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Vinyl Privacy Fence To Secure Your Hot Tub

So, you just added a hot tub to your property.

Nothing quite hits the spot like a dip in the hot tub after a long, grueling day. However, just throwing a hot tub in your backyard is simply malpractice. You need to protect it from unwanted guests. Not to mention, you probably want a sense of privacy as well. No one wants to be stared at while they’re trying to relax.

Hot tubs are great for kicking back and relaxing, but they’re also a prime target for intruders to gravitate toward. And that’s something you shouldn’t be lackadaisical about. For the safety of yourself and others — and the safety of your property — you need a barrier between your hot tub and the outside world.

Let’s face it. If you have the money to spend on a hot tub, you should also have the money to protect it. If not, you’re leaving it out in the open for the world to use.

There are a variety of fences to choose from, but one in particular tends to not only enhance privacy and safety but also adds a nice touch to your property — the vinyl fence.

Vinyl fences are one of the most popular fences in the world, especially when protecting something like a hot tub. And for good reason. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Why the Vinyl Fence?

The vinyl fence is built to keep unwanted guests out, keep privacy intact, and look aesthetically pleasing.

The difference between vinyl fences and other options is that vinyl privacy fences add that extra layer of security — you can’t see through them. You don’t have to worry about Tom or Sharon next door peeking over throughout the day. We’re sure you agree. You deserve to have some privacy.

It’ll also help with keeping unwanted animals like dogs, cats, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons from trotting in and destroying your hot tub. Think of a vinyl privacy fence as a barrier between you and the outside world.

You can also reduce the noise levels flowing into your backyard. If you’re wanting to relax, you probably want to block out any unwanted noise, such as traffic or the neighbor’s music. Vinyl privacy fence panels are perfect for giving you the peace and quiet you deserve.

Also, the vinyl privacy fence will add an extra layer of security to your backyard and hot tub. This may sound weird, but you don’t want random people knowing you have a hot tub, or worse, taking a dip in it themselves when you’re not home. Trust us. It happens. It’ll also prevent young children from wandering around your hot tub, which can be dangerous.

Last, but certainly not least, this style of fence can add value and curbside appeal to your home. The vinyl privacy fence is a classic look beloved by folks around the world. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures to fit your own personal taste. This can all lead to a boost in curbside appeal should you ever decide to sell your home, or if you simply want your property to be the toast of the neighborhood.

Stick With Vinyl, Not Wood

Wood fences used to be the go-to material when building a privacy fence. However, they’re now simply outdated, and they don’t last as long. They also come with a boat-load of maintenance.

Unlike wood, vinyl fences are not susceptible to rotting, fading, and for the most part, they’re maintenance-free. You should still clean it to maintain the aesthetically pleasing appearance, but it requires nowhere near the amount of work wood fences do.

Despite vinyl fences being a little bit more expensive, over time, the costs come out in the wash when you’re accounting for maintenance fees.

Vinyl is also built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Here in Minnesota, we’re used to frigid temperatures and snow. Vinyl fences still survive. You won’t regret your investment if the weather gets a little too extreme. The vinyl fence will more than likely be the last fence your property should ever need.

However, if you ever need to repair your vinyl fence, rest assured it’s much easier to work on than a wood fence.

Is Vinyl Fencing Expensive?

If you’re in the market for a vinyl privacy fence, you should keep these costs in mind:

  • Manual labor ($30-80/hour)
  • Acquiring building permits
  • Marking underground utilities
  • Hauling old fence materials away
  • Excavation and dirt removal
  • Gates, hardware, and other decorative elements

Also, for this type of fencing, you can expect to pay from $15-$35 per linear foot.

While this route may be more expensive than, let’s say, the chain link fence, you’re enhancing your privacy, property safety, and curbside appeal.

Start Planning for Your Fence Today

If you’re ready to move forward with your fencing plans, you’ll find a virtual fence planning tool on our website to give you an idea of how much it would cost to build your desired fence.

Simply type in your address, and you’ll then see a satellite image of your property. You’ll be able to choose a fence type, its height, color, and more.

This is a recommended tool for anyone looking to buy a fence. You might avoid some surprises, and preparation is always crucial for any major property project.

The price will come down to the type of fence you’ve chosen, whether any work is needed to remove old fencing, size, and whether you’ve chosen to install a gate. Fences can cost anywhere from $10 to $75 per linear foot.

Add a Vinyl Fence to Your Property with Northland Fence

Northland Fence has been around for 17 years and has provided fantastic customer service, great work, and an overall great customer experience ever since. According to the Better Business Bureau, Northland Fence has a near-perfect rating and zero customer complaints.

By understanding the needs of the average customer household, Northland Fence is able to go above and beyond. In order to give customers the best product possible, we have eliminated materials from our inventory that cause issues for fence buyers.

Northland Fence offers quality chain link, vinyl, and wrought iron fences. We’re also the first company in Minnesota to use driven posts on all fences since they’re more durable and waterproof.

Northland Fence offers a 15-year warranty on materials for wrought iron fences, a 15-year warranty on material for chain link fences, a limited lifetime non-prorated warranty on vinyl fence materials, and a 10-year warranty on labor.

You deserve privacy and an aesthetically pleasing property. If you own a hot tub, Northland Fence has secure solutions that can include a vinyl privacy fence or a metal privacy fence.

To learn more about our services, call Northland Fence today at (763) 316-4881.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put around my hot tub for privacy?

If you want to boost your privacy for your hot tub, a vinyl privacy fence is perfect for doing just that. You can prevent nosey neighbors from peeking over while you’re trying to relax. Other fences can give unwanted people a clear view of your property, which means you’re simply not getting the privacy you want or deserve.

Do you have to have a privacy fence for a hot tub?

A hot tub should always have a barrier built around it. This not only keeps unwanted guests out but also should be installed for the safety of others. Young children or neighborhood pets on the loose may find themselves around your hot tub, putting them in danger. You should always check your local regulations to see if you are required to have a fence around your hot tub.

How do I make my hot tub private?

The best way to make your hot tub private is by installing a privacy fence around it. If you do this, neighbors may not even know you have one on your property. You can choose from a variety of colors and materials to fit your own personal style. Boost your privacy, security, safety, and curbside appeal with a vinyl privacy fence.

Can you put a hot tub against a fence?

Putting a hot tub against a fence isn’t recommended for safety reasons. Again, you should always check your local regulations.


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