5 Ways To Make Your Garden Dreams a Reality — With a Real Pretty Garden Fence Too!

Garden Fencing

Now more than ever, people are finding ways to make their home a serene, inviting place to relax indoors, and make the most of outdoor living space. While backyards, side yards, or the front lawn have always been there, people are very invested in making the most of their usable space, either as a sanctuary from others in the same household or a useful area for a garden hobby they are finally ready to invest the time to pursue.

Here are just a smattering of ideas for how yards have become the newest gathering places for people:

  • Graduation parties
  • Weddings and receptions
  • Birthdays
  • Vacation spots
  • Exercise studios
  • Dining areas
  • Fire pit campfire nights
  • Campouts

While these are all well and good, we want to inspire you as the sparkling snow on the ground begins to make us long for the sweet smells of springtime. What better project to envision than a garden!

Minneapolis is rated as Zones 4b and 5a by the United States Department of Agriculture. This measure ensures gardeners plant the right selections suitable for their climate at the right time in the growing season. With a relatively short growing season lasting 113 days, you will want to make the most of your growing window. So, leave the hard stuff like garden fencing installation to Northland Fence, that way you can ease your workload to focus on your garden vision.

A garden boasts all the visions of life we crave — from seedling to harvest. Whether you are drawn to flowers, herbs, or fruits and vegetables, the lush vegetation will be a delight to enjoy. And with a garden, there are many considerations for choosing your fence. 

How You Can Benefit From an Expert’s Resources

Northland Fence offers three types of fencing material in differing price points, from chain link to vinyl to ornamental wrought iron style. Chain link and vinyl have color choices, and vinyl also has a picket fence look with see-between slats or a privacy look with a solid panel for more separation. Wrought iron has elegance and a timeless feel, as it has been used — and has lasted — for centuries. 

  • Do you want to see the fruits of your labor on full display from the kitchen? Perhaps a white picket vinyl will complement your garden. 
  • Is your sunny growing spot located in a back corner and doesn’t need to be a centerpiece? A chain link fence might offer more efficient use of your budget.
  • Perhaps a secret garden could be a cool element to add for your teenager or child seeking a personal hideaway. Taller vinyl panels could add to the scenario you envision, with an overhanging, rose-laden archway entrance. Magical, right?

It’s best to use our professional services for the fence installation. We install driven posts four feet into the ground to provide a strong base versus the concrete foundation for each post you may have to do if attempting to do such a physically demanding project on your own. These concrete supports eventually crumble and cause the fence to buckle or bow in spots. 

And do you really want to spend your day in any of the following ways?

  • Heading back to the lumberyard because of inaccurate measurements or being left with a surplus. 
  • Waiting for someone to come out to mark utility lines costs more time, but too often homebuyers forget this step and stumble upon a line with their shovel. 
  • Checking for local zoning codes regarding fencing height, or how close a fence can be to adjoining property.

You should not feel bad if one of these didn’t cross your mind when you were envisioning your new garden fence. You’re similar to many homeowners on this topic, and it’s completely understandable. Fencing is not your primary business, but it has been ours since 2004. Northland Fence thinks of these details with every project, so you don’t have to.

Five Creative Garden Themes in Your Yard

Choosing Northland Fence allows you to focus on the project WITHIN the fence to create the space you envision. Here are five themes for your fenced areas to get ready to make the most of the warm weather that is just on the horizon.

Garden One-and-Done: Have each family member pick a plant, and each tends to their planting. Grow the largest pumpkin or zucchini, and strut your stuff this fall at the county fair!

Garden Tomato: Try your hand at every type of tomato that grows: from the little cherry and Roma types to the big daddy beefsteak tomato, there’s a tomato selection to make every dinner an experience.

Garden Juice: Looking to get more greens in your diet? Spinach, kale, and cucumbers could be in your blender this summer. Start a second batch indoors by June, transfer to the garden following the first harvest, and have a second batch ready in the fall.

Garden Strawberry Farm: Why haul your brood out to pick strawberries once a year when you can have them in abundance in your own backyard? These are ideal in raised beds, and by the third year they will cover the full area, producing an abundance perfect for the picking, with smaller selections in the one or two initial years.

These are great ways to introduce the idea of gardening to your family without overwhelming anyone. The fifth garden suggestion can be a very special addition to your side or rear lawn when you just need a special place to simply “be.” Let’s learn more about the “hidden garden.” concept.

Project “Hidden Garden” Must Have a Privacy Fence by Definition

Relax with a book and a cup of tea, curled up on a lounger surrounded by your favorite springtime flowering perennials. Or roll out your yoga mat for some meditation and close your eyes. Can’t you just hear the tinkling from the dangling wind chimes now? What fence would you select?

  1. Vinyl privacy fencing affords you the opportunity to create a private oasis. 
  2. Ornamental iron gives you the whimsy of nostalgia: see-through and is 6-feet high.
  3. White picket offers a serene sweetness and is 4-feet high.
  4. Chain link can offer plant visibility and provide an economical way to protect the contents inside it and is 4-feet high.

Most people might select A, especially considering the importance of privacy for a “hidden garden.” To stay within budget, the size of the garden area is one way to keep your dream manageable. Knowing that your secret garden walls are made to withstand the elements, firmly trenched in-ground, and fairly maintenance free will keep your dreams peaceful.

Flourishing vegetables will need sunlight provided by choices B, C, or D above (don’t forget an access gate in your plans). You will also want to consider critter control regarding fence openings in chain link, vinyl slats, and ornamental iron looks. 

  • Installation of a mesh layer on the inside may help prevent the entry of curious rabbits and squirrels.
  • Deer repellant plants may be productive around the perimeter. Check with the University of Minnesota county extension office for suggestions on hardy plants for the region, and how to combat insects and wildlife that want to enjoy your garden as much as you.
  • Smaller enclosures deter some critters. Kent Sheer, the owner of Wadena’s Green Island Preserve, tested a theory, proven with supporting evidence, that deer are afraid of being contained in small enclosed areas. 

Height is the best deterrent for deer in a large garden area, but for smaller gardens sized 16-feet-square, simply having fencing in place, even if it can be cleared in a leap, is deterrent enough. Having multiple fenced areas on his 10-acre property, Sheer reported only one deer invasion that was quickly minimized by reducing the enclosed area by half.

With this important knowledge, Minneapolitans can get to gardening by knowing their size limitations and dividing suggestions. Check with the University of Minnesota extension office for plants considered deer resistant or deer repellant.

Materials, Height, and Colors Make Your Garden Special

Consider the following fencing materials, heights, and colors to complete your garden aesthetic:

  • Picket vinyl comes in white or tan at 4-feet high.
  • Chain link comes in galvanized or black finish at 4-, 5-, and 6-foot heights.
  • Privacy vinyl comes in five colors of white; 2-tone; tan; arctic blend; and dark brown at 6-feet high.
  • The ornamental iron look comes in a black finish and 4-, 5-, and 6-foot heights. The tops can be capped flat-top to consider safety with small hands or spear-top for a refined finish.

Don’t let your small list of five garden themes stunt your creativity. Maybe you’ve always wanted a wildflower garden, or a fairy garden, or a cantaloupe-only garden. Having multiple garden areas could be fun, or even rotating ideas each year to see what flourishes with your creativity.

Call Northland Fence To Get Your Spring Project Moving

Northland Fence will install your garden fence for your project, allowing you to spend time planning your garden. You can start with our online fence planner to gather ideas and we will follow up to guide you on gate access, sizes, materials, and even help you visualize side gardens to make the most of your sunny spots, or front gardens laden with blooms inside a picket fence. You focus on your garden supplies while we bring the fence to you for a proper installation from our own employees who will carefully remove all materials after installation. We are Minneapolis’ fence company and have served the area proudly with American-made products since 2004. Call us at (763) 316-4881.


How much does it cost to fence a garden?

Labor and materials are factors when it comes to estimating project costs. Labor costs can be cut by subbing projects out to others or hiring temporary labor. Northland Fence employs its installers directly and believes in investing in their training and advancement opportunities. By treating its employees well, that focus on quality gets passed on to the customer. 

When it comes to fencing materials, it is more economical to purchase when material costs are in less demand and to secure a quote with a deposit to lock in a project estimate. A rough cost can be estimated with our online fence estimating tool as costs are based on linear foot of material needed.

What is the cheapest fence to have installed?

If you are primarily interested in lower-cost fencing without sacrificing quality and durability, Northland Fence is proud of its line of galvanized and black chain link. We install pneumatic-driven posts and provide a 15-year warranty on material and a 10-year warranty on labor. Another business may try to sell you a wood fence, but we discontinued them, finding those products do not meet our maintenance and quality standards, often costing more in the long run for homeowners to maintain or re-install.

Should I put a fence around my garden?

Some people like the aesthetics a fence provides as it visually defines a location for an activity. A fence may add beauty to an eyesore, enhance a stunning display, or act as an animal repellant.

How do I keep animals out of my garden fence?

This age-old question of gardeners has offered up several suggestions depending on the type of animal or insect (or reptile) you might be interested in keeping out — or keeping in! Rodents like to gnaw through thinner materials such as chain link if the openings are too small to accommodate their size. Deer can jump a 4-foot fence, but don’t like fencing in small enclosures and will usually steer clear. Setting up a mesh netting along the interior for animals or across the top to ward off birds is another route to try.


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