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Fence Planning Online

When you’re considering installing a new fence for your home, a lot of planning is involved in order to implement a high-functioning, durable fence. Northland Fence offers a virtual fence planning tool to make it simple and straightforward to create an initial plan. This innovative online resource gives both you and your fencing contractor a better understanding of the ultimate style, structure, and functionalities you desire.

Follow this informative guide for using the online fence builder before contacting Northland Fence to start the fence installation process on your property:

1. Find Your Property

When using a virtual design tool to plan your new fence, the first step is finding your property on the online map. Just like in Google Maps or other GPS-based apps or websites, you must implement your home address into the empty field so that the service can search for your location and land precisely on your property.

Use the arrow tools, zoom features, or click and drag to move the map around and position your property in the correct location. Once you have the area where you want to install a fence centered on the online fence planning tool, it’s time to start outlining your new fence design.

2. Place Fences and Gates

Now that you’ve nailed down the exact location of your home on the map, it’s time to hone in on the actual placement of your fence. With your computer’s mouse or trackpad, mark your fence’s approximate location and length as desired, including single or double gates.

Fences act as a barrier, fortifying your property against the elements or potential intruders. Although fences are an excellent way to keep things either inside or outside your property line, they put a limit on the amount of access you will have to various areas of your property. Many homeowners choose to install fences with gates in a few high-traffic locations, often near areas including:

  • Driveway entrances
  • Pools and spas
  • Paths and walkways
  • Mailboxes
  • Gardens
  • Sheds
  • Detached garages
  • Pastures or wooded regions of large properties

The online fence planning tool at Northland Fence allows you to see the potential locations to place gates and assess existing slopes or vegetation. It’s essential to keep in mind that the virtual map isn’t perfect. An experienced fencing contractor will evaluate your property in person and implement a practical installation plan that works well with the landscape.

3. Determine Your Fencing Design

Once you have an approximate idea of your new fencing installation location, including gates, you can move on to the more exciting part of this process. The next page of Northland Fence’s online fence planning tool takes you through the various fencing styles and aesthetic options available, making it easy to sort through our selection and find a fence that fits your home’s current style. Let’s look through the different choices so you can be better prepared upon initial consultation with one of our highly skilled fence installation specialists:

Fencing Type

The three primary materials used in the most popular fencing styles for residential properties include:

  • Ornamental wrought iron
  • Chain link
  • Vinyl

Fence Style

After settling on a type of fence for your home, you have to select a specific style and material of choice. Here’s what we carry at Northland Fence:

  • Chain link
  • Privacy vinyl
  • Picket vinyl
  • 3-rail ornamental iron

Fence Color

Now that you know the fencing type and style you like, the next step is to select a color. Choose from a range of fencing colors to complement your home’s siding or some existing landscaping:

  • Black chain link
  • Galvanized chain link
  • Arctic blend
  • White
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Dark brown
  • Two-tone

4. Choose an Optimal Fence Height

After picking out the perfect fencing style, type, and color, the last step before installation requires finding the right height for your fence. Northland Fence offers high-quality fencing products that range from four to six feet tall. The right fence height will depend on the purpose or function of your fencing structure.

Vinyl and chain link fences are the ones found most commonly in residential neighborhoods. Front lawn fencing is usually the shortest option at four feet in height. Vinyl privacy fences are typically taller, measuring at six feet, so you can effectively block someone’s view of your pool, backyard, or other sensitive areas.

Five-foot fencing options are a valuable tool for indicating property lines or blocking off bodies of water and wooded areas in your backyard. Work with your fencing contractor to determine the optimal height for your new fence, depending on your desired look, location, and function.

5. Get an Estimate

Making the correct selection in style, color, and type of fence when using the online fence planning program allows us to provide a fast, accurate fencing installation quote. Once you complete all the necessary selections, the software will estimate your project’s ultimate cost.

You will receive a range in pricing, making it simple to see if your desired fence style falls within your current budget. Contact Northland Fence for more information and a solidified quote after your first consultation with a fencing contractor. Once we understand your needs and assess your property, we can begin a fast, affordable fencing installation that fits in your budget just fine.

Explore Fencing Options at Northland Fence

Many homeowners consider completing a majority of home improvement projects all by themselves, but fence installation is far from a DIY job. It’s essential to evaluate the slope of your landscape, existing vegetation, soil quality, erosion risks, and other factors before ever even installing the first fence post.

Work with a knowledgeable fencing contractor like Northland Fence to explore the array of options available on the market. Then, the team of fencing installation experts will implement your design, delivering a durable, long-lasting fencing structure that maintains both beauty and functionality for years to come. Contact Northland Fence now or go online to use our innovative online fence planning tool today.

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