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Finding the right fence supply store nearby can be difficult. However, Northland Fence is one of the highest rated suppliers in Minnesota. We offer professional-grade fencing material so that customers don’t need to worry about what they are buying and can focus on the installation process instead.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fence Supplier Near You

Some crucial things to look for when choosing the best fence supply store is the quality and cost of the product. Higher prices don’t always mean better products. Look for suppliers that hold true to their values and want the best for their customers, not necessarily the most profit.

The number one tip for choosing the best fence supplier is to look at other people’s opinions. A website can say almost anything to try and draw customers in, but the real life experience is found in the reviews. Northland Fence has hundreds of 5-star reviews to reflect our excellent customer service and promise of the best materials. We make sure to put our customers first, ensuring the best fencing experience possible.

Northland Wholesale Fence Supply Company

Shop the best fence supply store in Minnesota and find offers on the best products for a DIY installation. We are a wholesale fence supply store near Minneapolis. We are a family-run business that love what we do and focuses exclusively on customer satisfaction. We guarantee that you will love your fence for years after the first installation.

We provide driven post fences that are easier to install. Instead of having a more traditional cement base, our posts are driven deep into the ground and can withstand the Minnesota winter better than other installation methods. This installation is waterproof, less of a mess, and provides a stronger foundation for fences than the traditional cement base.

Fencing Types Available Now

There are so many types of fencing to choose from that it can be hard to understand the differences. Some products lend themselves better to self-installation methods, while others require a bit more handiwork and professional expertise. Let’s dive into some of our best offers for DIY installation products.

Vinyl Fencing Supplies

Vinyl is one of the most popular fencing supplies on the market. As a hardened plastic, it stands up to the harsh Minnesota weather with very little needed maintenance. It comes as an opaque wall guaranteeing privacy in your own yard and no pets suddenly escaping.

Chain Link Fencing Supplies

Chain link fences are just what they sound like, chains that are linked together to create a mesh of wire between posts. These are also quite durable when put to the test against Minnesota weather and wear and tear. They are virtually impossible to break, keeping in pets and kids and keeping out unwanted visitors.

This is also known to be the most practical fencing option. The chains can be hooked together in extremely long lengths making this fence flexible to be exactly what you are looking for no matter the size.

Ornamental Fencing Supplies

Our ornamental (rod iron) fences use galvanized steel with a powder coating. This makes it one of the strongest fence options and resistant to rusting or rotting from water damage. Most people choose this fence for its aesthetic look, not necessarily for security or privacy. However, for those who value security, this fencing is also flexible. It can be as tall as head height and the posts can be put as close together as needed so that no sneaky toddlers get through.

Advantages of Buying Discount Fence Supplies

Buying discounted fence supplies frees up your budget for professional-grade installation. Fences are meant to relieve stress, and doing it yourself can become difficult. However, discounted fence supplies relieve monetary and physical costs. Another advantage to buying your own fence supplies is that it takes out the middleman. Contractors incur extra costs and sometimes make decisions that don’t always fit your needs. Doing it yourself ensures you get exactly what you are looking for at a price that fits your budget.

Northland Fence provides some of the best fence products at the lowest price to fit any budget. As the third largest purchaser of fence material in the U.S., our suppliers give us massive discounts that we can then pass along to our customers. For us, discount does not mean cheap, we know the industry well and know how to avoid overcharges. Our materials are the best for the lowest price without any cheap shortcuts.

Northland Fence is now offering 10% off any fence 200 ft. or longer in anticipation of the summer season! As one of the highest-rated fencing companies in Minnesota, this is one of our best deals all year long, you don’t want to miss it. We guarantee professional quality products that you can’t find anywhere else ensuring an easy installation process and customer satisfaction. Call 763-316-4881 today for a free estimate.

FAQs About Wholesale Fencing

What is the cheapest fence to build?

Pallet fencing for those wanting to do it themselves. There are many local construction companies, farms, and warehouses that give these away for free so the only money you’re spending is gas to get the supplies home.

What is the cheapest way to put up a fence?

Do it yourself. That being said, this is also the most difficult way to put up a fence and could lead to more expenses if you do it wrong the first time. We say the best investment you can make into your yard is letting the professionals handle fence installation so you can sit back and relax when it is done right the first time.

What is the most affordable fencing material?

Wood is the most affordable fencing material. It is easy to come by and doesn’t take much manpower or time to put up. That being said, just because it is the cheapest option does not mean it is always the best option for the yard. Wood can often lend itself to rotting or mold in harsh climates. They could also warp after installation, so it’s important to pick only the best pieces from the lumber yard.

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