Low Cost Fence Designs

Low Cost Fence Designs

There are many reasons to want to fence in your yard. Maybe you just got a puppy and need to keep him contained. Or your neighbors don’t have the best-looking yard and you want separation from them. Whatever your reason, there is a fencing option for you. But what type of fence do you need? How much will it cost? Northland Fence has many low-cost fence designs and a team of professional installers that can provide you with affordable and quality fencing for your whole yard.

The Most Affordable Ways to Fence in A Yard

When pricing a fence, the cost is usually based on per foot of material. The current average privacy fence installation cost is about $25 per linear foot of fence. The cost of material will vary based on height, required permits, the slope of the land, and any extra features such as gates.

Building material costs have increased in recent years and continue to rise. Finding affordable fencing is definitely doable, even with strong and quality materials. Here are some of the options on the market right now.

Cheapest Chain Link Fence Design

Chain link fence is often the go-to for an affordable option. While not the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, chain link will provide a barrier for your yard. It is not recommended for pets or children as appendages can get caught on the wires.

The average cost of chain link is around $25 per foot. If the chain link is coated with aluminum or vinyl, the cost will increase. These coatings are highly recommended to help withstand the weather, especially the harsh winters of Minnesota. Check out some of our work with chain link in our gallery.

Cheapest Iron Fence Design

While iron is losing popularity, it is still a functional fence material. The designs of wrought iron are eye-catching and there are many options available. Wrought iron is durable and heavy, so it will last a long time. However, it is not weather resistant, meaning over time it can rust, and paint can peel.

The cost of an iron fence will vary but they run about $30 per foot. At Northland Fence, the cost of iron isn’t worth it due to its lack of efficiency and safety hazard with shipping. Our company offers ornamental steel fences that are just as decorative as they are functional. Ornamental steel is durable, made to last, and can be installed on sloped land. Here are some examples of our work with ornamental steel.

Cheapest Vinyl Fence Design

Vinyl is one of the most popular choices of fence material. It is very versatile in design options, colors, and heights. On average, the cost of vinyl is $28 per foot.

Vinyl can come in full privacy, meaning you can’t see through it, or in picket style where there are gaps in the panels. Depending on what function you want for your fence, there is a style and color available to fit your needs. Northland fence has extensive experience with vinyl fencing. Our gallery shows some work that we have done.

Is Building a Pallet Fence Cheap and Does It Offer Privacy?

Pallet projects are everywhere, and building a fence with them is possible. If you have somewhere to get pallets for free or low-cost, this will make the project that much cheaper. The most cost will come from other materials, such as posts and concrete, and any permits necessary before you build.

Pallets will have some gaps between the wood so there will be areas that you can see through. It will provide basic privacy and work as a barrier to keep unwanted guests out or pets and children in.

You will want to make sure that you have your pallet fence properly stabilized. Minnesota weather can be intense with high wind and snow, and pallets were not designed to stand up to that. Weather-proofing coatings will want to be used as well to keep the fence looking nice.

Is it Cheaper to Install a Vertical or Horizontal Wood Fence?

Wood fencing is the cheapest material to build with. Vertical wood fencing is cheaper than horizontal fencing because they are made from cheaper wood and are sold in pre-made packages. A horizontal fence is more prone to shifting and has to be made from stronger wood. These fences also must be built on-site, as horizontal fencing does not come in pre-made packages. This drives the cost up and makes the vertical fence the cheaper option.

Expected Cost to Install a Privacy Fence

As stated above, there are many factors that need to be considered when installing a privacy fence. Here is an example of an expected cost:

Your yard needs 32 feet of fence in total. You choose a white vinyl privacy fence that costs $30 per foot. So, the cost of the fence itself is $960.

Always check with your local government for regulations on building a fence. Some areas require permits before you build, and they can be free or have a fee. This can add to the cost of your fence.

The next cost to consider is the other materials needed. Say you decide to get 4-foot panels of fencing. That means every 4 feet you will need a post. For the 32 feet, you will need 8 posts which cost on average $25 per post. Another $200 will be needed for the post. Each post will need to be set with concrete as well. An 80-pound bag of concrete is about $15. All in all, your fence is around $1,175.

Installing the fence yourself will save on labor costs. However, if you are not fully skilled in fence installation, you may end up having to redo certain areas. This can cause costs to increase for having to get more materials and invest more time.

Having Northland Install Your New Fence

When it comes to installing fencing, going with a professional can save you money and ensure that your fence will withstand the tests of time. Northland Fence is Minnesota’s best-reviewed fencing company. Our team is here to turn your dream fence into reality at a price that fits your budget.

Northland Fence takes the guesswork out of the installation process. We identify and make sure to avoid all utility lines and also can obtain any permits necessary from the local government. Our professionals give you the peace of mind that your fence will be installed correctly and will last. We offer both a material and labor warranty on all of our installations. Our labor warranties are always 10 years, but our material warranties range from 15 years to a lifetime guarantee.

If you are looking to turn your backyard into a secure and private place, look no further than Northland Fence. We have online tools to help you start planning your fencing goals and make them a reality. Call us today at (763) 316-4881 to get a free quote and hear about all of our service options.

FAQs About Low-Cost Fence Designs

How much does fencing cost?

It depends on material, height, permits, and slope of the land, but on average, fencing costs between $20-$40 per foot.

What is the most popular cheap fence to install?

Wood is the most popular choice based solely on the price of the material. Chain link is also a budget-friendly option.



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