5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Fence and Make the Neighbors Jealous


The fences that we install are beautiful, but if you want to go the extra yard and add some extra personalization or glitz to your fence to make your neighbors jealous, there are a few things you can do.

Clear Along the Fence Line

The first step is to clear along the entire fence line to remove any garbage, dirt or dead plants. Many homeowners plant beds of plants alongside the fence line, and if you don’t care for this bed, it can quickly become a detraction rather than a beautifier.

If you are sick of whatever you currently have planted or located along the fence line, rip it all out and create neat and clean soil that you can start from again. If you are going to have anything along the fence line then it needs to be orderly, which means creating a border, typically using wood or stones.

This border keeps your soil from spilling over and creates a clean line along the fence line which looks professional and natural.

Clean the Dirt and Debris Off

With the line clear it is time to turn our attention to the fence itself. You might be surprised at just how dirty your fence can get throughout the year. Fortunately, cleaning it shouldn’t take long.

We would recommend using a power washer if possible. These powerful machines will spray water at an incredibly high velocity, plenty strong enough to wash away any dirt or debris from the fence.

If there is any stubborn dirt or stains, you might need to grab some soapy water and a sponge to put some elbow grease into the crevices. Once you have finished this, you should rinse the fence again with water to remove any excess suds.

Fix Any Damage or Roughness

Now that you can see the fence without any dirt on it you’ll be able to see any damage or roughness on the fencing itself more easily. If you are using our vinyl fences, then it’s extremely unlikely there will be damage, but with metal, you might find rust or scratched paint after a few years.

These can be handled easily, but they do require a little time. If you spot any rust, you should grab some protective gloves, a mask, and a metal scrubber. Removing all of the rust is essential, even if it means accidentally removing some of the surrounding paint.

Once you have finished, you need to wash the area thoroughly and then let it dry. Once it is completely dry, you can apply a protective layer and then a fresh coat of paint.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Likely the biggest difference that you can make to the appearance of your fence is to add a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, with metal fence maintenance, metal fences that are designed to battle the elements aren’t easy to paint.

If the current layer is particularly old or ragged, you might decide to remove it first, which will allow for a better finish but will require many hours of hard work.

Either way, once you have a clean surface to work with you should start with a metal primer which allows you to create a durable and lasting finish. The primer gives the paint a superior surface to adhere to, preventing it from chipping and peeling as easily.

To apply the primer, you should paint consistently in short and delicate strokes to prevent pooling or excessive coverage in certain areas. The primer will often take a day to dry which is why you should only do this on days when you know that it won’t rain.

After the primer has dried, you can paint the fence with any quality metal paint. Let the paint dry and then apply a sealant which will keep the paint looking fantastic and can help to prevent it from becoming damaged. Most sealants are available as a spray which makes this final step far quicker than the previous.

Plant New Greenery Along the Line

Another option that you might consider is to plant some new greenery along your fence line, especially if you have removed old plants and cleaned up the beds. Rather than adding too many flowers and plants, consider spacing out a few large evergreen bushes which can be more easily cared for and which add a classic look to the newly perfected fence.

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