What is the Best Type of Fencing for Pet Owners?


Pets are one of the more common reasons why homeowners decide to install fencing. By creating a secure and limited area which they can run in it reduces the risk for you as an owner and makes it simpler, by letting them come and go as they please.

But with so many different types of metal fencing available, it can be difficult to figure out which is best for your specific situation. After all, it’s going to depend on the pet that you own, your budget, your personal preferences and the other factors that went into you deciding that you wanted a fence.

What Pet Do You Own?

If the goal of your fence is exclusive to prevent your pet from wandering, you will need to think very carefully about the size and ability of your pet. If you have multiple animals, then you will need to consider the smallest and the one that can jump the highest.

Cats, for example, can squeeze through incredibly small gaps and therefore certain fences become impractical. A large dog like a Labrador or Husky is unable to fit through the same space, but might quickly hop over the fence instead.

What Should You Look for in a Fence?

Many pet owners make the mistake of thinking that the only reason they want a fence is to keep their pets in. But is it important to you whether it is opaque or see through? Do you want it to be tall or will that make you feel walled in? How much can you afford to spend?

All of these questions need to be answered before you can decide what the right material is for you. Presuming that you care primarily about security for your pet, a fence that is impossible for them to squeeze through or jump over is vital. That means it would ideally use solid panels and be around 6 feet tall.

But such a tall and opaque fence is going to impact the natural light in the garden and can make some homeowners feel trapped. To fix this, you might consider using a fence with slight gaps between each slat, or a perforated section at the top, which can let more light in so that your yard feels natural.

Vinyl Fencing

Typically wood would have been suggested for pet owners, but we have decided to eliminate it from our offering because we believe that it’s inferior to our other materials. Instead, vinyl is the perfect replacement.

Vinyl is tough and hardwearing, making it impossible for your pets to breakthrough. Plus, it can be built high, well over 6 feet if necessary, and as long as you need.

It’s also entirely opaque because it comes in large sections, preventing your pet from slipping through any possible gap. For owners of small pets, vinyl is the most desirable option. It will keep your animals safe and is also considered one of the more beautiful materials that we use.


The second material that we would recommend for pet owners is chain link. Chainlink isn’t opaque, but because of the netted method of production, it would be impossible for even relatively small pets to sneak through.

Galvanized chainlink can also be built to be very tall to prevent animals like cats and dogs from simply hopping over the fence and going on an adventure.

The reason why we recommend vinyl over chainlink is that vinyl is more attractive. Most homeowners don’t want a commercial style 6-foot fence around their homes. While chainlink is ideal for a smaller height, above a certain size, it is less desirable, and that’s why vinyl is the perfect choice for a pet owner.

Wrought Iron

The final option is wrought iron, which isn’t opaque and doesn’t offer the same security as chain link. While there are sizable gaps between each post, it is possible to reduce this gap to prevent larger pets like dogs and possibly large cats from escaping; it’s not ideal for smaller animals.

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