How to Choose the Best Fence to Pair with Your Home Aesthetic


Choosing the right fence to match the aesthetic of your home yields a number of options in 2018. With so many trends, colors and styles available the process may seem overwhelming.

Don’t be deterred by the range of unique options available in finding the perfect fence to match your home’s aesthetic!

From ultra-modern styles to new takes on the classic wooden fence, your fence can be customized to flatter your home and offer privacy. A beautiful and contemporary fencing option can also be practical while suiting your family’s needs.

A Quick Evaluation of Your Needs

A quick rundown of you or your family’s practical concerns when it comes to selecting your new fence can be addressed by a few simple questions:

  • Do you have children or pets?
  • Are you looking for a fence that will offer privacy?
  • Are you looking for a fence that will offer security?
  • What kind of climate do you live in?
  • Any other personal factors or preferences to take into consideration.

While the white a picket fence is a timeless option, you might consider a stylish gate customized to your home’s aesthetic to safeguard children and pets.

When it comes to privacy, vinyl, metal privacy fences, or fiberglass options are best suited overall.

If your primary goal in fencing your property is security related, consider wrought iron and chain link options.

No matter your requirements, an attractive fencing option that is ideally suited to your property is available.

Classic Homes

When it comes to the ”All American”, classic style home, your best option will generally be a picket fence.

The picket fence is a timeless staple that is perfectly suited to simple homes and cottages.

Available in standard white or in a range of color options, the picket fence is a natural choice to flatter the beauty of the classic American home while providing a safeguard for children and pets.

If you’d really like to suit the picket fence to your home’s aesthetic, opt for a fence tailored to the size of your home.

A taller picket fence is best suited to two-story homes, while a standard sized picket fence flatters one-story homes and cottages.

Ranches and Country Style Homes

Another classic, the ranch and country style home is a hallmark of the American landscape.

Complementing the timeless aesthetic of these homes is best achieved by accenting the home with a split wooden fence.

This classic, durable option complements the charming country style home while providing an easy barrier for farm animals, making it a natural choice.

An added advantage of the split wooded fence is its dual function as a practical way to mark your property lines.

Beach House

Fences that are suitable for a beautiful beach home must be resistant to rust and the salty elements of ocean water. Your choices for beach house fence options are vast, with a number of options available to work around climate.

Many beach house homeowners long for the look of a wooden fence but often assume that a wooden fence wouldn’t be a suitable option for a beachfront property. Well, they are not entirely wrong.

While wood provides a beautiful aesthetic, it comes with many downsides. Wooden alternatives like cedar are susceptible to the elements — especially moisture. This can cause your installation posts to rot, wood to warp, and fade the color of your once perfect wooden fence. If you’re dealing with a beachfront property this will inevitably become an issue.

Vinyl fencing is your ideal solution as its wide variety of colors can perfectly complement a beachside landscape. This low maintenance and rugged option looks great and stands up to the elements.

Other popular beach home fence choices include aluminum, vinyl, and steel options that can be customized to suit the ocean landscape climate of seaside property. sculptural fence, tubular fence.

Final Considerations

When it comes to selecting the right fence for your home, keep in mind that the range of options available today means that you can shop with practicality in mind, as well as style.

Finding the right fence to act as a barrier for children and pets, while offering your family maximum privacy and standing up to the most extreme weather conditions can be achieved with a little research and the help of a trusted expert.

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