5 Reasons Your Dog Needs A Privacy Fence

Dog Friendly Privacy Fences

We all love our precious pups. There’s nothing better than a furry, cheerful companion to hang around with day and night. But, just like you need to hit the gym or get some precious Vitamin D, so do our canine friends.

Unfortunately, the outdoors isn’t as forgiving or as safe as the comforts of our homes. Dogs are easily distracted. Call it ADHD or just a love for everything they see, but in a split second your dog will scamper off chasing whatever they find interesting. This is just one of the many reasons why you need a privacy fence for your dog.

There are actually a ton of benefits of installing fencing if you’re a dog owner. But not just any fencing. Your dog deserves privacy. You know how it goes, the neighbors or their kids are strolling along on the sidewalk and they spot your pup doing whatever pups do in the yard. Sometimes they leave them be, but most of the time they want to be their friend.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to put your dog in solitary, but we do understand the value of privacy and safety for them. Just like you wouldn’t want to be out in the open doing your business, your dog deserves some peace and quiet from time to time.

Here’s a list of the top ____ reasons why your dog needs a privacy fence.

1. You Won’t Make The Neighbors Jealous

Privacy Fence For Dogs

Face it, everyone wants to hang out with your dog. No, it’s not just you, we mean everyone. This is cute at first, but it can get annoying fast. Kids pick up pets or try and play fetch (which can be an issue if you don’t have any sort of deterrent). People typically mean no harm and while their intentions are pure they can still end up messing with your dog. Some dogs also get irritated as heck with certain people, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Your Dog Can Do Their Business In Peace

Your pup doesn’t need an audience when watering the yard or dropping their kids off at the pool. Let them have some privacy! Fences give them closed doors so that they can do their business without putting on a show. To be honest, the dog doesn’t really care all that much if they’re seen, but your neighbors might not want to see it.

3. No More Squirrel Olympics

Dog Friendly Privacy Fence

Many of us let our dogs loose in the yard for some much-needed exercise, and to let them tire out a bit. Let’s face it, they have more energy than we do. But if your yard is open terrain, your dog may spot dashing little creatures like squirrels or rabbits (maybe even the occasional bird). If they do, they may be off to the races. Privacy fences help protect your dog from skipping town in search of the elusive squirrel.

4. Less Bark and Less Bite

Best Fences For Dogs

Nothing will get your dog yapping like another pup strolling through their territory. If you have neighbors with canine pals, you’ve likely already heard the endless bark battle that ensues between the two (or more) dogs. This is not only a bit annoying but can be pretty disturbing to other neighbors that don’t love dogs as much as you. A crime, we’re aware.

Privacy fences have little to no visibility, making it much more difficult for you and your neighbor’s dogs to come eye to eye. This will make for a quieter home for sure. Also, it almost completely eliminates the chances that any bite accidents may occur. We know your dog would never, but if you want to keep passerby’s chompers off your pup, get a fence…one with privacy.

5. Doggy Dates Won’t Be A Public Affair

Best Privacy Fences For Dogs

If you set up playdates for your dog, or maybe you have family visiting and they have their own pup — you’re going to want an enclosure for peace of mind. You want to give the dogs a safe place to play. If it’s not your dog that’s scampering around the yard, you don’t know their tendencies or how they behave in an unfamiliar environment.

Why Vinyl Privacy Fencing Over Other Types?

The best privacy fence for your pup is definitely vinyl. Dogs are athletic, ambitious, adventurous, and audacious. These traits are all fine and dandy but they can be dangerous if you don’t set some ground rules, or in this case, a fence.

Vinyl fencing has long been our favorite material for dog enclosures. Vinyl fencing is tough and sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about your dog charging through it like a linebacker. If they are climbers, vinyl doesn’t have any real footing or a manageable way to scale it because of the smooth surface.

Privacy vinyl is even better. We mentioned it a little earlier in here, but without gaps in the fencing, your dog won’t be distracted by other animals, cars, or strolling canines. It also gives them privacy, imagine that. If you have a big dog, you’ll need a taller fence to prevent them from hopping over.

There are certainly other alternatives out there, literally dozens of metal fence types. But vinyl privacy fencing is ideal, affordable, sturdy, and requires very little maintenance. It’s also far better than invisible fencing. We see this everywhere and while it may seem like the best option, classic physical fencing still reigns supreme. Not only do you want to avoid shocking your dog every time they get a little adventurous, but these fences need attention. You’ll need to be extra diligent about changing batteries or else it’s a pretty useless piece of equipment. That, and it only works for your dog, so any other creatures that wander onto your property can distract or interact with your pup.

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