Landscaping Ideas To Block Neighbors

Landscaping Ideas To Block Neighbors Looking into Your Yard

Sometimes it can be hard to live in a neighborhood. With windows that face each other and constantly wanting to spend time in your backyard, it may feel like they are always able to watch you. Many homeowners find themselves in this situation, but don’t want to ruin the aesthetic of their home by trying […]

Easiest Fence To Install Yourself

Easiest Fence To Install Yourself

Almost any house can benefit from having a fence in their yard, whether it’s to corral the young kids, keep pets from wandering off, or simply for protection and aesthetic. However, fences can be a bit pricey and not everyone has room in their budget for professional fencing and installation. Enter the DIY fence installation […]

Privacy Fence on Top of a Brick Wall

One common question that many fence-owners-to-be have is whether a privacy fence can be put on top of a brick wall. The short answer is yes, a privacy fence can be put on top of a brick wall. The great news about this is there is no need to tear down your wall or feel […]

How Much Does A Privacy Fence Cost

How Much Does A Privacy Fence Cost

One of the most common ways to gain your privacy as a homeowner is to build a fence around your yard. Depending on the type of fence you invest in, you can get both physical and visible privacy from others. There are so many kinds of privacy fences available right now that you are sure […]

Cast Iron Vs Wrought Iron

Cast Iron Vs Wrought Iron

When looking for a fence to match your yard and provide you with the privacy and protection you need, it can be difficult to navigate all the different product options. From vinyl, to wood, to iron, each one is unique and has their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most encountered struggles is knowing […]

Driveway Barriers

Driveway Barrier Ideas

There are so many reasons homeowners choose to install a driveway barrier gate. Some may want it for an added layer of protection and security. Others because it is the perfect final touch to their front yard scene. Either way, driveway gates are a great addition to any home. However, the search for the perfect […]

Dog Run Fence

Dog Run Ideas

Any responsible pet owner knows that puppies crave the outside zoomies. They need the space the outdoors provide to go crazy, stretch their legs, test their speed, and eventually find just the right spot to do their business. However, it is completely normal to worry about the rest of your yard while your pooch has […]

Patio Fencing Ideas

Patio Fencing Ideas

There are so many ideas and options when it comes to patio fence ideas, not to mention the considerations of cost, aesthetic, and maintenance. From metal, wood, and vinyl options Northland Fence is here to help you through the process of choosing the best fence for your patio desires. Whether it’s privacy or decorative fencing […]

Ornamental Fence Supplies Fridley - Northland Fence

Ornamental Fence Supplies

For discerning homeowners looking to have a simple aesthetic while not seeming “cheap” or lazy about their fencing, ornamental steel fencing may be the right choice. It is simple yet pleasing to the eye and can match any sort of environment. Northland Fence now has all the ornamental fence supplies, accessories, and hardware needed for […]

Northland Fence Vinyl Fence Supplies

Vinyl Fence Supplies

Are you a homeowner looking to replace an old fence or add one to your property? If so, you probably want to know that your investment will look great and last a long time. Are you a contractor working in home construction or remodeling? If so, you likely want to ensure you are using the […]


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