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Getting a Fence in Rockford, MN

Each city will have varying standards when constructing anything on your property, so examine the state laws. Each city will have its own set of regulations and fence installation in Rockford need to be approached in specific ways. Complete all the necessary research before knowing exactly what design and color you would like.

Know Your Property

The best area to place a fence, are places laid out as safe and legal by the city. Contact City Hall if your property doesn’t fall under ordinary circumstances. Know most of the work is finding your property lines and knowing if there are public easements in your planned layout.

Do I need my property pins exposed?

Property pins will give you the exact placement of the land’s boundaries. All of the pins must be exposed prior to fence installation in Rockford. This is done so no fence crosses onto another’s land. If pins are missing or broken, a certified surveyor will need to replace them.

Can I build my fence on an easement?

Property owners are allowed to build a fence on or around an easement. However, this is with the understanding that it still must be approved by the Zoning Administrator and that any potential damages are at the owner’s expense if the area cannot be properly accessed when needed. Keep these areas in mind when plotting your fence location, the best option may be building around them just in case.

Where can I place my fence on the property?

Your fence should be placed fully within your own property boundaries, without encroaching on neighboring property or posing any threat to it. A boundary fence can be built directly on the property line if neighbors have a written agreement concerning shared ownership responsibilities. Natural water drainage, easements, and public rights of way should always be avoided when planning your fence location but may be allowed if approved by the Zoning Administrator.

Know Your Neighbors

The cohesiveness of a neighborhood involves lovely appearances, but also light attitudes. This can happen by being forthcoming with all construction occurring on your property. An unsightly or illegally perched fence could ignite even more drama in a community.

Do I need to notify my neighbors when getting a fence?

When a barrier is built on your land, there is no real legal need to tell other property owners. It is still a sign of common courtesy to do so. Always let neighbors know if their land needs accessed during fence installation in Rockford. Their permission will also be needed if the structure needs hooked to their existing fence.

What is the good neighbor rule and does it apply for my fence?

The good neighbor rule simply covers basic respect towards neighbors and their property, and does apply to your fence. Neighbors should both avoid activities that pose a threat to any fence, shared or privately owned, even if they are prepared to cover costs. Both neighbors should perform maintenance in a timely manner and do their equal part concerning a shared fence.

Is your neighbor required to pay for a sharing fence line?

The owner of the fence is responsible for timely maintenance and any other costs related to the fence. If it is a boundary fence, with shared ownership between neighbors, then the neighbors should have a premade agreement covering these responsibilities. If not, ownership responsibilities are shared 50/50. However, if the fence lies on either side of the property line, belonging to only one neighbor, only that owner is responsible.

Know The Details

Having knowledge of procedures and official paperwork that comes with fence installation in Rockford will make the road ahead less stressful. There could be fees needed paid, or applications that need approved before construction.

Do I need a fence permit?

Rockford prohibits the construction or alteration of any fence without prior approval from the Zoning Administrator. Fences which are taller than 6 feet will require a building permit rather than the typical zoning permit. Applications include a checklist of additional material required, such as, design details and a certificate of survey.

Who calls the utilities when installing my fence?

Underground utility lines will need to be located prior to construction as the fence installer will be liable for potential damages. If this is a DIY project the owner will need to contact Gopher State One do have these locations marked. Professional installers will take on the damage liability so they will also take on the responsibility of ensuring utilities are properly avoided.

Do I need a survey before installing a fence?

A certificate of survey is a required part of your permit application. In order to receive one, a certified surveyor will need to inspect your property. Surveyors will be able to provide you with a site plan which includes accurate measurements and individual details of your property. This is the best way to discover aspects of your property that may need to follow additional codes.

What are the requirements of installing a fence around a swimming pool (above ground and in ground)?

A fence is a required safety measure for a pool, which must be completed with a week following the pool installation. Pool fences must adequately prevent uncontrolled access, this means using a climb resistant design and equipping all gates with locks. This fence should also be at least four feet in height.

I live on a corner lot. How far do I need to be away from the curb when installing a fence?

Front lots are restricted to a fencing design that is at least 75% open space and a maximum of 48 inches. On corner lots, the side yard that also abuts a road must follow these same front yard guidelines for traffic safety. In the side or back yard, a fence that is taller than 48 inches or is less than 75% open will still be permitted, provided that it is also setback at least 10 feet from the lot line.

Know The Appearance

Complete the design of your land with a fence that compliments the whole neighborhood. There are restrictions on what your fence should look like, and to meet these expectations you must know. Also the appearance of a fence could be misleading, so know how to choose one that will last multiple years.

What is the height restrictions on a fence?

Fences located in the front portion of your lot cannot exceed 48 inches, additionally they must be at least 75% open space. Fences in the side or rear lot of your property may have an increased height of 6 feet, unless the adjoining lot is non-residential.

Are there any design restrictions?

Fences in the front of your property must be at least 75% open or be set back 10 feet from the property line. All fences should be constructed of suitably durable materials in a safe professional manner and maintained with the same care and attention. Dangerous materials and designs are prohibited in residential areas, this includes barbed wire or electrified fences. If the fence encloses an area at least one gate which allows reasonable and convenient access for safety reasons. All supports or posts should be on the interior side, with the finished side facing the public.

Particular neighborhoods may have their own HOA guidelines concerning design but the city only requests that the design reasonably matches surrounding structures and does not cause a negative impact.

How do I choose a fence?

Ask yourself what you need the fence to do for your property. Is it simply there for design? Or will you need it to secure an animal? A vinyl privacy fence can serve many uses, the important enclosure of a swimming area. After understanding use, find a material that is legal in your area, but will last all the harsh Minnesota seasons.

It’s The Law

Safety and overall appearance of your fence will reflect on the entire community, so take all regulations seriously. Use critical thinking to find a fence that serves your needs, but meets all standards. Do not forget about aftercare, and how to properly maintain your new fence.

It's the Law

Understanding how to properly and legally install your fence is the beginning step in the entire process. While it is not as fun as choosing colors or designs, laws must be considered. Follow the specific regulations for the Rockford community and choose a quality fence for a successful installation experience.

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