6 Iconic Wrought Iron Gates to Inspire Your Next Fence

One of the oldest and strongest fencing materials in the world is wrought iron. While the use of iron began as early as the Middle Ages, primarily for swords and other weaponry, it wasn’t until the 12th century when blacksmiths began to use intricate processes to liquefy the durable metal and forge it into ornate […]

Weathering That Could Damage Your Fencing

Your fence is the first line of defense around your home and property. Fences help to keep out pests while keeping pets and potentially wandering children safely protected within their confines. Even when installing the most durable fencing products like vinyl or wrought iron fencing, there is still the chance of damage to the fence […]

Pool Fencing

The Perfect Fence for Your Pool

In the hot summer months, nothing beats a refreshing dip in the backyard pool. It’s a great privilege to own such a coveted backyard feature, and you may be gaining attention from your longing neighbors. Installing a fence around your pool can offer privacy from pining neighbors while protecting your friends and family from potential […]

Defending Your Fence Against Common Pests

Typically, homeowners install fencing to keep pets and children in, while also keeping critters and other pests out. While fences protect your lawn and home, remember to protect your fence too. Pests like termites, boring beetles, and carpenter ants are commonly found in and around fences made of wood. Wood fences are no longer recommended […]

The Benefits of Ornamental Fencing

Choosing the best fence for your property can be difficult, as there are many options available on the market today. While every fence style provides property owners with pros and cons, ornamental fencing has proven to provide the necessary security and privacy as well as elegance and charm to any property. Regardless of your property […]

How to Know If Your Fencing Is up to Code

Most commonly, city building codes require residential fences to reach a maximum height of no more than 6 feet. If a fence is below 6 feet, the codes and rules are typically less strict, but each city throughout Minnesota has specific zoning code requirements for installing a fence on your property. These codes have guidelines […]

10 Reasons Your Property Needs a Fence

Your home is the foundation of your life. It should be a place that you enjoy and spend time both outside and inside. Whether you live in a condensed neighborhood or a rural area with a large amount of land, installing a fence brings a large number of benefits to homeowners. From heightened security and […]

Vinyl Fencing: Why is This Material Number One?

There are many different materials available on the market today for fencing such as vinyl, wood, ornamental steel, and chain link. Each material provides homeowners with its own set of pros and cons, but over the years, vinyl fencing has slowly taken the lead. Choosing vinyl for your fencing material won’t leave you disappointed as […]

5 Things to Consider Before Installing Your First Fence

Deciding to install a fence on your property can be an excellent addition to the curb appeal of your home and may increase the overall property value. From blocking noise and adding privacy to keeping pets and children safe when outside, a fence is a viable solution for homeowners. While you may want to dive […]