Tools For Fence Building

Tools For Fence Building

You have dreamed of having the perfect fence for years, and you love to DIY everything in your life. And when it comes to that ideal fence, you think it is no different. You made that swingset in your backyard with a hammer, wood, chains, and nails – how hard can building your dream fence be? You might believe that you can get by with the same set of tools it took to build that swing set. However, depending on the type of fence you want to build, the tools for fence building can vary, and it isn’t always that easy.

There can be several requirements for building your fence. In Minneapolis, permits are required for fences more than 7 feet tall, but other areas might have different rules. You must know what your area requires before building your fence. You might also run into a situation at your local hardware store where they have a low stock of the supplies you need for your fence. At Northland Fence, we always have supplies in stock and never have hidden fees for our installations. You will never have to worry about having an unfinished fence because supplies ran out. However, if you do want to build your fence, there are some tools that you will need before you start your project. Today, we are going to discuss them.

Tools for Fence Building

When it comes to building your fence, it is essential to understand what type of fence you are planning to install. Vinyl fence installation looks different than ornamental fence installation. Fence building also requires several tools to ensure that you build it correctly. These tools can include measuring tapes or measuring wheels that give you precise measurements and spray paint or garden stakes to mark those measurements.

Essential Tools for Building a Fence in Minnesota

There are some tools that every fence installation will need. These can include wire cutters for chain link fence installation and a crimping tool or a chainsaw if you need to cut or trim braces and posts. People may also need a post-hole digger or a shovel to dig holes to the proper depth so they don’t fall over in Minnesota winters. A tool like a post-pounder can make it easier to drive posts into the ground. It is also essential to have ready-mix concrete, which is used to anchor your posts into the ground. In Minnesota, it is the law to call 811 before you dig post holes to avoid any buried utility lines.

Types of Hand Tools for Fence Construction

There can be a range of tools necessary for building a fence regarding hand tools. For example, people will need spades to excavate holes, chop roots, and mix concrete. Others might use trenching spades to do the same because they are longer and more slender, allowing better access to penetrating hard ground like that found in Minnesota. String lines and spirit levels can make sure that your fence is straight. You might also need particular hammers, such as a claw hammer or a sledgehammer. Buckets and wheelbarrows are great for holding and transporting dirt, cement, and other supplies. Ratcheting wrenches make it easy to fasten hardware from multiple angles.

Power Tools for Building Fences

There are also several power tools that you can use for your fencing project. Augers help dig holes and keep the hole size symmetrical. They can be expensive if you buy them, which is why many people rent them or hire someone to use them. Different drills like power drills and cordless drills are also helpful when it comes to building a fence. It is also essential to have a cement mixer, especially in Minnesota, as cement can keep your fence post from falling over in the harsh winters.

Fence Building Tools Kit Equipment

Specialty Tools for Fence Installation

Some specialty tools are necessary for building a fence. Stretch bars are one of the crucial tools if you are building a chain link fence. If you don’t use a stretch bar, the chain will sag, creating dips and making it difficult to keep the fence aligned. Likewise, a Puljak set will allow you to stretch the chain link easily. Fence-tensioning claws help secure chain links to posts. Fencing pliers and hog ring pliers are both great for cutting and bending wire, but they can also pull out staples and remove nails.

Do It Yourself Fence Building Tools

Building your fence alone can be a massive project that takes time and effort. There are several tools that you need to accomplish this task. Installing your fence yourself can also require a ton of fence maintenance in the long term. However, if you do want to build your fence yourself, there are some tools that you can use. One of those tools is a post-hole auger that ensures your post holes are at the same depths and widths. Circular saws allow you to be able to make precise cuts and trimmings. A chainsaw can be used for larger projects to complete the job quicker. Heavy-duty protective gloves will keep you safe during the construction of your fence. Some other tools needed in your toolbox include screwdrivers, a level, claw hammers, and wire cutters. If you install vinyl alone, you need a vinyl notching tool and a vinyl rail remover.

Essential Fencing Construction Tools

Choosing the Right Tools to Build a Fence Yourself

That perfect privacy fence installation can be a lot of work. The installation process can require various tools that add to the total cost of your project. Different tools work well for different projects, and some can be more difficult to get your hands on. For example, a vinyl notching tool is used for installing vinyl, while a stretcher bar works for chain link fences. Having a fencing company help you through the process of determining which tools are best for your specific project can make it easier to get organized. Having a fencing company do the project for you can take the worry of getting it right the first time off your shoulders.

In Ramsey, MN, Northland Fence provides high-quality fences with the best customer service. We are a local, family-owned business with all of our employees in-house and paid year-round. We don’t hire any independent contractors. All of our employees receive the same training in the same way. For more information or to get started on your dream fence today, call us at 763-316-4881.

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What do you use to build a wooden fence?

If you are going to build a wooden fence, understand that it requires a lot of maintenance in the long term. You will also need fence posts, fence pickets, cement, post-hole diggers, fence screws, rail brackets, stakes, a tape measure, and fence rails.

What tools are required to build a fence?

There are several tools that someone might use to build a fence. These include saws, hammers, post-hole diggers, spades, tape measures, string, cement, stretcher bars, and wire cutters.


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