members treat each other with high regards and to be a ‘good neighbor’ you must take responsibility for the structures you share with others. If there is a fence on the shared property line between you and another person, you must take care of the fence properly. This means that no damage or changes can be made by one neighbor without the permission of the other.

Another rule is that you cannot build a fence just to enact revenge or spite to a neighbor. This includes getting a variance to build a slightly taller fence up against theirs or painting their side an obnoxious color.

Know The Appearance

The look of a freshly installed fence can be beautiful, but it is wise to also consider the durability and life-span so it can successful last the harsh winters. Understand your needs and what the fence will be used for, then try to find a style that fits the property without breaking any design fence restrictions in Forest Lake.

What is the height restrictions on a fence?

Residential fences placed in the front of your home can only be 4 feet tall, the same is true for corners within 30 feet of an intersection. Up to 6 feet is allowed in a side or back yard with a normal permit. Fences that reach higher than 6 feet will require a special variance and will also have to fit inside the same regulations applied to building walls. Commercial and industrial districts do not require this variance to build up to 8 feet.

Are there any design restrictions?

Design restrictions are often limited to the particular community you live in within Forest Lake. This can depict a list of appropriate colors, etc to ensure cohesiveness and this can be checked by contacting your local subdivision.

Some materials are restricted in residential areas, such as barbed wire and electrically charged fences. Visibility also falls under design. This is important to procure the safety of traffic and pedestrians.

How do I choose a fence?

The first step in choosing a fence is deciding the utility that it will serve. If you need a fence to fully block noisy neighbors, or give seclusion to a backyard, a privacy vinyl fence could be the perfect choice for you.

There is no shame in purchasing a fence for decoration and utility. Ornamental metal fencing in Forest Lake is a popular choice because of the extended lifetime of metal and the upscale look. Many companies can be found online, but it important to find one that is reputable and offers installation in your exact area.

Following The Rules

Knowing all of the many regulations before installing your fence can save you time and money from falling victim to city fines. Fence installation in Forest Lake can be successfully completed with the help of Northland Fence and their knowledgeable team.

The City Center can be a great resource, as well. Forest Lake’s City Center is located at 1408 Lake Street South. For questions about fencing permits or regulations call (651) 464-3550.

It's the Law

Understanding how to properly and legally install your fence is the beginning step in the entire process. While it is not as fun as choosing colors or designs, laws must be considered. Follow the specific regulations for the Forest Lake community and choose a quality fence for a successful installation experience.

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