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Getting a Fence in Maplewood, MN

The requirements for fence installation for Maplewood, MN need to be taken into consideration before you purchase an appealing design. There are protocols on where you can place a barrier, how large it can be, and how to even contact neighbors.

Read through the commonly asked questions and become worry-free about future fines, since you are prepared for the entire process.

Know Your Property

Having the knowledge of clear property boundaries is how you can sufficiently lay out your fence. Even locations fences cannot be placed need to be thought of. Keeping structures you are building on your own property can become the safest route, so knowing all the details of your land is necessary.

Do I need my property pins exposed?

Pins do need to be exposed before Northland Fence completes a fence installation. Property pins are located at the exact corners of your lot, connecting them is the best way to define your exact property lines.

Can I install a boundary fence?

Boundary fences are those built directly on a property line and will need approval from both property owners before construction can begin. Neighbors will need to come to an agreement on who is responsible for labor and maintenance costs. This also may mean compromising on design.

Can I build my fence on an easement?

An easement on your property, such as utility access or a public right of way, cannot be blocked by a fence. These areas are meant to remain accessible to their intended user. The user will not be responsible for damages to a fence that obstruct the easement.

Where can I place my fence on the property?

A fence may be placed up to, but not on, the property line without an agreement with neighboring property owners. Your fence should not encroach or interfere with any neighboring property. Certain differences on your individual property such as easements or natural water drainage areas may have create their own restrictions.

Know Your Neighbors

Neighborhoods are all about open communication that is a way to avoid unwanted tension. Special procedures also exist for constructing anything in conjunction with a neighbor. Een be sure to follow codes on taking care of fences after installation.

Do I need to notify my neighbors when getting a fence?

You are not required to inform your neighbors of upcoming construction but it is considered courteous to do so. Neighbors should be informed if you must enter their property to install your fence to avoid unnecessary disputes.

What is the good neighbor rule and does it apply for my fence?

Being a ‘Good Neighbor’ is to take responsibility for all shared property, including a fence. It is both parties’ responsibility to do all routine fixings on the fence, and even share costs of reconstruction.

This also includes your own property and caring for it well. Your designs and maintenance reflect on the entire neighborhood. A fence that is dilapidated is not only unattractive, but a safety hazard for those who could come in contact with it.

Know The Details

Contacting utilities and going about the process for a permit can be a lot of legalities that can confuse along the way. Use the help of Northland Fence to complete all the protocols properly and according to the rules.

Do I need a fence permit?

If your fence is 6 foot or under in height, a fencing permit is not required. This means you can skip this part of the process altogether, be sure you understand the legality of where you can place it since the city will not be checking this information beforehand.

Who calls the utilities when installing my fence?

All utilities will need to be called so the owner of the property acknowledges areas underground that should not be damaged. During fence installation in Maplewood, Northland Fence will complete the act of contact and mark those spots.

Do I need a survey before installing a fence?

A survey is not required before your begin construction. It can be a smart decision to have a survey performed if you are not sure of your land lines. Trust in the expertise of the Certified Surveyor employed by Northland Fence that can give you a precise layout of your property.

What should I do if I live on a corner lot?

Corner lots have a restricted area on the property called a Traffic Safety Triangle. This area is measured 25 feet from the intersection down both property lines that abut the streets. In the Traffic Safety Triangle a fence may not reach more than 2.5 feet to allow proper vision for oncoming drivers and pedestrians.

Know The Appearance

Having an excellent looking fence to add value and style to your property can be an appealing idea. While going through the steps of deciding on a fence, remember to consider the regulations or restrictions placed on the design. It is not just the City of Maplewood that may have additional rules from Minnesota, but there could be further protocol to follow from your HOA.

What is the height restrictions on a fence?

The maximum height allowed for a fence in Maplewood is 6 feet. Any fence used to protect a pool area will have to be at least 4 feet in height to provide adequate safety for children.

Are there any design restrictions?

Most design restrictions need followed to make certain safety is a top priority in your neighborhood. Any fences with an electrical charge, or with barb wire are not allowed in residential areas in any area of Minnesota. Keep in mind, supports should always face inwards towards your property.

Any fence facing streets or walkways, especially in front yards cannot be more than 80% opaque. If you need a solid fence in these areas, it will need to be approved by the city.

Know The Appearance

Consider that regulations also affect what your actual fence must look like. Do not bypass important rules like how tall your fence can be, and pay attention to prohibited materials. Most of these standards are for safety so they need followed closely.

How do I choose a fence?

If your fence will be serving a particular use, pick a fence that reflects its functions. An ornamental steel fence can add elegance and security to a property, while following common visibility restraints. Wooden fences are not ideal for the Minnesota weather and can experience harsh discoloration and heavy warping over-time.

Northland Fence carries a large variety of fences from vinyl privacy fences for long-lasting seclusion, to fully-coated black chain link fences.

It’s The Law

Successfully install your fence according to code by understanding what is expected of you throughout each step of the process. A fence installation company in Maplewood can keep you up to date and answer any further questions you develope. Northland Fence is dedicated to proving why they’re they top-rated company in State to their customers.

It's the Law

Understanding how to properly and legally install your fence is the beginning step in the entire process. While it is not as fun as choosing colors or designs, laws must be considered. Follow the specific regulations for the Maplewood community and choose a quality fence for a successful installation experience.

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