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Are you a homeowner looking to replace an old fence or add one to your property? If so, you probably want to know that your investment will look great and last a long time. Are you a contractor working in home construction or remodeling? If so, you likely want to ensure you are using the best vinyl fence supplies as the demand for vinyl fencing grows. Browse “fence suppliers near me” to explore your options.

At Northland Fence, the best vinyl fence supplies and customer service are what you get! Northland Fence is also a great resource for chain link fence supplies and ornamental fence supplies, but if you are interested in vinyl fencing, read on. This article provides complete information about vinyl fence supplies for homeowners and contractors alike. Feel confident in your fence’s ability to brave the Minnesota weather. Call Northland Fence at (763) 316-4881 today!

Popular Vinyl Fence Types and Styles

Northland Fence offers two types of vinyl fencing: vinyl privacy fences and vinyl picket fences. There are advantages to each type of fencing, so consider your property needs when choosing a fence style.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is a very popular style, particularly for families with children, pets, or a background pool. Privacy fences typically stand about six feet high, providing homeowners with that extra security they may desire. Vinyl privacy fencing is an attractive, more durable alternative to wood fencing. Northland’s vinyl privacy fences come in three colors: tan, two-tone, and white.

Vinyl Picket Fencing

The other vinyl fencing option that Northland offers is vinyl picket fencing. A vinyl picket fence is a perfect option for a home with a beautiful yard that the family would like to display. Picket fences stand three to four feet high, and although they do not offer much privacy, they offer some security for pets and children and a definite barrier for the yard. Additionally, picket fencing is wildly popular and helps the resale value of a house. Vinyl picket fencing is easier to install than vinyl privacy fencing, and it is also more affordable due to the lower amount of material required.

Accessories & Hardware Supplies for Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fence Panels

Many vinyl fence sets come with pre-built panels, and some sets are a board-and-rail variety.

Vinyl Fence Gates

All fully enclosed fences should have a working gate, so choosing the best gate and hardware for your vinyl fence is also a consideration.

Vinyl Fence Posts

Vinyl picket fence sets utilize hollow posts which slide over anchor pipes driven into the ground. Vinyl privacy fence sets use non-hollow 4×4 posts, which must be set in concrete deep in the ground.

Vinyl Fence Hardware

Vinyl fence sets will include the necessary brackets and screws for installing your fence.

Vinyl Fence Add-Ons

Some additions can make a vinyl fence look fancier, such as texturing and lattice, but these add-ons will increase the price tag on your project.

Northland’s Vinyl Fence Warranty

At Northland Fence, vinyl fences have a lifetime non-prorated warranty on material and a 10-year warranty on any labor.

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FAQs About Vinyl Fencing Supplies

Why choose vinyl fencing?

Vinyl is an incredibly durable and weather-resistant alternative to wood fencing. Vinyl fencing creates a beautiful aesthetic while providing a sturdy property barrier. Unlike wood materials, vinyl is not subject to rot and decay. Vinyl fences can be textured to look like wood, but they will be resistant to many problems confronting wood fences. Vinyl fences are easily cleaned and never require refinishing. A vinyl fence can last a lifetime!

What materials do you need to install a vinyl fence?

The materials required for installing a vinyl fence depend first and foremost on the style of vinyl fence being installed. When you purchase a vinyl fence, you receive your materials as an all-inclusive set.

For a vinyl picket fence, the set should include anchor pipes, hollow posts, rails, pickets, brackets, and caps for posts and pickets.

The set should include six-foot fence posts, pre-built fence panels, brackets, and post caps for a vinyl privacy fence.

If your fence project involves a gate, this should also be included in your set as well as the hardware. Some additional materials you will need when installing a privacy fence, which is not included in the fence set, are gravel filler and quick-set concrete.

Note that there are also specific tools needed to complete the job. Whether you are installing a vinyl privacy fence or vinyl picket fence, you will need a drill, a circular saw, a tape measure, a level, and wooden stakes with twine. You will likely also require a hammer and wooden block to adjust and slightly level the posts. Additionally, when installing a vinyl picket fence, you will need a sledgehammer to drive the anchor pipes. For a vinyl privacy fence, you will need a post-hole digger, a narrow shovel, and something to mix the concrete.

Can I install a vinyl fence myself?

You can install a vinyl fence with the right tools and materials. The process requires an intermediate skill level and is more manageable with at least two people.

Vinyl picket fences are easier to install than vinyl privacy fences. Depending on the size of the desired fenced-in area and the slope of the ground, some vinyl privacy fences can pose a significant challenge. However, following proper steps and procedures will ensure your finished product meets expectations. Here are a few tips to make your project successful:

  1. Before beginning, verify the property line and contact utility companies to mark the utility lines. Use bright spray paint to mark the fence line.
  2. Be sure to dig post holes deep enough.
  3. Install end and corner posts first.
  4. Use a level to ensure posts are plumb and a taut line from post to post to ensure the tops are even. Check this more than once as concrete dries.
  5. Allow the concrete to dry completely before building.
  6. Build the fence section by section or panel by panel.
  7. Never hammer the vinyl directly. Use a wooden block as a barrier.

Is there a difference between PVC and vinyl fencing?

Technically, yes. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a type of vinyl, but not all vinyl is PVC. However, in the fencing world, the terms PVC fencing and vinyl fencing are basically interchangeable as PVC is the most popular and prevalent vinyl fencing on the market.

What maintenance does vinyl fencing require?

One of the best aspects of vinyl fencing is its incredibly low maintenance. The vinyl does not rot or fade like a wood fence does. Vinyl fences are easy to wipe or spray down for a clean and polished look.

Seeking More Information?

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