The Average Cost of Fence Installation

Fence Installation Price

Installing a fence on your property is no easy undertaking for one person. To complete the task correctly and at minimal cost, it requires extensive planning and construction knowledge. While many homeowners attempt to install their fence independently, it’s a challenging home improvement project that typically calls for an experienced contractor’s assistance.

When building your own fence, it’s easy to overlook exact measurements and other essential fence installation elements that a contractor would otherwise catch. You might focus too much on the fence styles you want and forget an important step that can break your budget. To avoid any unforeseen expenses along the way, find an experienced fencing company to help plan and build your property’s new, beautiful outdoor barrier. With help from the right fencing company, installation is easy and affordable.

The Benefits of Building a Fence

Whether it’s an extensive amount of acreage or a puny little plot, every property can reap the benefits of a fence. As the first thing guests and passersby see, an attractive fence adds immense value to a home’s curb appeal.

On top of the added curb appeal, your home’s fence acts as a barrier, protecting the property from outside intruders and blowing debris during inclement weather. Well-erected fences also act as a barrier between your home’s beautiful landscaping and lurking pests like rabbits, raccoons, or deer. Fences are also an excellent investment for families with curious children and pets looking for an additional layer of protection.

Family Friendly Fences

There is a wide range of fence styles for families who want to add another protective element to their property. Fences are a fantastic solution to keep wandering kids, pets, or both, within the confines of the property line. Some popular fencing materials for families include:

  • Vinyl
    • Picket
    • Privacy
  • Chain link
  • Wrought iron
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Mesh

Specific fence types are better suited for certain functions and aesthetics. For example, a vinyl privacy fence is perfect to block the view of neighboring properties, while a moveable mesh fence is ideal for families to put around pools to stop teetering toddlers (or clumsy adults) from falling in and drowning.

Fencing Installation Costs: The Breakdown

After understanding all the fantastic benefits of installing a fence on your property, it’s time to call a contractor to get started on the job. The first question that crosses any homeowner’s mind is, what is the cost? It’s easy to assume that materials are the highest cost in the fence construction process. However, there are a lot of other key considerations that impact the final pricetag of a fence installation. Before building a fence, factor in the following:

  • Fence materials
  • Linear footage and height required for the new fence
  • Removal of old fencing
  • Gates and other hardware installation

Your new fence’s exact pricing depends on the different features you desire and the size of the structure itself. Obviously, a longer fence on a large property will have a much higher cost than a simple addition on an acre or less. According to Angie’s List, depending on the material type and length, a homeowner can expect to spend anywhere from $1,500 on the low end to as much as $8,000 on trendy and expensive fence styles. As stated, there are a variety of expenses that factor into the final cost of fence installation.

Different fence materials often have varying costs as well. A simple, short piece of chain link fence will cost much less than an entire expanse of attractive wrought iron fencing. On average, homeowners might pay anywhere between $10-75 per linear foot of fence depending on the material. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of the differing costs of various fence styles:

  • Vinyl: $2,000-5000
  • Chain link: $1,100-2,800
  • Wrought iron: $1,200-8,000
  • Steel: $2,000-5,500
  • Wood: $1,600-4000

Aside from the upfront cost of materials, homeowners have to remember that fence installation isn’t easy – or free. There are other components of building a fence that add to the final price, including:

  • Manual labor ($30-80/hour)
  • Acquiring building permits
  • Marking underground utilities
  • Hauling old fence materials away
  • Excavation and dirt removal
  • Gates, hardware, and other decorative elements

Excavating, digging, and clearing out the area of installation all requires manual labor. You might need to call a private company to mark utilities and haul away old materials. There is no clear-cut equation to determine the final price tag of a privacy fence installation. Only an experienced contractor can closely estimate the cost by looking at the property, what’s required of the project, and base the estimate off prior experiences.

Avoiding Hidden Expenses

Fence installation is tedious, time-consuming, and homeowners who try to DIY-it often find themselves in a heap of trouble. Inaccurate measurements of unforeseen underground utility lines can bring your home improvement project to a complete standstill. Avoid hidden expenses and wasted time by working with an experienced contractor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the project, and always work with a company that offers completely transparent and detailed quotes. Homeowners should always be aware of labor costs and other fence installation expenditures that factor into the final price tag.

Finding the Right Fencing Contractor

Now that you’ve decided that your home needs a new fence, you need to find a reliable, experienced fencing contractor. Speak to friends, coworkers, or neighbors to find suggestions for a trustworthy company. Otherwise, you can always utilize online resources like Angie’s List or Yelp to find accurate information and reviews from real people in your area. Always ask for background information, insurance, and industry accreditation (if necessary) before confirming any contractor for your job. Peruse various contractors’ portfolios to find the right fit for your fencing needs.

Installing your own fence can be an expensive headache for any homeowner. Instead of wasting time, and, more importantly, money, on a risky DIY job, contact a professional fencing company for help. Building permits, excavation, and utility marking can all be a burden for one person. Your trusted fencing contractor can have a team of highly trained and qualified fencing professionals put up your fencing in no time. They’re knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of fence installation, so you can continue to avoid any further headaches, and just enjoy your property’s new, appealing, and properly installed fencing instead.

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