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Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence

Many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the overall charm of their property. One of the most popular ways to add some alluring curb appeal is with fencing.

There are a ton of different fencing options out there.

  • Wooden fences provide an ok solution but there are a ton of downsides such as warping, pest damage, discoloration, and rotting.
  • Chain link fences offer great protection but might not have the aesthetic you are looking for.
  • Vinyl fencing is a great solution — offering security, durability, and a great look, a perfect alternative to the pitfalls of wooden fencing

Last but not least we have ornamental style fencing. This is a classic style, dating back centuries. You can see this type of fencing at classic locations like the Buckingham Palace or even The White House.

What Makes Ornamental Special

Well, it’s not just ornamental. What do we mean? Well, ornamental entails a purely aesthetic function — but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to this style of fencing.

From the beginning, this style was constructed out of wrought iron — a pretty durable but expensive option. Over the years, many have adopted this style and made it their own with alternative materials. We personally forge our fencing out of galvanized steel — a stronger and less expensive option, saving our customers money while providing incredible value.

This gives your home a luxurious and regal feel, something that will help your property stand out.

Where You Can Utilize Wrought Iron Fencing

Regardless if you’re a home or business property owner, there are a ton of applications for wrought iron style fencing. While this style doesn’t work with every property, when it does it’s an elegant fencing solution that looks great and lasts.

You can use this fencing type for your:

  • Garden
  • Yard
  • Pool
  • Parking lot
  • Walkways

Really, the applications are nearly endless. This timeless style isn’t going anywhere, and its extreme strength and durability make it an easy choice for many property owners.
Benefits of Ornamental Style Fencing

As we’ve mentioned, ornamental style fencing serves more than just a glam appeal. There are some genuine benefits that make this style a better option compared to the other types of fencing out there.


The first benefit probably comes as no surprise. There really isn’t a stronger, more durable, longer lasting, or protective option than wrought iron style fencing. Especially with our galvanized steel spin on it.

Wrought iron style fencing has thick and tough barring, meaning that it creates a safe and secure enclosure wherever you need it. The other metal style alternatives like chain link or aluminum are not nearly as tough as galvanized steel.

Not only will this deter intruders — but it also keeps unwanted stragglers in. Small children or pets are explorers. Luckily, the thin spacing between the bars makes it difficult or even impossible for these voyagers to wander beyond your enclosure. These fences can even be installed far above head height, adding more protection and enclosure potential.

Worry-Free Installation

One of the best parts about wrought iron fencing is the ease of installation. Gone are the days of digging up your yard or waiting for specific seasons to roll around for an install. We utilize a driven post method, where we use our Rhino Post Pounder to drive steel posts deeper…and quicker — saving you time and money.

Adds Value To Your Property

Wrought iron fencing doesn’t just add premium security and enclosure value, it also provides the best curb appeal possible. It adds that “wow” factor and provides a sense of elegance that many other fencing styles simply cannot offer.

Little Maintenence

While the up-front cost of wrought iron fencing can be a bit more costly than your alternatives, it’s an investment. What do we mean? Well, you’re not going to have to maintain this style very often, or with much money.

Its durable stature ensures that it will hold up against the elements. The only real upkeep you’ll have to endure is some wire brush scrubbing, the occasional rinse, and possibly a new coat of paint if necessary.


As we mentioned, traditional wrought iron fencing is extremely durable — but will eventually rust over time. We use the highest-quality powder-coated galvanized steel to construct our ornamental fencing. This material is damn tough and rust resistant. It’s also a great option for the messy Minnesota weather and able to withstand harsh elements.

It’s also going to hold up against everyday life. Children playing, first-time drivers backing out of the driveway…you name it.

Ornamental Fencing Styles

There are a handful of different ornamental fence styles out there. Depending on what you’re trying to enclose, the style you land on may differ.

Here at Northland Fence, we have two unique styles.

Ornamental Flat Top & Ornamental Spear Top

Both of these styles serve virtually the same purpose and deciding between the two should be based on your home or property’s architecture, overall landscape, and general preference.

If you’re looking for one that is more difficult for your youngsters to climb, the spear top option is probably your best bet.

Your Best Option

If you’re looking for an elegant and functional fencing solution — ornamental fencing is your best option. Low maintenance, long lasting, and absosolutely gorgeous — your ornamental fencing solution can become a reality.

If you’re looking for an ornamental fence, contact us! We would love to help give your propery the fence it needs.


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