How to Decide on the Right Fencing for Your Property

With so many different types of fencing to choose from it can become difficult to make a decision. There is a wide range of materials, many of which we refuse to use because they are inferior, you can have varying heights, lengths, and qualities.

With multiple options to choose from it’s important that you think deeply about this decision, it’s an investment, and our fences can last for decades. If you need any extra advice or information about our fencing, give us a call or send us an email!

Why Do You Want a Fence?

Most importantly you need to ask yourself why you want a fence. This question might seem asinine, but one family might be looking for extra charm in their front lawn, while another may only be installing one to keep their children safe in the backyard.

Knowing what your overall goal is as well as your budget is vital to making an informed decision.  For safety and those on a cheap budget, a chain link fence is hard to beat. Vinyl is perfect for privacy because it can be built tall and opaque. Ornamental wrought iron is ideal for adding charm to your lawn and providing children a restricted area to play.

Chain Link Fences

One of the more popular styles of fencing is chain link fence. These are popular because they are relatively cheap compared to vinyl or iron fences because the materials are less expensive and they can be constructed quicker than other fences.

These factors make them ideal for backyards where safety and price trump aesthetics. Chain link fences can be built low or high, depending on what your needs are. We would recommend around 4-feet tall, which is high enough to keep dogs and children safe.

Chain fences are almost always jet black or standard galvanized. By using a pneumatic driving method, we can embed the posts deep into the soil of your garden, making them incredibly hardy and difficult to topple. Inferior chain fences tend to be weak, while ours are plenty strong enough to provide added security for you and your family.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is becoming increasingly popular in Minnesota because the aesthetic is modern and the material is long lasting. While other privacy fences made out wood will rot, chip, crack, peel and fade over time, your vinyl fence will look as great five years from now as on the day it was installed.

This material is incredibly hard wearing and practically maintenance free. For those looking to add some extra privacy to their home, or to keep pets and children in the yard, vinyl is the perfect option.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Vinyl comes with both picket and privacy options, giving you either a charming fence or a wall of solidarity, depending on what you’re looking for.

While many years ago you may have only been able to find vinyl fences in one color and style, we now offer them in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Vinyl gives you great flexibility to customize your fence to suit your taste and needs.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron is another popular option that we offer. Unlike vinyl and chain link fences, people tend to find charm in our metal fencing. They can be styled and designed to unique specifications, giving you a perfect look, either with a flat top or a spear top.

Unlike many of our competitors who use cheap iron, we use galvanized ornamental steel for our fences. This material is topped with a powder coating which prevents the rust, rot and chipping that plague many inferior fences that our competitors offer.

We believe that our wrought iron fences are some of the best around, which is why we offer a 20-year warranty on the materials and 5-years on the labor. For those looking for a beautiful fencing option that provides security without limiting sunlight or your views, wrought iron is a perfect choice.

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