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Getting a Fence in Rogers, MN

Most fencing regulations are in place for safety guidelines, so follow them for the whole community of Rogers, MN. Pick a fence that you would love, but that will also meet these standards. Understand all the prior questions asked about the process of fence installation, and restriction placed on design.

Know Your Property

Not having physical markers (such as a fence,) can limit knowledge on the boundaries of the land. Find the property stakes on the land, or even inquire a neighbor about their understanding on the property.

Do I need my property pins exposed?

Property stakes will be inserted at each corner of the lot, use these as the ultimate boundaries of the land. They can be replaced by a Certified Surveyor, but will need to be completely visible before Northland Fence begins the fence installation in Rogers.

Can I build my fence on an easement?

You cannot build on an easement under any circumstances. If you have no other path for the fence contact the Rogers Planning and Building Department to state your case. Easements hold important city utilities that could need accessed at any time, so damage can even come to a fence simply near an easement when the city is accessing it.

Where can I place my fence on the property?

A privately owned fence should always be located fully within the owners property boundaries. Fences can be built up to, but not on the property line, unless both neighbors sign an agreement concerning shared ownership responsibilities. Fences should not block or encroach on water drainage, utility easements, or public rights of way. If a fence is located away from the property line, the owner is still responsible for maintaining the property on both sides.

Know Your Neighbors

It can be rude to keep fence construction from neighbors. Know that while your choices are always your own, there are certain precautions to take when approaching fellow property owners about building a fence.

Do I need to notify my neighbors when getting a fence?

When entering a neighbor’s property during construction, always receive their permission. Hooking a fence up to a neighbor’s also require their knowledge and approval.

If your fence does not have those qualities and is on your own property, it is not required by law to let other people know of the construction. It is advised to do so anyways so there’s no tension once the fence is finished.

What is the good neighbor rule and does it apply for my fence?

The good neighbor rule is very straight-forward- treat your property well and do timely maintenance on any structures on your land. Shared fences need held to this same regard. However, any additions or work intended to be done to a boundary fence must be approved by all owners of the barrier.

Property that is cared for premiumly will increase in value, and help the neighborhood do the same.

Is your neighbor required to pay for a sharing fence line?

Neighbors only share the responsibilities of construction and maintenance when ownership is shared. Neighbors will need to come to an agreement prior to construction concerning these responsibilities. When a new neighbor moves into either property the agreement will need to be updated. If the fence is individually owned by one neighbor, only the owner is responsible for costs.

Know The Details

The location of your new investment need thought out clearly, and property lines will need examined. If you are not familiar with your land, this is where neighbor knowledge, paperwork from the city, or even a Certified Surveyor could help. There are special circumstances that exist that could cause you to contact the building planning division, as well.

Do I need a fence permit?

An approved fence permit must be acquired before construction can begin. This will include basic lot information, a certificate of survey, a scaled site plan, and details of the fence design, materials and location. This process assists both the city and fence owner in ensuring that everything is up to code to avoid hassle. An inspection will also be required before construction is completed.

Who calls the utilities when installing my fence?

The underground lines that run throughout your property for utilities need protected. They can be found by contacting Gopher State One. You need to do this if it is a self-installation. If Northland Fence is completing the fence installation in Rogers, they will make this contact and mark all areas for avoidance.

Do I need a survey before installing a fence?

Obtaining a survey is an essential step in the process of adding a fence to your property. This is best way to get all the details of your property that may be relevant to your project. The city of Rogers requires a certificate survey to accompany the permit application. An appointment with a certified surveyor can easily be requested through Northland Fence or by contacting City Hall.

What are the requirements of installing a fence around a swimming pool (above ground and in ground)?

Swimming pools should be completely enclosed by a fence between 4 and 8 feet. This will need to be constructed before the pool is filled with water. Any gates that access the pool area must use self closing and self latching hardware and be equipped with a lock when the area is unsupervised. The bottom of the fence should be no more than 2.5 inches from the ground at any location. The design will need to be one that has minimal gaps and is resistant to climbing to properly restrict access.

If the back yard has a fence that meets all of these same requirements, an additional fence is not required.

I live on a corner lot. How far do I need to be away from the curb when installing a fence?

Corner lot owners must take traffic visibility into consideration when plotting the location of their fence. No fence will be permitted in a triangle on the lot corner that abuts an intersection. The triangle is measured 30 feet along lot lines from the property corner.

Corner lot owners may also need to comply with a neighbors front setback requirements if it abuts their side or rear lot lines.

Know The Appearance

Planning ahead is important – and not just with the location of the fence. Finding a great barrier design is a fun experience, but do keep all the standards on appearances in mind. Restrictions on color schemes could exist within your subdivision or covenANT. These rules, found at you HOA, will be more strict that city codes.

What is the height restrictions on a fence?

The maximum height allowance for a residential fence is 8 feet, but this is only permitted in rear lots. Moving into the side yard, up to 3 feet from the front face of the home, the height limit is reduced to 6 feet. Fences in the front of your property have a maximum height allowance of 4 feet.

Are there any design restrictions?

Front lot fences are limited to a decorative designs, which means they must not exceed 50% opacity to allow the passage of light and air. Chain link fences should be constructed of a minimum of 11 gauge wire. All fences should be kept up to code and repaired in a timely manner or they may be deemed a public nuisance, in which case the owner will be fined until the issue is resolved.

Electrified fences or those that use barbed wire are strictly prohibited. No defensive or dangerous materials and designs will be permitted

How do I choose a fence?

Excitement over a potential fence should be contained until you work out all the logistics of its design. Think of what purpose the fence will serve on the land and purchase a style that can achieve these goals. Modern vinyl fencing has a long lifespan and its deep wood-like hues can withstand hot summers and cold winters.

Since durability is important, even consider the security and elegance an ornamental steel fence can bring to your land. The internet marketplaces can be vast and full of options that could not be what they seem. Always try to find a local fencing company in Rogers to help you along the way.

It’s The Law

Build a fence once all paperwork and details were in line. Breaking any regulations can lead to the deconstruction of the fence- and at your own expense. Find a trustworthy fencing company in Rogers, MN who is fluent in the process. Northland Fence is an experience and top-rated company providing fences and quick installations all across Minnesota.

It's the Law

Understanding how to properly and legally install your fence is the beginning step in the entire process. While it is not as fun as choosing colors or designs, laws must be considered. Follow the specific regulations for the Rogers community and choose a quality fence for a successful installation experience.

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