Which Fences Work Best for Owners with a Green Thumb


If you plan to plant a garden or other growing plants, a fence is necessary to cordon off the area you plan to till and keep nosey animals away. Different fences can have different benefits for owners with a green thumb, such as the open-air benefits of a chain link fence, the better enclosure created at ground level by a vinyl fence, or the ability of ornamental fences to repel pesky neighbors or creatures that may trample your most important plants unknowingly.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are interwoven links of galvanized steel that leave wide diamond openings between each link. Most plants benefit from open air and good ventilation, so surrounding a garden with chain link can make watering and oxygenating your plants easier. This can promote plant growth, and allow you to reach your own plants with hoses or watering devices more easily.

Chain link fencing is also used for another unique function in gardening; supporting a plant’s stalk. Certain plants grow upwards along supports such as fence posts or open fencings like chain link, such as honeysuckle or wisteria. For vine-like plants, a fence with openings they can wrap around can help promote growth and support the main plant’s stalk as it enlarges.

Ornament Fences Provide Extra Function

Ornamental fences can also act as metal supports for vines and other growing plants, and the space between the bars allows for proper aeration. One feature is the heat retention of the steel in summer, which can cause some vines to wilt, while it serves as a boon for others. If you are more worried about people or larger animals trampling your plants, ornamental fences are a superior option to keep them out.

The height of the fence can be adjusted to meet your needs, allowing you to make them tall enough to keep out any intruder. The spacing of the bars is also more adjustable with ornamental fences, allowing you to plan for your local wildlife. If you have problems with neighborhood children or small animals slipping into your garden, reducing the spacing of the bars can keep them away from berry bushes or other plants in your garden they may find enticing.

Using Vinyl to Keep Others Out

Vinyl fences are the hands-down favorite concerning privacy and protection for your garden. Even well laid ornamental fences may have trouble keeping out small rodents and animals who can squeeze through the bars, but with vinyl, any creature at ground level is out of options. Unless you’re dealing with pesky birds or tunnel digging rodents, you shouldn’t have to deal with intruders behind your fence.

Vinyl also comes in various forms, including picket fencing. This means you can choose a fence with open spacing between the bars if you wish for additional airflow, instead of the blanket enclosure a normal vinyl fence offers. And the best part about not only vinyl but all of the different materials we’ve listed here is their ability to resist water and artificial weathering caused by your local climate and any hand watering or sprinkler systems you may use.

One option not to choose for fences around your garden or greenery is wood. Chances are you’ll be splashing your fencing with fertilizer and water if they are close to your plants. Wood  tends to warp or rot from exposure to moisture, so the same things that promote growth in your plants could damage your fence and shorten its lifespan.

In Short

  • Chain link is great for those looking to grow honeysuckle or other plants that grow in vines.
  • Ornamental fences are an ideal choice for those worried about their fellow humans trampling across freshly fertilized soil or growing plants.
  • Vinyl is the best option for keeping out mice, rodents, and creatures who can slip through the holes and bars of other fences.

Owners looking for a green thumb should consider investing in a fence to keep out animals and people who might trample on their plants. Vinyl can offer a complete enclosure out of sight from neighbors and animals. Picket fences made of vinyl, ornamental fences, and chain link fences meanwhile all offer open-air solutions to keep large animals like pets or deer away from your garden. They can even support vines or other plants, helping to make your garden even greener.

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