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Neighbor-Friendly Fences

A neighbor-friendly fence, often referred to as a “Good Neighbor Fence,” is really just a term used to describe a fence that divides your property from your neighbor’s property. A friendly neighbor fence also typically looks the same on both sides, instead of the common practice where planks of a privacy fence may be exposed. With neighbor-friendly fences, the cost of construction and maintenance is typically divided between neighbors, as it sits on the property line.

Neighbor-friendly fences often provide privacy, as well as a clear distinction between property. If you are considering getting a neighbor-friendly fence on your property it is important to first check your local laws and HOA statutes, to ensure that you are meeting all necessary regulations.

Vinyl Neighbor-Friendly Fence

When it comes to installing a neighbor-friendly fence that has an emphasis on privacy, we recommend a vinyl privacy fence. This is a beautiful, tall style of fencing, typically at least 6 feet in height.

This style of the fence looks great and comes in several different colors, including tan, two-toned, and white. If you can see into your neighbor’s windows from your property, a privacy fence is a great way to put an end to that. A vinyl privacy fence also ensures that your kids and pets do not end up in your neighbor’s yard or vice versa.

If you and your neighbor are less interested in distinct privacy and would like to be able to have a conversation over the backyard fence, we also offer a vinyl picket fence. This still offers a clear distinction between the two pieces of property, and typically keeps children, pets, and other creatures on their proper side of the fence while still allowing you to see onto your neighbor’s property, and interact with them from the back yard.

Whether you decide to go with a vinyl privacy fence or a vinyl picket fence, vinyl is a great-looking, extremely durable material to use. Vinyl offers a nice, clean look and a similar aesthetic to wood, without the downside of wood, like rot and constant maintenance.

Vinyl fences from Northland Fence have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, along with a guarantee of 10 years on labor.

Metal Neighbor-Friendly Fence

A metal neighbor-friendly fence is also an option. We use galvanized ornamental steel for all of our metal fencing. Metal fencing of this kind lasts well and holds up against the outdoor elements it faces, like rain and snow, without rusting. Many people choose our galvanized ornamental steel for its aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as its strength and durability.

Metal fences make a great neighbor-friendly fence because they give you the height of a vinyl privacy fence without the strict isolation of an opaque material. It would be nearly impossible for a child or pet to escape to the opposite side of the fence, but the bars make it easy to see onto the other property and interact with the people there, while still creating a strong distinction between the two yards.

In addition to a galvanized ornamental steel fence, we also offer a galvanized chain-link fence, which is a great, cost-effective option. It clearly marks the property line and keeps both children and pets on their side of the fence, while still allowing you to see on to the other side of the fence.

Metal fences from Northland Fence have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, along with a guarantee of 10 years of our labor.

Wooden Neighbor Friendly Fence

Here at Northland Fence we generally recommend against wooden (usually cedar) fences. We have found that wood does not hold up well against Minnesota winters. Wood products do not maintain their quality and give in quickly to rot, crack, expand and get heavy due to water damage. We want the best quality fencing that the industry has to offer for your family.

A wooden or cedar fence comes in both privacy and picket fence styles with the same attendant benefits as above. They are much cheaper than other fence materials, which is why some people will go with this option, but they invariably end up costing the owner more in terms of headaches and money due to regular repair and replacement costs.

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What is a friendly fence?

A friendly fence is a fence that looks the same on both sides and divides your property from your neighbor’s property. These fences are typically tall privacy fences, though you could choose to do a traditional picket fence. When it comes to friendly fences neighbors often, although not always, divide the cost and maintenance of the fence because it sits on the property line.

How do I build a good neighbor’s privacy fence?

If you hire Northland Fence you don’t need to worry about building a good neighbor privacy fence– we’ll do it for you! At Northland Fence we never outsource or subcontract our labor. You’ll be working with Northland Fence employees from start to finish. Even after your fence is completed, we offer a lifetime guarantee, including 10 years on our labor for repairs.

What is a good neighbor fence called?

A good neighbor fence is often called a friendly neighbor fence or a friendly fence. The type of fence typically being referred to as a privacy fence that is put in between your yard and your neighbor’s. A privacy fence is a tall fence, usually 6 feet or higher. Here at Northland Fence we offer privacy fences made out of vinyl and galvanized ornamental steel. We also offer a picket-style vinyl fence and both residential and industrial style chain link fences.


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