How Fencing Can Add to Property Value

Adding Value With Fencing

You’ve likely heard the expression “good fences make good neighbors,” and if you have kids, pets, or a pool, you probably appreciate the benefits of a beautiful fence. Fences are a fundamental part of a safe, functional home. There are many styles to select that can keep your furry friends and kids safe inside while keeping any nosy neighbors, or intruders, outside. That’s why you should put installing a fence on the top of your to-do list. Read on to learn how adding a fence to your home can increase the property value.

How Does a Fence Add Value to a Property?

There are several ways that a fence can boost your home’s value.

A Fence Can Bolster Curb Appeal

Any prospective buyer should look at your house and be wowed. The best way to ensure this happens is by increasing curb appeal. The good news is that a new fence adds immediate curb appeal.

A brand new vinyl privacy fence is a family-friendly fence for new homeowners. The beauty of an ornamental flat-top wrought iron fence cannot be denied. When you think of the added value to your property and the attractiveness of a new fence, you’ll see it’s a win-win.

Everyone Deserves to Feel Secure

There is value in visible security in the form of a fence around a home. You and yours stay inside, and others stay out. A prospective homeowner would want to know that they will be safe living there.

A sturdy fence brings a strong sense of security, and a new fence doesn’t just look beautiful, but it also looks safer. Plus, a privacy fence is a must for your pool. Selecting the perfect fence for your pool is easy. Investing in a new fence can only add value and security for years to come.

One Less to-Do For A Homebuyer

When you consider making an offer on a home, the last thing you need is extra chores on your to-do list. A long list of repairs will discourage buyers, especially if there are other similar homes for sale in your area.

If you do not have a safe, attractive fence, think of investing and installing a secure one before putting your home on the market. Perhaps, there is a rotten, old fence in your yard? Replacing it with a shiny, new fence is always a good idea. No one likes dealing with rotten, cracked, or peeling wood.

You want the buyer to see your home and imagine its potential, and not the cost of repairing or installing the fence.

Privacy is Always a Bonus

Privacy is indispensable for many people. They do not want to see their neighbors nor do not want their neighbors to see them relaxing in the yard or the pool.

A new privacy fence means that anyone walking by your fence won’t be able to see what you are doing in your backyard, increasing your feeling of privacy. It also reduces noise pollution and acts as a wind barrier.

A potential buyer will appreciate the added privacy.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Popular Fence Styles

There are several trendy fence styles to choose from:

  • Vinyl
  • Wrought iron
  • Chain link

Privacy fences are a typical choice and a more practical look and feel. They are a staple when it comes to increasing the value of your home in a tight market. If you have a backyard surrounded by a privacy fence, your property will be more tempting to curious buyers.

The more in-vogue fences tend to fit with the front of the property. This type of fence will allow for an unobstructed view of the yard while adding a bit of a decorative touch, like ornamental spear top fences. You wouldn’t count this variety of fence for security, but for the bold visual appeal and to mark the lines of your lawn.

Chain link fences aren’t always known for their trendy appearance, but a black chain link fence looks stylish in any yard. Chain link fences are the symbol of American neighborhoods because they are economical and can be easily installed. Remember that if your dog likes to jump or your kids want to climb, these fences can be easily scaled.

Location of The Fence

Putting up an ornamental fence throughout your front yard may add charm. However, putting up a large privacy fence in the front of your property may detract from curb appeal.

On the contrary, a privacy fence for the backyard offers security and privacy. The location you decide for your fence will influence whether the fence adds value to your property.

Your Fencing Solution

If you would like to boost your property value, the simplest way to do it is with the right local fencing experts. Skilled fencing professionals can help determine your needs and the best course of action for your property and budget. A beautiful fence will add value, security, and beauty to your home. Contact Northland Fence, an experienced local fencing company, for a fast quote, to recieve a fencing solution that works for you in no time.


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