A Rundown of the 4 Most Popular Fence Types in 2019

Fencing trends are branching out in 2019! From modern takes on the wooden fence to stylish new wood alternatives, today’s fencing options are as unique as they are practical.

Whether you’re looking for privacy and security or a modern update to a timeless design, a modern fencing trend can be tailored to flatter your home’s aesthetic and landscape.

A few of this year’s trends include:

  • The horizontal fence
  • Ultra modern styles
  • Wood alternatives
  • Wrought iron

Read on to discover which of 2018’s unique and multifunctional trends is right for your home and family.

Horizontal Fence

A contemporary update to the classic white picket fence, the horizontal fence is an option that has evolved with the times.

Sleek and stylish, the horizontal fence can be customized to complement the shape of your yard and maximize the size of your property.

Another advantage of the horizontal fence lies in its ability to offset an uneven foundation, such as property seated on top of a hill or rocky slope.

Overall, a horizontal fence offers maximum privacy with an attractive and modern edge.

Wrought Iron

A timeless design, the wrought iron fence is making a comeback in 2018. Long praised for its versatility and durability, a wrought iron fence offers a neutral yet elegant barrier around your home.

The wrought iron fence is a popular option for families because it can easily safeguard children and pets.

It is also a top contender in terms of security, easily deterring would-be intruders.

When it comes to style, small modifications can customize the wrought iron fence to the aesthetic of your home and landscape.

While black is a popular color selection, there are various options to choose from when personalizing this timeless fence.

If privacy is a primary decision factor in your selection process, you want to explore vinyl and ultra modern options.

Ultra Modern Trends

Ultra modern fencing options come in a variety of styles to suit your home. The ultra-modern fence is multifunctional and serves a purpose beyond basic privacy and design.

Many ultra modern fencing styles incorporate lighting, plants and floral arrangements for added flair and practicality.

Ultra modern options include horizontal fences, sleek aluminum slats, vertical fences, as well as geometric concrete and bamboo.

When it comes to narrowing down the perfect ultra modern fence for your property, it’s helpful to take your landscape and design features into consideration. Many modern fences can be integrated with your home’s aesthetic seamlessly.

A popular method of tying the ultra-modern fence and your home together is to design the fence with the same key features as your front-of-house design, such as stucco detailing.

Wood Alternatives

Following the ultra-modern trend, wood alternatives are gaining popularity as an attractive and durable fencing option.

This year’s wood alternatives trends include vinyl, steel and aluminum designs.

Many homeowners can attest to the tough and weather resistant nature of wood-alternative fencing.

While offering increased privacy, traditional wooden fences can warp over time and succumb to mold and fungus.

Updated, wood-alternative and composite materials are customized to offer the privacy and security of the traditional wooden fence in natural looking and attractive styles.

Wrapping Up

When making your final decision for the fence that will best suit your home in 2018, shop with the following key factors in mind:

Ultra modern styles are available in a wide variety of materials for a contemporary update to any home.

Timeless options like the wrought iron fence offer a secure, elegant barrier around your property.

Wood alternatives are available in a range of materials and style options like never before.

These options can be tailored to suit the needs of your family and lifestyle with the help of a friendly expert.