The Best Fence Options for Your Oddly Shaped Property

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Having a difficult time choosing a metal fencing option for your irregularly shaped yard? Fear not! Many homeowners believe that fencing an uneven, sloped, or curved yard is impossible to correctly achieve.

While fencing an oddly shaped yard can be a challenge, specific and proven strategies are available to address this commonly faced problem.

Finding the strategy to flatter a yard that is too long, too narrow or unevenly shaped will require a little work, including determining the angle and slope of your property.

Once determined, there are a few specific methods available to suit your needs. Hiring a professional contractor to assist with the process is your next step.

Read on to learn how to determine the best method for fencing your irregularly shaped property and about the options available for your home.

Determine the Angle of Your Property

To determine the best method for fencing your irregularly shaped property, you will first need to determine the angle or slope at which your yard is sitting.

When working with uneven terrain, a few different fencing options are available which typically include:

  • Racked fencing (used on sloped property).
  • stepped fencing (used on property sitting on a more dramatic slope).
  • Curved fencing (used for curved property lines).

Racked Fencing

Sometimes referred to as raked fencing, racked fencing is built with the angle of your property in mind.

This means that the rails will remain at virtually the same level parallel to the ground as the fence extends onward, allowing for a secure property that is uniform in appearance.

If the slope of your yard is very steep or fluctuates due to seasonal factors, racked fencing may not be an appropriate option.

Taking proper measurements yourself, or hiring a professional contractor to take measurements of your yard will determine whether racked fencing is a suitable option for your property.

Stepped Fencing

Stepped fencing is best suited for hilly properties and resembles a staircase that conforms to the slopes of your property with increasing height.

Stepped fencing varies from racked fencing in design and appearance.

Where racked fencing utilizes rails that are perpendicular to the ground, stepped fencing will include gaps where the incremental heights (”steps”) extend onward with the length of the fence.

To fill gaps that remain from stepped fencing, using stones or other materials as a filler item for these gaps will safeguard children and pets as well as adding aesthetic appeal.

Plants, flowers and other garden accessories are a flattering and creative option to fill gaps remaining from a stepped fence.

Curved Fencing

A curved fence is best suited to curved property lines, a challenge many homeowners face.

Built to counter these curved property lines, a curved fence is not actually curved but appears that way due to following the curved path it is built upon.

The segment of the fence between each post is always a straight line, regardless of the construction materials used when building a curved fence.

Evaluating Your Property

The appropriate fence for your property is best assessed by a professional contractor, who can determine the angle at which your property sits and measure your property lines.

When evaluating your property, a professional contractor will determine the appropriate fence for your yard by first taking measurements.

After measurements have been taken, the contractor will choose a focal point around which to build your new fence to ensure that it provides the most symmetrical appearance possible.

At each step of this planning phase, your contractor will communicate plans for your property with you directly and clearly explain any work that is to be completed before acting.


The added steps necessary to build a fence around your sloped or hilly property may seem overwhelming, but fencing your home is a worthwhile and rewarding investment that will pay off in the long run.

A new stepped, racked, or curved fence around your property will provide maximum privacy for your family while adding a more symmetrical appearance to your yard.

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