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Getting a Fence in Lino Lakes, MN

Fence installation in Lino Lakes can be intimidating, but a lot of the worry can disappear with researching all of the city requirements. Once you decide to invest in a fence, there are protocols to follow and even an application process that needs performed before you break ground.

To feel completely confident in the process ahead, read through these commonly ask questions for clarity on the important technical matters of fence construction.

Know Your Property

Property lines are not always apparent, even to the owners of the land. Where your property ends and begins is important information when picking where to layout your fence. By making detailed sketches and double-checking the placement you can make clear and legal preparations.

Do I need my property pins exposed?

Property pins must be fully exposed for Northland Fence to begin any sort of fence installation in Lino Lakes. Use a metal detecting device to find these pins. They will be at all corners or your property.

Can I install a boundary fence?

Boundary Fences are placed directly on the property line between two neighbors. This can be a smart investment so both neighbors share costs. The only way to legally install a boundary fence is to have permission from all neighbors involved.

Can I build my fence on an easement?

Easements can be impeded on during fence construction. There are rules, of course, that go with this. You must sign an agreement with the city which states any type of structure you build on an easement can be altered by the city, if they must gain access to any utilities. The permission to build on an easement is given by the Zoning Administrator.

What are the requirements of installing a fence around a swimming pool (above ground and in ground)?

A perimeter fence is an essential safety measure that must accompany any pool. A fence must be at least 4 feet in height. The fence should be impenetrable to children, this means the design should be not easily climbable and no gaps in the fence should be more than 4 inches wide. Gates must be kept locked when the pool area is not being supervised. All gates should also be equipped with self closing and self latching mechanisms. This fence must be in place before the pool is filled for the first time.

Where can I place my fence on the property?

When installing a fence in a residential area, you must put the entirety of the fence on your property. It cannot block any utilities or natural drainage on your property. If you are not positive where your property lines are, contact city hall, get a hold of a copy of your deed, or employ the help of a surveyor.

Know Your Neighbors

Each neighborhood needs cohesiveness, and having open communication about fence construction can aid in diluting any unwanted tension. There can even me specific additional rules for your HOA or subdivision that needs taken into account along with city regulations.

Do I need to notify my neighbors when getting a fence?

You are not required to tell your neighbors about your decision to get a fence if you are building it entirely on your property. It can be wise to do so anyways, so everyone is on the same page, and no later resentment exists. If you are planning to construct a boundary fence, the aligning neighbor must be consulted.

What is the good neighbor rule and does it apply for my fence?

Being a good neighbor is all about taking care of your property, so it does apply to your fence. Fence maintenance needs to be kept to high standards for the value of your property, but also the property values of the entire neighborhood. If you are sharing a fence with another property owner, you must take half of the responsibility of costs. Do not make any alterations without telling the person you are sharing the fence with.

Know The Details

Here you will find all of the important procedures to look into, like recieving a permit or contacting the utility company. By paying careful attention to these details, you can bypass breaking rules and having to pay out of pocket for deconstruction of the fence.

Do I need a fence permit?

A fencing permit is required in Lino Lakes and can be obtained by filing out an application and having an inspection of the fence once it is fully in place. Along with the application, a detailed plan of the layout is needed, as well as the height and material of the fence. The fee for the zoning permit is $148.

Who calls the utilities when installing my fence?

The installer of the fence will be responsible for any damages done to underground utility lines during construction. Northland Fence will contact Gopher State One to begin the process of marking all of the areas on your property to avoid when installing a fence in Lino Lakes.

Do I need a survey before installing a fence?

A certified survey of your land is required to receive a zoning permit, and must be submitted at the time of application. This will present a precise depiction of your land in comparison of your proposed fence. Once you employ fencing services from Northland Fence, they can provide the aid of their Certified Surveyor.

What should I do if I live on a corner lot?

If you live in a corner lot, it is important that your fence does not interfere with the vision of drivers and pedestrians approaching the intersection. The fence must follow the height maximum of 4 feet. The opacity of the fence can be up to 50%.

Know The Appearance

Fences come in all shapes and sizes, but need to be within the standards expected by Lino Lakes. Learn the different heights allowed, and even what material are prohibited in your area. It is best to have a good visualization of what your fence will look like on your land before investing the time and money into the project.

What is the height restrictions on a fence?

The maximum height allowed for a residential fence is 6 feet when it is placed in the back and side of yards where there are not sidewalks or streets. The maximum height in front yards is 4 feet.

Are there any design restrictions?

Design restrictions are limited to safety concerns. It is not legal to have any fences on your residential property that are electric. Barbed wire is also outlawed. Like fences on corner lots, any fences in the front yard of a residence cannot be more than 50% opaque.

How do I choose a fence?

Understand the exact utility your fence will serve. Visible design is not the only important factor when choosing your fence. Understand what fence works best with what intention. If you need to drown out the noise from loud neighbors, a vinyl privacy fence could do the trick.

While many love the look of a cedar wood fence, that glorious coloring will only last a few seasons, especially when faced with harsh winters. No matter what the intended use of the cedar fence, it can be matched in style by different long-lasting pvc fencing or even an ornamental steel fence.

It’s The Law

Each city has specific regulations to follow, and while performing a fence installation in Lino Lakes, you must follow their exact rules in line with state restrictions as well. If the process ever seems too daunting, there is help readily available. By contacting Northland Fence, they can guide you towards great style options that align with city codes.

It's the Law

Understanding how to properly and legally install your fence is the beginning step in the entire process. While it is not as fun as choosing colors or designs, laws must be considered. Follow the specific regulations for the Lino Lakes community and choose a quality fence for a successful installation experience.

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