Which Fence Types Hold Up Best During Hot Summers?


It’s possible to make fences out of a vast array of materials, but we only stock vinyl, chain link and wrought iron because we believe these three are superior to all other materials.

Whether it’s tackling a brutally cold winter, storms or a sweltering summer, one of these materials will be ideal. A good fence should be versatile, and in Minnesota, you need this versatility because we often have freezing winters, followed by gorgeous summers where the temperature can get incredibly high.

Purchasing a fence that can hold up to not only the cold winters and rain that we experience but also the hot summers is critical to getting your money’s worth.

What Should You Look for In a Fence for Hot Weather?

A fence that is going to thrive in hot weather needs to avoid getting overly hot so that it doesn’t become a safety risk if touched. Ideally, it shouldn’t expand much, if at all, when it gets hot, and it should also be unaffected by the frequent summer showers that occur.

These three factors are rare in a single material, but we have one that fits the bill perfectly. While you could technically use any material to create a fence, some will do better than others in hot weather, particularly if it lasts for multiple months.

Vinyl is a Fantastic Choice

For the hot summers, because of the advantages of vinyl, we would always recommend vinyl as our number one choice as vinyl. Vinyl is a manmade material that is constructed out of plastic, which means that it doesn’t tend to have the downsides of natural materials.

This material is resistant to temperature changes, meaning that it will hardly expand at all during the heat, and won’t contract in the cold. Compared to other materials this is a huge benefit. Expansion can cause gradual stress to be applied to the footing and posts which will eventually cause damage, cracking and even a broken fence.

Vinyl doesn’t conduct heat well at all. Even when it is extremely hot outside the plastic will hardly feel warm to the touch, making it safe for animals and children to play around.

Plus, vinyl is the most water-resistant material that we offer. It ticks all three of the boxes that we have for a fence that thrives during hot summers, and we still haven’t mentioned the fact that it’s cheap, long-lasting, durable and beautiful.

Arguably vinyl is one of the quickest growing types of fencing as more homeowners recognize that it’s the perfect replacement for wood that requires far more maintenance. Plastic requires zero upkeep. Five years from now it’s going to look the same as when it was installed.

Wrought Iron and Chainlink are Acceptable

Wrought iron and chainlink are also acceptable alternatives that deal well with the heat of a hot summers day, but they aren’t quite as accommodating as vinyl to temperature changes. While the metal certainly won’t contract or expand, not measurably at least, the metal does get very hot after hours in the sun.

Touching such a hot fence is unlikely to cause serious damage, but it can be uncomfortable, especially if it’s painted black, which will absorb more of the heat from the sun.

Metal doesn’t normally handle water well, it rusts quickly, and this can cause the fence to deteriorate. However, the coating that we apply to our metal means that it becomes incredibly hardy, handling water similar to vinyl.

Overall, chain link fences and wrought iron fences are a perfect alternative to vinyl, and while they might get a little hot, they won’t expand in the heat and damage any of the footings.

Wood isn’t Ideal

The other common option is wood. We decided to stop offering wood entirely because we believe that it is one of the worst materials for fencing. Wood is obviously a natural product, and this means that it suffers from the common issues that plague natural goods.

Wood expands and contracts much more than we would like, which causes pressure on the footings and posts, which will eventually crack, letting water in and causing further issues.

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