Inspirational Fence Designs to Check Out Before Making a Decision

Vinyl Picket Header

You might think your design options are limited when it comes to fence work. But the truth couldn’t be more different, as fence work can be as artistic as it is practical.

Before you make your final decision on which fence you think is right for you, take a look at these ten fence designs. Whether you’re looking for merely an ornamental or one that’s a bit more practical, the following fencing types will surely leave you inspired.

Scalloped or Dog Eared

Like a series of waves, scallop or dog-eared fencing is as soothing as it is pleasing to the eyes. Better yet, scalloped fencing can be iterated using a litany of materials, including wood, steel, and even vinyl. Because of its inherent shape, do not install for privacy or farm animal applications.


Somewhere between picket and privacy fencing, a shadowbox design manages to be both artistic and seclusive. Shadowbox fencing is usually only available in wooden formats. Regular maintenance is required to ensure it’ll last the years to come. Due to the nature of its panel-gaped layout, small pets might be able to wiggle their way through.  Be wary of that fact before committing.


A quintessential part of suburban living, privacy fences come in many forms. But they all serve the same primary purpose: to create space between you and your neighbors. Privacy fences are usually at least 7 feet in height and have no spacing between panels. This fence makes it the perfect design for those who favor peace-and-quiet.


Vinyl fencing is very durable and lends itself to creating all sorts of sharp lines and shapes. Occasional power washing is all that’s usually needed to keep vinyl panels looking as good as new. VInyl fencing can be had in a wide array of colors and textural patterns to suit your various tastes.

Glass Poolside

If complete transparency is your thing, then take a look at glass panel fencing.  Using only glass panels, it goes to show that less is often more. However, poolside glass fencing requires frequent cleaning to keep it from looking dirty.

Flat Top

Flat top fencing is an elegant, no-frills way to create a border. Consider looking into flat top builds to section off specific areas of your property without sacrificing openness. This type of design is available in steel, vinyl, and wood. Make sure to assess your needs before choosing a specific material

Lattice Top

Usually crowning the tops of privacy fences, lattice tops. Gardeners can find joy in planting vine work that will, overtime weave in and out of the latticework.


Perhaps the most popular and well-known type of fencing, picket fencing is characterized by gaps that sit between the vertical wood panels that make up the fence line. A picket fence can offer a certain degree of protection even though it’s often considered to be a decorative element. A picket fence is an excellent option for enclosing a patio area.


Among the most straightforward of fence designs, a railed fence has little purpose outside creating physical property borders. The design couldn’t be more simple: three horizontally oriented beams that are connected by a single post on each end. They are among the most straightforward and affordable barriers to erect. Choose to plant flower beds underneath them for an extra pop of color.

Steel Rod

Ornamental steel rods come in a bevy of designs. Known for its sharp points and circular embellishments, they offer a layer of protection from intruders as wells. If you’re not a fan of the usual black color scheme they come in, choose an appropriate, weatherproof exterior coloring to paint.

It’s important to know what purpose the fence will serve before making the final leap. But once you know that much, let your inspiration run wild, and design the fence of your dreams.