Privacy Fence on Top of a Brick Wall

One common question that many fence-owners-to-be have is whether a privacy fence can be put on top of a brick wall. The short answer is yes, a privacy fence can be put on top of a brick wall.

The great news about this is there is no need to tear down your wall or feel the need to choose between a fence and a wall. You can have the best of both worlds! Plus, a privacy fence on top of a brick wall will add an extra layer of security and peace of mind to your property. It increases the height of the border protection and sends the message that you are not to be messed with.

However, just like any regular fencing decision, there is quite a bit to consider when looking at putting a privacy fence on top of your brick wall. Material, height, and installation prices are just to name a few.

Northland Fence has lots of ideas and advice for your privacy fence on top of a brick wall. Keep scrolling to find the one that is best for you!

What Type of Fences Can You Put on Top of a Brick Wall?

You can put almost any type of fence you want on top of a brick wall. Because brick walls are very sturdy, there is very little concern over whether or not your retaining wall will be able to handle the material of the fence that you want to put on top of it.

That being the case, just like regular fencing, some fencing material can provide better for certain needs than others. It’s still important to consider all the options available to you before making a final decision on the privacy fence to put on top of your brick wall.

Vinyl Fence on Top of Brick

When the term privacy fence comes up in conversation, a vinyl fence is the image most people see. But not many people know that you can put a vinyl privacy fence on top of a brick wall.

Vinyl fences are the best option for those looking for not only physical protection, but visual privacy as well. The most common type of vinyl fencing, split rail, puts slats between the fence posts leaving no gaps for peeking eyes.

The other popular advantages to vinyl fencing, especially on a brick wall, is the aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. Especially when installing a privacy fence at a height that can be hard to reach, it can be a hassle to try and consistently reach it for maintenance needs. Low maintenance erases this long-term struggle.

Wrought-Iron Fence on Top of Brick

Another popular option for privacy fences on top of brick walls is a wrought iron fence. Some people may shy away from this option for the fear that it will look like a prison, but that is actually not the case.

A wrought iron fence can be aesthetically pleasing, ornamental and sometimes customized to your need, avoiding the prison look. This type of fencing is great to place on top of a brick wall because on its own it doesn’t give you much visual privacy. But it is a great option to enhance the protection of your property.

Wrought iron fencing continues to be a great option for the top of brick walls because of the low maintenance it needs. It can add some protection from intruders and from pets trying to escape by adding some height to the wall without making your home look like a fortress.

Chain-Link Fence on Top of Brick

Chain-link fences are oftentimes overlooked because of their industrial aesthetic. People view chain link fences as simple and functional for keeping wanted things in and unwanted things out. But they offer so much more as a fencing material, especially when placed on top of a brick wall. Black chain link, in particular, could be a good fit.

There are so many advantages to installing a chain link fence on top of a brick wall. Not only does it add height, but the height can help to avoid pinching little fingers or accidentally stabbing some fur with a loose wire.

However, if your chain link fence does not come galvanized or with a protective coating, it can be very susceptible to rust and difficult to maintain aesthetically over a long period of time. Especially when putting it on a brick wall, you want to make sure that it is looking nice and doing its protective job as best it can.

The Dos and Don’t of Installing a Privacy Fence on Top of a Brick Wall

Many people choose to install a privacy fence on top of a brick wall by themselves. After all, it oftentimes isn’t a huge project that spans the yard, and the materials are easier to manage as they are smaller.

Getting a fence installed by a professional is always a smart choice for ease and peace of mind that it was done right. Northland Fence is Minnesota’s best-reviewed fencing company proven by our hundreds of 5-star Google reviews. We put customer satisfaction first and ensure that you are happy with the quality of the final product before we leave. Call us at (763) 316-4881 today for more information and a free quote!

If you choose to do it yourself, there are some important dos and don’ts that you should know when installing your fence on the wall.


Precise measurements at least twice before installing. Fencing is all about precision. If you install the posts without ensuring they are in the right spot, you may lead to not having enough room for panels between them. Measure both the area and the post positions at least twice before installing them.

Double check you have all the parts. Once you have begun to install your fence, it can become difficult if you realize you do not have all the parts. Make sure that you have everything you need (parts, tools, etc.) before beginning the installation process.


Shop without care. The material of a fence is the most important part. It ensures protection, aesthetics, and all the other attributes of your fence as well. Make sure to shop with care when deciding what kind of fence to build. For guidance or to answer any questions about Northland Fence’s professional-grade fence materials, contact us today.

Drill holes into the wall. Some fences that are put on top of brick walls can be secured without needing to drill holes into it. This is especially important for those living in a condo or other rented or communal building where rules may forbid this. You can still gain your privacy and protection without violating the regulations of your living area.

Benefits of Adding a Privacy Fence on Top of a Brick Wall

There are quite a few benefits of adding a privacy fence on top of a brick wall. While for some people a brick wall may be enough, a privacy fence not only gives you more physical and visual privacy, but it can help to keep in the adventurous kids and pets and keep out the adventurous trespassers and intruders.

More height means more protection. While a wall can generally be quite tall, for most residential buildings they are only retaining walls and can easily be jumped over. Adding a privacy fence on top of the brick wall expands the height of the wall and therefore makes it harder to cross the boundary. This gives you more protection both inside and out, as well as more visual privacy from prying eyes.

Enhances curb appeal and aesthetic view. A fence on top of a brick wall can enhance the curb appeal of your home. Not only does it show that security is something you value, but it also adds a pleasurable aesthetic to your home as well. If it comes time to sell, a fence on the brick wall can increase the value of your home slightly.

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FAQs About Privacy Fence on Top of Brick Wall

How high can a privacy fence go on top of a brick wall?

On average, a privacy fence can be as high as needed on top of the brick wall as long as the whole structure does not exceed 6 feet 6 inches. This restriction could change if you are enclosing a commercial building or school for protection purposes. If you are unsure about the maximum legal height in your area, consult your local building committee for guidance.

Does adding a privacy fence on top of a brick wall add extra security?

Yes! Adding a privacy fence on top of a brick wall does add extra security. Not only does it deter thieves or other intruders from attempting to hop and climb over your wall, but it also sends the signal that there may be more security inside. Thieves and the like are more likely to go after a house with minimum security, not one with a top fence and a wall.


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